NYCH3 and Ass-ociated Kennels Phase 3 COVID-19 Hashing Procedure

MAY 13, 2021 UPDATE:

In light of the latest CDC recommendations on masks, our ask is that unvaccinated hashers still wear masks and social distance as we have been doing the last year, but if you’re a fully vaccinated hasher you no longer need to wear a mask during NYC area hashes. We’ll still be doing outdoor starts and on-ins for the immediate future.

NYC area kennel mis-management is meeting later this month and we should have more updates after that.

  • Live trails will recommence on 7/12, and will thereafter rotate through various locations each Sunday (skipping weeks when LILH3 is hashing–they will continue to hash Saturdays). Mismanagement will reconvene regularly to re-asses assess.
    • Here is the Google Form
    • We will require an email address, a phone numbers and mother-given names (first and last), and whether you have traveled outside the Tri-State Area in the last two weeks (and if so, where).
    • NO EXCEPTIONS. In case of a need to contact trace, we must have this information for every hasher.
    • On-In
      • All in-person trails should be A to A (no A prime) and will NOT be at a commercial establishment.
      • It must be outdoors.
      • Hares are encouraged to plan for the start/on-in to be close to a bodega or other store where hashers can purchase their own beverages for consumption.
        • Hashers can and are encouraged to bring their own beer.
        • In the event the on-in must be far away from such a place, hares should give advance notice on the hareline at that hashers should do virtual hash cash (Venmo, cash app, etc), where to send it and how much.
      • Exceptions to the above guidelines must be approved by one of the following: Drop A Pin or Drunksophila Masturbator, Foreign My Twat, Dogface, Kim Dong Dildo, Piece O’Slut, Kaptain Hooker, Cheeky Bastard, What A Cunt!, Mandatory Fun or Cum on Moses
        • Why those people? Because those people were in attendance the meeting that set these ground rules.
      • Bags
        • Hares or other bag-sitters should be on hand to watch personal items at the on-in during trail.
        • Bag-sitters should not touch anyone’s bag unless absolutely necessary (i.e., to prevent theft, loss, raccoons or certain death)
    • Each hasher MUST have a face covering on trail AND at the on-in
      • This means you may wish to bring an extra since they get sweaty and gross while you r*n
      • Obviously you will need to remove your mask when you put things in your mouth. Please socially distance whenever possible, but especially when you remove your mask to put things in your mouth.
    • Visitors/Travelers
    • Food
      • There will be no food provided to the group. Hashers who need food should bring it or purchase it nearby.
    • Drink Checks/Beer Checks
      • Manned/womanned/personned drink checks are discouraged.
      • A great idea is a drink check at a place where hashers can purchase their own. Here are some ideas:
        • bar/bottle shop/bodega/known nutcracker vendor
      • Dead drops are okay, provided the offering is a single-serving option (like airplane bottles, or some other magic)
      • Hot tip: Use a marker to number or letter single servings so people can remember which one is theirs!
      • Beer checks at another hasher’s residence are okay if your beer checker is ready to prep, space out, and distribute individual portions.
        • (You could lower a can from your fire escape with a bucket on a string!)
  • Questions? Contact any member of NYCH3 mismanagement. You can start with What A Cunt! or Drop a Pin or Cheeky Bastard – any of these will pass your questions along to the group.