HashNYC Info

General New York City Hashing Info

Updated February 5, 2004

  • Starting Times are normally 7:00 pm for evening runs, 3:00 pm for day runs. Best to call the Hotline – (212) 427-4692 — spells 212 HASH NYC – the day before the run to confirm. We usually start 15 minutes after the nominal start time. The Hares are supposed to wait a few minutes after the actual start to assist stragglers. Sometimes the Hares actually do so.
  • Starting Locations are normally near a subway stop. So are the On In locations. Most On In locations are nowhere near the starting locations. Taxi service is usually readily available at the On In if you have any concerns about the subway.
  • Your Small Bag of dry clothes will be transported by the Hare to the On In.
  • The Run is set by another Hasher called the Hare. The Hare marks the trail in flour or chalk. Periodically the Hare ends the trail with a ‘check’, and starts the trail again somewhere nearby. The Hashers – called a Pack – try to find the continuation of the trail. The idea is that the fast runners will get to the check before the slower runners; will expend a lot of time and energy finding the continuation of the trail; this will allow the slower runners to catch up; and the whole pack – fast and slow – will finish the run at about the same time. There is an explanation conducted by the Hare of the marks used at the start of each run.
  • Length of runs varies from too short to too long. Forty-five minutes for a good run, one and a half hours for a lousy one. Bring money on the run, you can often get a cab if you’re lost or just want to pack it in. See On In location below.
  • On In Location is posted on the Hotline (212 HASH NYC = 212 427 4692) about one hour after the run starts. It is also written at the starting location in case you wish to run back to the start. These are both Hare tasks, and therefore somewhat unreliable.
  • Hash Cash is normally $20 per person (special events might be more), and usually includes lots of beer and a slice of pizza or maybe two if you are quick. Everyone is expected to contribute the full amount. No discounts for visitors or large groups
  • Hashmarks are used to mark the trail. This is a summary of the marks used on New York City’s Hashes.
  • Hash Calls are used to help guide the pack during the running of the trail.  This is a list of commonly heard calls.