Code of MisConduct

Code Of Misconduct And Good Beerhavior

(Revised December 2023)

Be Responsible

  • Each hasher is responsible for their own conduct and knowing their own limits.
  • You never have to do anything you don’t want to do: running, drinking, singing, and all other aspects of hashing are optional.
  • As a supportive community we look out for each other as best we can.
  • Communicate any concerns to Mismanagement. Concerns will be kept confidential and addressed in a timely manner.
  • Attending a hash means you are consenting to a suspension of standard public decorum in your vicinity, but this does not suspend standards of basic human decency.
  • We are all works in progress and the hash has a history of a culture of “shock value.” Plus we drink a lot. If someone does something that offends you, say so to them. Ideally, express your boundary in the moment then walk away. You can follow up later when you’re not in front of others (and hopefully when you’re all sober). Give them adequate information and time to learn your position and do your best to help them. Be open to their point of view. If that doesn’t work, only then is it time to involve Mismanagement. 

Acceptable Behaviors

  • Consent: Consent is mandatory and can be rescinded at any point.
    • This especially applies to physical contact. NEVER touch anyone unless you KNOW that you have affirmative consent.
    • If you get told no, stop; do not ask again.
    • If you get told no again, KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF, apologize, and exit the situation.
    • Inebriation is NOT an excuse.
  • Hashers must respect the age, religion, ethnic background, gender, ability, and sexual orientation of all other members. Negative or derogatory language or actions that disparage the differences or backgrounds of individuals or communities will not be tolerated. If you can’t tell the difference between good-natured fun and intolerance, ask. And if you’re asking, it’s probably intolerant.
  • No bullying or harassment.
  • Nonviolence: If you present a weapon or engage in violence you will be asked to leave immediately. Violence towards other people is automatic suspension. Mismanagement will review all incidents on a case by case basis and determine a course of action.
  • Hashers must be of legal age to drink alcohol.


  • Hashing is designed to promote community and future hashing, so re-read the above.
  • Respect the neighborhoods and the people-shiggy of greater NYC.
  • Do not trespass unless specifically advised/approved by your hare. 
  • Respect the various establishments we visit and their staff. Do not consume outside alcohol when in bars.
  • Never leave trash behind when hashing. (Picking up trail treasure is encouraged!)


  • Consent applies to photography! You must have consent to take anyone’s photo and consent for how you share it.
    • The designated Hash Flash is the only one with implied consent to take photos, unless you revoke it.* If you don’t know who the Hash Flash is, ask any member of Mismanagement.
    • *If you are okay having your photo taken but have conditions or concerns about whether it shows up publicly (Facebook, Instagram) please inform the Hash Flash.
  • Limit conversations on social media spaces and chats to hash-related business unless in an otherwise designated group. Even then, use moderation and discretion.
  • Do not post or share hash-related content to people’s personal social media pages without their consent.
  • The NYC-area Hash Google Photos album access and content should not be shared with people who are not members of NYC area kennels.

Violations – Three Strikes Policy

  1. Verbal Warning – A person who violates these policies will be contacted by a Joint Master. All Misman members will be notified. Mismanagement will do their due diligence and conduct additional research as needed.
  2. Suspension – A person who violates these policies a second time will be removed and/or excluded from social media channels AND suspended from in-person events for a period of time decided by the Joint Masters and ratified by Mismanagement at large. General members of the NYCH3 kennel will be notified.
  3. Expulsion – A person who violates these policies a third time will be completely removed from all hash in-person and online activities indefinitely. The NYCH3 kennel and regional kennels will be notified. Extreme cases will also be made known on national/international kennel sites.


  1. Complaints may be lodged with ANY member of Mismanagement. 
  2. If a complaint is lodged against a member of Mismanagement:
    1. That person will be subject to the same guidelines as anyone else, AND
    2. That person will be excluded from Mismanagement discussions regarding the complaint, other than speaking on their own behalf.
  3. If a complaint is lodged by a member of Mismanagement
    1. That person will be excluded from Mismanagement discussions regarding the complaint, other than speaking on their own behalf.

Re-Entry Procedure

  • A hasher who is coming back from a suspension will have a conversation with Misman first.
    • Prior to re-entry, the offending party will need to submit a statement acknowledging what they did, why their actions were hurtful to the group, what they’ve learned, and how they’re working on continued improvement. 
  • Misman will notify the kennel the date when someone will be returning.
  • The offending party returns with one more strike left.