BH3 #472

BH3 #472 – Tour de Brooklyn, Leg 6

Hares: Fluffy

Start: Cortelyou Rd. and E15th st

On In: Flatbush and Ave. N

Scribe: Trader Blows

Let’s summarize again why, week after week, we gather for Tour De Brooklyn hashes.
We expect:
1) A well marked trail set in chalk/flour
2) Checks that aren’t too difficult to solve
3) Food and good beer at the On-In.
4) The On-In being near the subway.

Now let’s discuss how Fluffy managed to violate all of the above.
A pack of about 30 gathered on a hot summer evening on Cortelyou Rd. stop off the Q to see what Fluffy "The Godfather of the Brooklyn Hash" had in store for us.  We were immediately informed that the trail was set in stickers, yes stickers… strategically placed on lamp posts on trail and there weren’t really any checks.

"Just remember Flatbush and Avenue N", Fluffy was heard saying as we took off.  The pack very quickly got lost and FRBs wandered in different directions in search of ever elusive stickers. 
Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of stickers, just none of the ones Fluffy had left.  After about 30 minutes of running around without a single "mark", a pack (or what was left of it) made an executive decision to call the hotline. None of us were really surprised that it wasn’t set. Having run out of all options we followed the only clue we knew: Flatbush and Ave N, finding the On-In in the middle of nowhere.

And the down downs were given:

The hare, Fluffy – for arguably the worst trail of Tour De Brooklyn

Fluffy again – for calling FMIG the night before and asking for advice with the trail

Yoshi – for demanding a free Tour De Brooklyn t-shirt after only attending 2 of the legs

Virgins – Crystal, Mike and Donat

Ciciliana– for getting a cramp on trail and requiring a cab ride to the On-In.

C-Dicky? – Happy Birthday…

There may have been more down downs, but I was too busy drinking to forget the trail and  the notes I got from FMIG aren’t helping.  Thai food arrived and consumed way too quickly.

A big question was left: How the hell do we get to the nearest subway stop, 1.2 miles away!!!
Some took cabs, others took a bus, some even walked, all of them cursing Fluffy on the way out.


Trader Blows