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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s) OnIn
Brooklyn #1074
Start: Kings County Brewers Collective, 381 Troutman St
Transit: L to Jefferson St

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GrayVee Train
Sturgeon Moon
GGFM #389
Start: BierWax, 556 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn (Prospect Heights)
Transit: 2/3 to Grand Army Plaza, B/Q to 7th Ave

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On-In: Wild East Brewing Co., 623 Sackett St

Just Katie and Cheeky BastardWild East Brewing Co., 623 Sackett St
Gabe's Birthday Trail!
NYC #1963
Start: Murray Park, 21st Street and 45th Ave (Long Island City)
Transit: E/M/7 to Court Square

A to A and on after at Fifth Hammer Brewery nearby. Hash cash is $5 but you may bring something to share, beer perhaps. There will be a drink check!

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Gabe the Babe and Cheeky Bastard
“Feeling Groovy” Hash
NAWW #372
Start: Strangelove Bar NYC, 229 East 53rd St
Transit: E to Lex Av/53rd St, 6 to 51st St

The Garden State meets The Empire State. A to B trail. One drink check (at least)!

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SassyLassy and Loogie
NYC #1962
Start: Ryan's Daughter, 1st Ave and E 85th St (UES)
Transit: Q to 86th St, 6 to 86th St

A to A. London Rules for Drinks, $5 hash cash for pizza. Potential drink check!

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Love Canal
Brooklyn #1073
Start: Mekelburg's—Clinton Hill (happy hour until 7)
Transit: G to Classon, C to Clinton-Washington, Citibike, or run there!

A to A trail, outdoor seating, $1 wing night, great beers on tap!

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Nerves of Squeal
Just Zoe's Virgin Lay
NAWW #371
Start: Monsignor Raul Del Valle Square, Hunts Point Ave & E 163rd St, The Bronx
Transit: 6 to Hunts Point Av

Note the 2 pm start time! There will be pre-lube beer at the start! Chicken-eagle option! Beer and snacks at the outdoor on-in! [Facebook Event]

On-In: On-in is in Pugsley Creek Park. Go through the gate on Husson north of Gildersleeve

Cheeky Bastard and Just ZoeOn-in is in Pugsley Creek Park. Go through the gate on Husson north of Gildersleeve
2nd Annual Mimosa Mile
Special #221
Start: 74th St Track (UWS)
Transit: 1/2/3 to 72nd St

What was just a bad idea last time is now a new tradition.

One bottle of prosecco or bubbly wine (750ml), bring four cups. You can add as much or little OJ as you want. BYOOJ.

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Tequila Whore is in charge
NYC #1961
Start: 1080 Bar & Lounge at Hotel R&L (1080 Broadway, Bushwick, BK) - Prelube from 6-7!
Transit: J to Kosciuszco Street or J/M to Myrtle Ave and walk a few more blocks

A to B. Hash Cash for Pizza at indoor on-in, London Rules for beers [Facebook Event]
A Better Mouse Snatch
⚓ 🚢 return of the Five Borough Pub Crawl ⚓ 🚢
Special #220
Start: Beatstro 135 Alexander Ave. THE BRONX
Transit: 4/5 to 138-Grand Concourse or 6 to 3rd Ave-138th St

Brunch brunch brunch in the shadow of the NYC Hip Hop Museum in the beautiful Bronx Bronx Bronx! Beatstro opens for Brunch at 11:30 AM, WE WILL BE ON-OUT TO LOCATION #2 AT 12:30! That means if you want brunch, get there at 11:30. If you just want a beer, get there at noon-ish.

Updates on our location will be available by
calling 212-HASH-NYC,
by visiting,
or visiting

[Facebook Event]

On-In: Updates on our location will be available by calling 212-HASH-NYC, or by visiting or

What A C*nt!
Updates on our location will be available by calling 212-HASH-NYC, or by visiting or
Thunder Moon
GGFM #388
Start: Battery Park - FiDi --> follow the marks in
Transit: R/W to Whitehall, 1 to South Ferry, 4/5 to Bowling Green

A-to-A, BYOB (Duane Reade nearby for purchasing hooch) - come stretch out your legs/liver, & perhaps burn off a few calories in advance of Saturday's pub crawl!  Potential on-after nearby at White Horse for any overachievers needing pre-pub-crawl drinking practice. [Facebook Event]
Tequila Whore
NYC #1960
Start: 88th and Riverside
Transit: 1 / B / C to 86th, 2 / 3 to 96th

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Geordi la Foreskin and Just Brad
Slut's 🍕 Party
Brooklyn #1072
Start: York St. F Station
Transit: F to York St.

A to B. Chicken/Eagle. Better beer. Pizza! Hash-Cash $20

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Piece O'Slut
Lunatics Anal Hash-Pool Party trail
LIL #115
Start: Ridgewood Station Tavern 3231 Sunrise highway, Wantagh, NY 11793
Transit: From Penn: 2:25pm arrives at 3:21pm at Wantagh Station From Atlantic: 2:13pm, then transfer at Jamaica at 2:50pm. Arrives at Wantagh by 3:21pm

Bring a swim suit and a change of clothes there will be a pool at the end!

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Patron Taint of the Willing Tongue
NYC #1959
Start: Madison Square Park - look for marks near the fountain
Transit: R/W to 23rd St, 6 to 23rd St, 1 to 23rd St, CitiBike

A-to-A. BYOB.

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Zeno's Pairadicks
NAWW #370
Start: Dalehead Arch (Central Park near 63rd and Central Park West). 2pm start!
Transit: A/C or B/D or 1/2 to 59th St Columbus Circle

Bring beer, or buy it on trail

[Facebook Event]

On-In: Dalehead Arch (A to A)

Mandatory Fun & Meow Ja TroisDalehead Arch (A to A)
NYC #1958
Start: Balsley Park, 866 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019 (btw w. 56th/ w. 57th)
Transit: A/C/D/B/1 to 59th Columbus Circle, N/Q/R/W to 57th st, citibike dock w. 54th and 9th ave, RUN THERE!

A-A outdoors tiny park extravaganza! bubbler provided, bathrooms not.

london-rules/BYOB, bodegas galore. on-afters and foods of your choice.

potential drink-check

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Check Motherfucker
Brooklyn #1071
Start: St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe, 533 Atlantic Ave
Transit: 2/3/4/5/B/D/N/Q/R/W to Atlantic

A-to-A. If there is rain there is a sweeper lined up, but should hopefully clear out before hare needs to set trail. May move to On-After for circle, but wanted to give folks an opportunity to buy beer.

St. Gamrbrinus has been one of the best bottle shops in the city for many years and is sadly closing at the end of the month, so wanted to share it and support it before it's gone.

On-After: Someday Bar three blocks east on Atlantic

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Drop a Pin
🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️ Pride Hash 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️
NYC #1957
Start: Winston Churchill Square, 6th Ave and Bleecker St in West Village
Transit: A/C/E/B/D/F/M to West 4th, 1 to Christopher St

A-to-A and BYOB. Drink check. TBD On-After.

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Fraggle Cock Gets A Reprieve From His Lifetime Haring Ban
NAWW #369
Start: Survival Tree near One World Trade in FiDi
Pre-Lube: Oculous Beer Garden
Transit: 1/E to World Trade Center, Anything to Fulton

INDOORS on-in with pitchers & pizza

Misman Note: The hare claims to have received a lifetime ban from haring 25 years ago so this will either be epic or terrible, either way, let's find out together!

On-In: Mona's, 224 Avenue B (Ave B & 14th St, East Village)

Fraggle CockMona's, 224 Avenue B (Ave B & 14th St, East Village)
🍓 Strawberry Moon 🌝
GGFM #387
Start: Chelsea Park (27th St & 9th Av)
Pre-Lube: Billymark's West at 6:00 pm (332 9th Ave)
Transit: A/C/E to Penn, 1 to 28th or 7 to Hudson Yards

A-to-B + Walker friendly

Possibly live, possible drink check, Injured reserve/volunteers always appreciated (and rewarded)

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Prairie Dog'n
NYC #1956
Start: The Subway Inn, 2nd Ave & E 60th (Lower UES)
Transit: R/6 to Lexington/59th, F/Q to Lexington/63rd,

Trail will be A to B. London rule will apply. If the weather is good, outdoors on in.

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Gabe the Babe
Brooklyn #1070
Start: The Charleston, 174 Bedford Ave (Williamsburg)
Transit: L to Bedford Ave

A to A. London Rules. Free/cheap pizza with beer purchase!

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Dime Store Tom Cruise
Queens Birthday Hash
Queens Black Knights #66
Start: Maggie Mae's Bar in Sunnyside
Transit: 7 to 40 Street - Lowery St


Bring: Folks from Queens who’d like to help mis-manage us. It’ll be London Rules (bring your own funds for beer and food).

Give Aways: Special Queens Black Knights patch & event tag. Let’s do this annually (preferably 2nd Saturday in June) so we can exclaim that …”The Queens Hash Lives!”

[Facebook Event]
I-Feel Tower, Gabe The Babe, and Doggie Erectus
Join us as we celebrate our Tenth Anniversary!
LIL #114
Start: Main Street Pub in Kings Park to pre-lube before NOON START
Transit: Penn Station toward Port Jefferson 9:52am (Go to the rear of the pArTy TrAiN and mooch beers from hashers), Transfer at Huntington to Kings Park at 11:12am, and arrive at Kings Park at 11:29am. Proceed to Main Street Pub and pre-lube until the 1pm start.

Bring: Swimming gear, your usual kennel hash cash, and your own beer and food money

Give Aways: Special tenth anniversary patch and an event tag Features may include: lunatic asylum tour (unless illegal because we ALWAYS obey the law), inner tube float, and swimming in the Long Island Sound. Do not miss this one!

[Facebook Event]
ALL our Grand Masters: I-Feel Tower, A Little Dirty, Kaptain Hooker, and Drunksophila Masterbater. So ....we might perform ..adequately
Cheeky's 12 Year (and 1 Day) Hashiversary
NYC #1955
Start: Flatbush and 7th Ave (Pre-lube at Ocean's 8 Billiards, 308 Flatbush Ave)
Transit: 7th Ave on the B and Q

What can you say about someone who's been hashing for a shade over 12 years? Well, whatever it is, save it for circle! The hare is celebrating his hashiversary by trying to recreate the first trail he ever ran. Throwback details will include $20 hash cash and pizza at the on-in. Trail will be A to B, and the on-in will have outdoor space (weather permitting).

[Facebook Event]
Cheeky Bastard
Lunch's Annual New Rochelle Trail
NAWW #368
Start: Pelham Train Station
Transit: From Grand Central take 2:36 Metro North New Haven Train, Arrive in Pelham at 3:08


Back yard and front porch ON-IN - both COVID conscious outdoors- at hare's house, which is short walking distance to New Rochelle Train Station. Lots of cheap beer and spicy food. $5 hash cash.

If snobby spuds drinker, bring your own and put into ice pack at Pelham Train Station. Expect to have drink check, C/E split, and nice weather.

Late arrivals can go to New Rochelle Train Station and follow a marked trail to hare's house….or go to Pelham Train Station and follow C or E trail, carrying your bag.

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NYC #1954
Start: Dylan Murphy's, 82nd St & 3rd Ave (UES)
Transit: 4/5/6 to 86th St, Q to 86th St

A-to-A. London Rules. Outdoor Seating. Cheap Apps.

[Facebook Event]
Love Canal
Memorial Day Hash!
Brooklyn #1069
Start: Prospect Park near Bartel-Pritchard Square (40°39'42.3"N 73°58'37.4"W)
Transit: F/G to 15 St - Prospect Park

A-to-A. BYOB and snacks. Bring picnic blankets or chairs if you have them.

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Ba-Dum-Smurf Meow!
NYC #1953
Start: NE Brambles in Central Park. Google coord: “40.7775, -73.968"
Transit: A/B/C @81st or 4/6 @77th

On-In/Circle in the park.
BYOB (Hare will keep it cold) or p/u beer after trail.
Bring a folding chair.
Walker/Virgin friendly.
Flashlights HIGHLY recommended.
Another crazy PD’n experiment.

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Prairie Dog'n
NAWW #367
Start: Forest Hills Station House, 106-11 71st Ave, Queens, NY
Transit: E/F/R to Forest Hills-71 Av or LIRR to Forest Hills Station

A-to-B trail with outdoor circle plus on-after option.

[Facebook Event]
Brooklyn Half Marathon Pub Crawl
Special #219
Start: Mama Tried, 787 3rd Ave (corner of 3rd Ave and 27th St)
Transit: N/R to 25th Street

6+ bars, 40-45 minutes per bar, pay as you go, trail will be set between bars, hotline and Facebook will be updated for each stop
Cheeky Bastard
BK Half Bib Pick-up
NYC #1952
Start: Brooklyn Bridge Park, Granite Terrace (near Pier 2)
Transit: 2, 3 to Clark Street, A, C to High Street. Ferry to Dumbo or CitiBike.

If you are planning to pick up your bib for the Brooklyn Half, make sure you make an appointment in your NYRR dashboard! Proof of vax and ID needed for entry, pick-up ends at 9PM (trail will be short).

Trail is A to A. BYOB and a vessel!
Nerves of Squeal
Brooklyn #1068
Start: Fulton Grand, 1011 Fulton St
Transit: C or G to their respective Clinton-Washington stops

Ass to Ass (A to A) trail. Chicken-Eagle Split. Trail will be set live! Hare may or may not be using an El Camino.
Cum On Moses
Long Island Lunatics May Flowers=Shiggy(?) trail
LIL #113
Start: Buckley's 159 S Franklin Ave, Valley Stream, NY 11580
Transit: FROM PENN STATION: 1:12 PM Babylon Branch, transfer to Far Rockaway Branch in Jamaica at 1:35 (joining the BK PaRtY tRaIn), arriving Valley Stream @ 1:45 PM FROM ATLANTIC TERMINAL: 1:13 PM Far Rockaway Branch, arriving Valley Stream @ 1:45 PM Note, the 1:42PM Penn Station and 1:43PM Atlantic Terminal trains will get you there by 2:19 in time for pack out @ 2:30, but that's cutting your prelube time awfully close!

Bring a set of dry clothes, it ain't called Valley Stream for no reason!  Meet time 2pm, pack out @ 2:30.  On in is a mystery even to the hares right now.
Tequila and Poopin'
Flower Moon & Friday the 13th!
GGFM #386
Start: That Witch Ales You Brewery, 116 Madison St, New York, NY (Two Bridges/Chinatown)
Transit: F to East Broadway, J/5 to Chambers St, D to Grand St

A-to-B Trail. Great beer at the start and even better beer at the on-in. Indoor on-in. London Rules. Probably a drink check.
Drop a Pin
NYC #1951
Start: Maine Monument at the Intersection of Columbus Circle and Central Park
Transit: 1/A/C/B/D to Columbus Circle

A-to-A prime. Outdoor On-In/Circle in the park. BYOB or Pick-Up Beer Near End of Trail.

Optional On-After: Barcelona Bar
Gabe The Babe
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