NYCH3 #2000


Receding Hareline (Previous 90 Days)

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s) OnIn
Boat Hash!
LIL #132
Start: Sea Cliff Station (Sea Cliff, Glen Cove, NY 11542)
Transit: Penn: 1:44pm Babylon Line transfer at Jamaica 2:05pm GCT: 1:47pm Long Beach Line transfer at Jamaica 2:07pm. Atlantic: 1:41pm West Hempstead Line transfer at Jamaica 2:02pm ***All trains transfer at Jamaica for the 2:16pm train to the Oyster Bay Line. Arrive at 2:54pm
Balls Out
NYC #2050
Start: South end of Great Lawn (follow start arrows from 81st and CPW)
Transit: 81st B C 79th 1 86th 4 5 6

A-A, BYOB (and vessel), pack out at 7:15, DO NOT BE LATE, stay after for Phil in the Park
Geordi La Foreskin
Brooklyn #1130
Start: Alligator Lounge, 600 Metropolitan Ave
Transit: L to Lorimer St, G to Metropolitan Ave

A to B. New on-in
Cheeky Bastard
New Amsterdamned
NASS #286
Start: TBD – currently Forest Hills Station House 106-11 71st Ave, Forest Hills, NY 11375 (map)
Transit: E to Forest Hills-71st St 16 minute ride from Penn on the 1:29 LIRR to Ronkonkoma (get the city ticket for cheaper fare)

We hash the bits the other kennels don’t
What A C*nt!
NYC #2049
Start: Dive Bar, 732 Amsterdam Ave
Transit: 1/2/3 to 96th Street

A to B. Chicken-eagle (maybe). Drink check (maybe). New on-in (maybe).
Cheeky Bastard
Manhattanhenge Trail
NYC #2048

Bronx Brewery Hudson Yards

20 Hudson Yards New York NY 10001

A-B, chicken-eagle split, probably London Rules, and a lot of sunset!


7 to 34th Hudson Yards, A C E to 34th Penn Station, Citibike, or r*n!

Check Motherfucker
Memorial Day Hash and Dime Store’s Birthday Trail
Brooklyn #1129
Start: Lawn between the McCarren Parkhouse and Lorimer St (40.72222° N, 73.95158° W)
Transit: G to Nassau Ave, L to Bedford Ave

A to A, BYOB
Dime Store Tom Cruise
Full Flower Moon
GGFM #408
Start: Kettle of Fish, 59 Christopher Street
Transit: 1/2 to Christopher Street, A/B/C/D/F/M to W 4 St – Wash Sq

A-to-B trail, chicken-eagle split, with TWO drink checks!  London rules at on-in, many food options nearby.  Cranium lamp possibly needed, so bring one. (Drink check helper or bag hero requested – reach out to Mussel if you can assist!)
NYC #2047

City Swiggers 320 E86th St.

A to B

In need of a bag hero!

Outdoor circle, circle beers will be provided but folks can bring their own too. We’ll likely move to indoor bar after circle.

Transit: 4/5/6 to 86th St, Q to 86th St
Field of Creams
IKABAILI’s Fuck Off Trail
Queens Black Knights #68
Start: Focal Point Beer Co.

Transit: E, M to Court Street–23rd; 7, G to Court Street; N, W to Queensboro Plaza; F to 21st St–Queensbridge; ferry, bike, or run!
I Kissed A Boy And I Liked It
Brooklyn Half Pub Crawl
Special #240
Start: Little Beaver, 24 St. Nicholas Ave.
Transit: L to Jefferson St.

6+ stops, approx. 45 minutes per stop, pay as you go, trail will be set between stops, hotline and Facebook will be updated for each stop
Cheeky Bastard
NYC #2046
Start: Double Down Saloon, 14 Avenue A at Houston (map)
Transit: F/J/M/Z to Delancey-Essex, 6 to Bleecker

Our new Joint Master inaugurates his term by setting a good example – haring!
GrayVee Train
Seeking a beverage check helper!
Brooklyn #1128
Start: Hinterlands Bar, 739 Church Ave
Transit: F/G to Church Ave, B/Q to Church Ave

A to A. London Rules
Zeno’s Pairadicks
Long May Flowers
LIL #131
Start: The Borderline Tavern, 244-18 Jericho Tpke, Floral Park
Transit: From Penn: 1:29 Ronkonkoma train arrives at Elmont-UBS Arena at 2:01. From Atlantic Terminal: 1:21 train arrives at Jamaica at 1:42, then switch to the Ronkonkoma train above. From Grand Central: 1:35 Hempstead train arrives at Elmont-UBS Arena at 2:08.

A to B trail, chicken-eagle split, two drink checks, possible outdoor on-in
Cheeky Bastard and Field of Creams
No more Pussyfooting around
NYC #2045
Start: The Frederick Douglass statue at the corner of Central Park West and 110th St.
Come and r#n one last Pussyfoot trail. Bag hero needed.
Transit: B / C to Cathedral Parkway (110th St) or 2 / 3 to Central Park North (110th St)

Outdoor circle. BYOB if you want better beer. Bring cranium lamp or torch.

On-In: On In at the Great Hill with On After to Bob’s Your Uncle on Columbus / 106th

PussyfootOn In at the Great Hill with On After to Bob’s Your Uncle on Columbus / 106th
NYC #2044
Start: White Horse Tavern (FiDi), 25 Bridge St. MAP
Transit: 1 @ South Ferry, 2/3 @ Wall St, 4/5 @ Bowling Green, J/Z @ Broad, N/R/W @ Whitehall South Ferry

Cum one cum all to the AGM that will kick off our 40th year as a disorganization. Erections will be held, yelling will probably happen, there will be a 3-ish mile r*n and a walker trail, both to include beverages on trail. All followed by beer and fabulous prizes.

On-In: Either White Horse FiDi or Jeremy’s Ale House, I honestly am not 100% sure.

The CommitteeEither White Horse FiDi or Jeremy’s Ale House, I honestly am not 100% sure.
Brooklyn #1127
Start: Bier Wax, 556 Vanderbilt Ave
Transit: A/C to Clinton-Washington Aves, 2/3 to Bergen St, B/Q to 7th Ave, Citibike, r*n!

A to B with a drink check and plenty of play checks! (Drink checker requested) London Rules at the *new* on-in
Full Pink Moon
GGFM #407
Start: Departed Soles Brewing Company, 150 Bay Street, Jersey City
Transit: PATH to Grove Street

Ditch’s Birthday Bonanza!  A to B trail, outdoor on-in (bring a jacket!) Nominal hash cash.
Ditch Sucker
NYC #2043
Start: Triona’s Gramercy

(At 17th/3rd NOT the one in WV [West Village, not West Virginia])

A-A, London Rules
Transit: N Q R W 4 5 6 L to 14th St
Dime Store Tom Cruise
Brooklyn #1126
Start: Broken Land, 105 Franklin Street
Transit: G to Greenpoint Av

A to B live trail. Walker friendly. Good beer! 2 drink checks
Prairie Dog’n
NASS #285
Start: Washington Square Park
(Going to try for NW corner)
Transit: A/C/E/B/D/F/M to W4th, 1 to Christopher, R/W to 8th, 6 to Astor Place

A-to-A in the park. BYOB. Drink check if I get a helper.
Will grab some snacks for the pack, but plenty of spots for snacks and food nearby.
Bring a blanket or chair to hang out for a bit, going to be a beautiful day!
Drop A Pin
NYC #2042
Start: Meller’s Sports Hub
1702 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10128
Transit: Q/4/5/6 to 86th st

A to B, probably short, definitely half-assed.
Drink specials at start and food specials at On-In

On-In: Avoca
1678 1st Ave., New York, NY 10128

Love Canal
& Surprise Co-hare!
1678 1st Ave., New York, NY 10128
LIL April trail
LIL #130
Start: The Black Sheep Ale House 78 2nd St, Mineola, NY 11501
Transit: Transit: Direct Train from Penn – Penn: 1:02pm Huntington train arrives in Mineola at 1:48pm – Grand Central: 12:58pm Ronkonkoma train; catch Huntington train at Jamaica at 1:24pm – Atlantic Terminal: 12:41pm West Hempstead train; ; catch Huntington train at Jamaica at 1:24pm

A-to-B with a drink check. Outdoor circle. London rules. Great beer at on-in near the train.
NYC #2041
Start: Faces and Names
159 W 54th St
Transit: B D E to 7th Avenue or 1 A C to Columbus Circle

A-B trail, London Rules
(But pizza across the street from the on-in if you’re feeling nostalgic)
Brings IDs on trail for On-In!
Foreign My Twat
NYC #2040
Start: City Beer 200 E 39th St A-A, London Rules   BAG HERO REQUESTED
Transit: 4 5 6 7 S to Grand Central, Ferry to 34th St
Gabe the Babe
Brooklyn #1125
Start: Niteglow, 8 Wilson Ave
Transit: L to Morgan Ave

A to B. Maybe a drink check.
definitely being hared by Cheeky Bastard and not some other secret April Fool’s hare 😉
Nerves’ Bday Trail!
NYC #2039
Start: Killarney Rose 127 Pearl Street (FiDi)
Transit: 2 / 3 to Wall Street, J / Z to Broad Street, 4 / 5 to Wall Street, R / W to Whitehall, Ferry, Citibike, or run!

A to B trail, London rules, drink check!
Nerves of Squeal
Brooklyn #1124
Start: Duff’s, 168 Marcy Ave
Transit: J/M/Z to Marcy Ave

A to B trail. New on-in!
Cheeky Bastard
Full Worm Moon
GGFM #406
Start: Welcome to the Johnsons (103 Rivington Street)
Transit: F/M/J/Z to Delancey-Essex Street, Citibike, r*n!

A-to-B with a drink check! London Rules + nominal hash cash

On-In: Moot Bar, 579 Myrtle Ave in BROOKLYN

Check Motherf***er!Moot Bar, 579 Myrtle Ave in BROOKLYN
NYC #2038
Start: Beer Run 203 W 19th St   A to B (“probably”), Live Hare (“maybe”), Walker Friendly (“always”), $h!++y Trail (“indubitably”)   Bag Hero Requested!
Transit: 1 2 to 18th St, F M to 14th St, A C E L to 14th St
Prairie Dog’n & Some Like it Twat


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