Brooklyn # 797

Monday October 5, 2015
Down-Downs awarded to
Our Hare – Whoremaster
A virgin – Just Noah
A visitor from summit hash – but be damned if I remember his name.
Turd Dimension & Cheeky Bastard –  For having a twingury and still running trail. (matching injuries)
Barnacle – For being the Canadian in the room on Canadian Thanksgiving.  But, was it really Canadian Thanksgiving?
Smashmouth – For making bitter jokes at start of trail. Gee, wouldn’t guess that.
Blackout – For when being asked “are you?” he replied, “there is a cross over here” and thereby leading half the pack to believe they were off trail, and to run in circles while searching for a proper mark.
Whoremaster – For making a mark that looked like a cross.
Blackout – For not looking to cross street.  Remember: getting hit by a car is the #1 way we lose hashers here in NYC, afterall.
A Visiting guest Just Larry – For his birthday, fuck him.
U.S. Marine Whore & Rack’n’RollHer – For stripping on trail.
This trail included many blocks with only one mark, and many parks that the pack ran all-the-way-around looking for the next single lonely mark.  At one point, a bunch of us dressed as raceists encountered another group of raceists and had a nice chat.  Yippee for making new friends on trail!
On-In was the new location of the Loki Lounge on 2nd Street, just west of 5th Ave.  The bartender provided very nice beer deal all night on London Rules.  SWEET!