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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s) OnIn
Memorial Day
Brooklyn #1101
Start: In Prospect Park, between the Camperdown Elm and the Boathouse
Transit: Q/S to Prospect Park, Citi Bike to Lincoln Rd & Ocean Ave

[Facebook Event] A to A. Bring camp chairs, lawn blankets, snacks, beverages. The hare is happy to have a drink check if someone wants to distribute it or watch bags.
Cheeky Bastard
Happy Hour!!!
Harriettes #51
Start: The Liberty NYC, 29 W 35th
Transit: B/D/F/M/N/Q/R to 34th St Herald Sq

Calling all Harriettes*!!
It's a new year, new committee, and new events. We're gathering together for a happy hour on the anniversary of the Fleet Week pub crawl (RIP) to drink some drinks, chat about hash ideas, and other fun stuff. There is absolutely positively NO r*n, just the drinking part.
*Open to hashers who identify as women/nb/gender queer.

[Facebook Event]
The new Harriettes committee
Just An Average $h!tty Trail
NYC #1996
Start: Treadwell Park, 1125 1st Ave
Transit: N/R/W/4/5/6 to Lexington Ave/59th St, F/Q to Lexington Ave/63rd St

A to B, walker friendly, possible drink check

[Facebook Event]
Prairie Dog'n
The Creamiest Birthday in a Field
NAWW #386
Start: Carl Schurz Park, East 86th Street & East End Ave (UES)
Transit: NYC Ferry 90th St Stop, Q to 86th, 4/5/6 to 86th, CitiBike

National Strawberries and Cream Day! Brooklyn Half fatboy trail, Field of Creams's Birthday and picnic!

We'll A-to-A at Carl Shurz Park. Fatboy (short) and regular trail options.

BYOB or pick up beer near the end of trail. Feel free to bring food or snacks. Picnic blankets, etc encouraged. The hares will provide some and we will likely supplement with pizza if there is demand.

[Facebook Event]
Field of Creams & Drop a Pin
Brooklyn Half Pub Crawl
Special #225
Start: Franklin Park, 618 St. Johns Place
Transit: 2/3/4 to Franklin Av-Medgar Evers College

[Facebook Event] 6+ bars, approx. 45 minutes per bar, pay as you go, trail will be set between bars, hotline and Facebook will be updated for each stop
Cheeky Bastard
The Eric Hash 2.0
NYC #1995
Start: Hops Hill At Atlantic, 533 Atlantic Ave
Transit: D/N/R/B/Q/2/3/4/5 to Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center

With Erics like these, who needs enemies? $40 hash cash for private on-in with 3 hour open bar and pizza! Note this is a Thursday! [Facebook Event]
Cheeky Bastard, Dime Store Tom Cruise, Y My Gay, and Bibbidi Bobbidi Booze (aka the Erics)
Brooklyn at 1100
Brooklyn #1100
Start: The Owl Farm, 297 9th Street
Transit: R to 9th St, F/G to 4th Ave

Two former BH3 JMs return to mark another Brooklyn milestone. Turn out for a great on-in, terrific food, a brilliant drink check, and a trail of indeterminate quality
Noah's Dinghy and IMS
Surprise! It’s a Long Island lunatics trail
LIL #121
Start: Recovery Room Bar & Grill, 214 Station Plaza N, Mineola, NY 11501
Transit: pArTy TrAins from... Penn Station: 1:30pm Ronkonkoma train > 1:51 stop at Jamaica > 2:06 arrive at Mineola  —  Atlantic Terminal: 1:21pm City Zone train > 1:42 arrive at Jamaica, transfer to 1:51 Ronkonkoma train  —   Grand Central: 1:13pm Babylon train > 1:34 arrive at Jamaica, transfer to 1:51 Ronkonkoma train

a trail! [Facebook Event]

On-In: Lost Farmer Brewing in Mineola

Surprise! I’m Illiterate
bag/dc car help requested
Lost Farmer Brewing in Mineola
NYC #1994
Start: One Star, 147 W 24th St
Transit: 1/C/E/F/M to 23rd St

[Facebook Event]
Gabe the Babe
NAWW #385
Start: Jane Doe Bar & Restaurant, 12 W 44th St
Transit: B/D/F/M to Bryant Park, 7 to 5th Ave, S/N/R/Q/W/1/2/3 to Times Square, 4/5/6 to Grand Central

A to B. One-of-a-kind pub crawl that will put your puzzle-solving skills to the test! Happy hour pricing at each stop with London Rules ($1 oysters). No bag hag, everyone carries their own stuff. Pre-r*n if you want a workout. [Facebook Event]
Field of Creams & Metrosweatual
Flower Moon (and Cinco De Mayo!) Hash
GGFM #398
Start: Blue Mezcal Cantina 758 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
Transit: R train to 25th Street, D/N/W to Prospect Av (can transfer to local R or just walk), OR Citibike!

Trail is A to B (live chicken/eagle trails and ~3 mile walker trail) outdoor on-in so bring WARM clothes. Cranium lamps and vessels/koozies recommended! Circle beers for purchase nearby. Hash cash TBD. [Facebook Event]
Nerves of Squeal; Jack in the Bus; Tall, Dark & Hammered
Looking for a bag hero!
Fraggle’s weird not-really An*alversary
NYC #1993
Start: Temperance Fountain at Tompkins Square Park (East Village)
Transit: 6 to Astor Place, L to 1st Ave, N/R to 8th St, Bus, CitiBike

A to B. General fraginess.

[Facebook Event]
Fraggle Cock
Looking for help with a drink check!
Brooklyn #1099
Start: The Brazen Head, 228 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Transit: 2/3/4/5/A/C/F/G/R, just pick one

Mayday! We are in danger! The time has come for all Hashers to complete the safety certification course! Cum expecting dangerous hash practices, wear your safest outfit, and be sure to practice your parallel parking! This will be quite a stupid experience.

[Facebook Event]
What A Cunt!
A Ditchy Celebration!
NYC #1992
Start: Departed Soles Brewing Company 150 Bay St #2a, Jersey City, NJ
Transit: Path to Grove Street

Trail is A-B, there will be an outdoor on-in, so bring warm clothes!
Hash cash for food + drinks (amount TBD) [Facebook Event]
Just Melissa and Team
Brooklyn #1098
Start: Hamilton's, 2826 Fort Hamilton Pkwy (Windsor Terrace)
Transit: F/G to Fort Hamilton Parkway

[Facebook Event]
Cheeky Bastard
Earth Day on the Island that is Long
LIL #120
Start: MacArthur Park Bar, Rockville Centre, Long Island Arrive early if you want food!
Transit: NOTE!!!: Some Babylon-bound trains may leave up to six minutes earlier than the posted times, due to construction work / track widening. BE PREPARED! Available pArTy TrAiNs: From Atlantic Terminal BK: 2:01pm City Terminal Zone 8888, arrive Jamaica 2:25. Transfer to Babylon 6254 leaving Jamaica 2:35, arrive Rockville Centre 2:51.  With the 10 minute transfer window, Brooklyn folks should be OK catching the Babylon train in Jamaica. From Grand Central LIRR: 2:13pm Babylon Branch 6254 towards Babylon, arrive Rockville Centre 2:51pm. From Penn Station LIRR: 2:10 Port Jefferson Branch 7554 towards Huntington, arrive Jamaica 2:31pm. Transfer to Babylon 6254 leaving Jamaica 2:35pm, arrive Rockville Centre 2:51pm. Due to the tight transfer and the potential that Babylon train schedule might differ, CONSIDER LEAVING FROM GRAND CENTRAL INSTEAD.

Trail will be A-to-B; if you do drive, it's just short Uber/Lyft/cab ride back to pick up your car.  Two (dead drop) drink checks! 3pm meet; pack away at 3:30. [Facebook Event]

On-In: Barrier Brewing Co, 3001 New St Suite A2, Oceanside, NY 11572

Tequila WhoreBarrier Brewing Co, 3001 New St Suite A2, Oceanside, NY 11572
NYC #1991
Start: Burp Castle, 7th St and 2nd Av. It's a quiet bar - shh!
Transit: 6 to Astor Place, F to 2nd Ave, L to 3rd Ave, N/R/W to 8th St NYU

A to B trail [Facebook Event]

On-In: The Spotted Owl, 13th St and Ave A

Mandatory Fun
(Bag hag or drink checker assistance welcome!)
The Spotted Owl, 13th St and Ave A
Brooklyn #1097
Start: Boat, 175 Smith St.
Transit: F/g to Bergen St (best) or A/C to Hoyt Schermerhorn

It’s National Cheeseball Day (yes really)! So wear something orange, something cheesy, and bring a virgin who’s cute and easy. Expect other cheesy jokes! Expect a cheesy on-in! The cheese will flow! Orange food will be provided! We will have a cheesiest pickup line contest! I could use some help providing a cheesy beverage check!

On-In: American Cheez!!!

What A Cunt!
Seeking help with a beverage check!
American Cheez!!!
Star Trek Hash!
NYC #1990
Start: Beer Garden in Urban Plaza between 50th & 49th in Hell's Kitchen (340 W 50th St, New York, NY 10019)
Transit: C/E to 50th, 1 to 50th

  Beer! A to B. Drink Check. $20 Hash Cash! Star Trek attire encouraged! [Facebook Event]
Field of Creams & Geordi La Foreskin Reach out if you can help with bags!
Val's egg-celent virgin lay!
NAWW #384
Start: SeaGlass Carousel at The Battery
Transit: 1 to South Ferry, R/W to Whitehall, 4/5 to Bowling Green

A-B /w holiday drink check that supports vision. 3pm start - punctual hashers will have an event advantage!

[Facebook Event]
Bibbidi Bobbidi Booze and Just Val
NYC #1989
Start: Kings County Brewers Collective (KCBC), 381 Troutman St in Bushwick
Transit: L to Jefferson St

A to B. Chicken-eagle split. Probably a drink check or two

[Facebook Event]
GrayVee Train (or perhaps Baby Train?)
Brooklyn #1096
Start: Redd’s Tavern, 511 Grand St (Williamsburg)
Transit: L to Lorimer St, G to Metropolitan Ave, J/M to Hewes St

A to B. At least one drink check.

[Facebook Event]

On-In: The Charleston, 174 Bedford Ave (b/t N 7th and N 8th)

Ba Dum Smurf MeowThe Charleston, 174 Bedford Ave (b/t N 7th and N 8th)
Pink Moon Hash
GGFM #397
Start: Fourth Avenue Pub 76 4th Ave, Brooklyn
Transit: R*n there, Citibike to Bergen/4th, or 2/3/4/5/B/D/N/Q/R/W to Atlantic Terminal

[Facebook Event] A to B trail!
Check Motherfucker
Cheeky's Birthday in March
NYC #1988
Start: Rolf's, 281 3rd Ave
Transit: 6 to 23rd St

Cheeky was born in 1988, so celebrate Christmas (aka his birthday) in March. Wear red and green, dress like Santa or an elf, and get holiday party drunk. A to B trail. [Facebook Event]
Cheeky Bastard
Piper's Gotcha Day
NAWW #383
Start: Dog and Bone, 338 3rd Ave (Kips Bay)
Transit: 6 to 23rd St, R/W to 23rd St

A-to-A. Dog-themed trail! (and of course, dogs are welcome!)

[Facebook Event]
Dime Store Tom Cruise & Just Piper
Lunatics Resume in '23
LIL #119
Start: The Bench, 1095 NY-25A, Stony Brook
Transit: 12:59p from Grand Central Madison (!), 1:01p from Atlantic Terminal, and 1:06p from Penn Station all arrive at Stony Brook at 3pm. The train from Penn requires one transfer, the other two require two transfers.

A to B trail. C-E, drink check. [Facebook Event]
Cheeky Bastard and Prairie Dog'n
NYC #1987
Start: Tom & Jerry's, 288 Elizabeth St (NoHo)
Transit: B/D/F/M to Broadway-Lafayette St, 6 to Bleecker St, R/W to Prince St

A-to-B. London Rules at On In. Possibly a drink check if someone wants to volunteer.

[Facebook Event]
Drop a Pin
Brooklyn #1095
Start: Circa Brewing Co., 141 Lawrence St
Transit: A/C/F/R to Jay St-MetroTech, 2/3 to Hoyt St

A to A trail

[Facebook Event]
Zeno's Pairadicks
St Patrick's Day Hash
NAWW #382
Start: Drop Off Service, 211 Ave A (East Village)
Transit: L to 1st Ave

A-to-A. London Rules.

[Facebook Event]
Lunch & Snack That Ass
Ides of March Toga Hash and Just Pavel’s Virgin Lay
NYC #1986
Start: Little Ceaser's (3rd and 107th)
Transit: 6 to 110th

A to B. Drink Check. Flashlight Recommended. London rules at On In.


[Facebook Event]
Just Pavel, Cheeky Bastard, Panic! At the Dick Show
NYC #1985
Start: Somebody’s Darling on 1st Ave in Yorkville
A to B. Drink check. C/E split. London rules at On In.

[Facebook Event]
Love Canal
Brooklyn #1094
Start: NEW Start: The Anchored Inn, 57 Waterbury St
Transit: L to Montrose Ave

A to B trail. Circus/clown theme - costumes encouraged [Facebook Event]
Just Tyler
Worm Moon Hash
GGFM #396
Start: Scallywag’s, 508 9th Ave
Transit: A/C/E to 42nd St Port Authority Bus Terminal

Snack Dat Dog’n & Prairie Ass say worms hate runners and so do we! Walker focused boozy trail. Bring forth your walking virgins, booze hounds, and the mobility challenged.

Live trail, runner/walker split, A —> B

Three drink checks!!!

[Facebook Event]
Snack Dat Ass & Prairie Dog'n
Knickerbocker #172
Start: d.b.a., 41 1st Ave (East Village)
Transit: F to 2nd Ave

A to B trail

[Facebook Event]
Cheeky Bastard
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