Brooklyn #224 – May 28 2001

Brooklyn Hash House Harriers 

Memorial Day Run, May 28, 2001 

Run # 224 

Hares:  Jerry “Fluffy” Lockerman and Liz Abram 

Guest Scribe:  Michael Andonov 

I haven’t written one of these up in a year and the last one was also a Brooklyn HHH run.  Since I grew up in the borough in Park Slope, this run and write up has a nostalgic feeling, especially when the trail visits section of Brooklyn that I have never seen.  Yes that’s right.  23 years in a city [Only 23 years – who is he trying to fool? – ed.] doesn’t mean you have been everywhere, especially in New York City.   

It was fun riding the D train for the first time past Park Slope heading towards Coney Island. Unfortunately with some delays and starting out late I ended up getting to the start 20 minutes late and had to run the trail on my own.  Luckily all the checks were marked and I was able to catch up to Alice at the end.  I felt bad for a moment when I passed her but then I somehow put on my cold NYC front and rationalized some reason I can’t think of now that would justify my passing. 

The run started at the Newkirk train station in an area just a little past the Midwood and Brooklyn College neighborhoods.  The trail was fairly well marked and zigzagged back and forth in the southern direction.  We crossed over Coney Island Ave and ran through some Jewish neighborhoods.  This was easily apparent by all the kids that I passed who were wearing beanies.  Some even said “They went that way”.  The trail crossed back over Coney Island Ave. and even though I knew where the ON IN was cause I showed up late, I continued on the trail for being a trooper and respect for the hare’s efforts … and cause I needed the running miles.  We passed underneath a D Train station and passed Ocean Ave then we right turned it again towards the south towards the Brighton Beach direction.  We crossed Kings Highway and again I decided to follow the trail and not cut it.  There was a check with writing on the sidewalk next, which indicated that up ahead was James Madison HS where Joe Torre attended high school.  The next landmark encountered was the Bennet Old Dutch Colonial House, which had a sign in front of it stating that it was the oldest house in Brooklyn dating back to the 1600’s and was used as a station base in the Revolutionary War.  WOW!!  I think??  One thing I did miss on the trail, which was mentioned to me later was the TV studio where the Cosby show and As the World Turns was filmed.  The trail veered now back for the home stretch to Kings Highway again, back under the D train and ended at the Crossroads Saloon on Coney Island Ave and Kings Highway. 

We were served outside the bar in the outdoor patio area, which was nice on a sunny Memorial day event.  Our food selection consisted of Burgers (supposedly 8 oz. or some large amount which seemed like regular ones to me) and no fries.  When I mentioned “No Fries?” I was quickly scolded for wanting to eat too much or something like that … I guess I should have been happy with all the good beer I was drinking.   

The downs downs were called out.  The hares Jerry and Liz did theirs.  Then Jerry had to drink out of his new shoes.  Liz did another for getting her first job recently after graduating.  Steve Balinskas announced the first down down, then seemed to disappear for the remaining ones and Jerry took over afterwards I believe.  I learned that Steve has an interesting title in the BHHH and it is whore master.  I didn’t ask how he got it but I am sure there must be some good reason …. Or maybe none at all … it’s the hash.   10 Virgins, mainly Fleet week folks and out of towners, showed up and did their down downs.  And Janet and Evan did a down down for the ridiculous reason of being 5 weeks away from their wedding.  So I take it that they will be doing down downs now for every week of their lives to celebrate the passing of the week.  

We were engulfed with Navy guys in on Fleet week and they took over with the singing of Father Abraham and Swing Low Sweet Chariot.  We were amused by “couple of the year” Fireman Bob and Ed Lynch mooning the crowd.  A couple of “No please” were heard in the crowd.  At one point we were blessed by an Air Force drunken 60 year old man come in and try to carry a conversation with Janet S. and I.  It didn’t work well and we nicely let him leave us … we didn’t have much in common with him … Roy was on his mission of handing out Summer Sunday flyers. And Cree was starting the trash talking of trying to catch me (Slow to Blow) in my upcoming second of two live NYCHHH runs in 4 weeks with a 4 minute head start this time.  He liked my first run quite a lot (Hey am I supposed to talk about my previous runs here???).  [No, you’re not – ed.!] You let me do the writeup! 

All and all a good hash.  This was Fluffy’s second trail in as many weeks and the thought of three straight came up, but luckily for the sake of variety the hares for the next run were already chosen.  Can’t wait till the next Polar Bear run … Same bar???