NYC Hash Calls

Hash Calls

Hash Calls are used to help guide the pack during trail. This is a list of commonly heard calls:

Called when a hasher has seen three consecutive marks and is certain that they are on true-trail.
“On-One”, “On-Two”
Called when a hasher has seen one or two marks after a check, but is not yet certain if they are on the true trail.
When one hasher calls “On-On” others may follow them and shout “On-Call” until they personally confirm that they are indeed on-on.
“On-Left”, “On-Right”, “On-Over”
The trail is taking a turn in that direction.
“Are you?”
Short for “Are you On Trail?”. Called from a check to determine if someone has found trail. Appropriate responses are: “On-One”, “On-Two”, “On-On” or “Checking”.
Response to “Are you?” when you are trying to solve a check but have not yet found any marks.