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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s) OnIn
Full Beaver Moon (tee-hee)
GGFM #401
Start: Solid State, 53-22 Roosevelt Ave, Queens
Transit: 7 to 52nd

Bring a torch
Drink Check
C-E Split
Walker friendly
Hash cash & food

Prairie Dog'n
NYC #2023
Start: One Star Bar
Transit: F/M to 23rd St, N/R/W to 23rd St, 1 to 23rd St, C/E to 23rd St

A-A. London Rules at On-In
Gabe the Babe
Brooklyn #1115
Start: Farrell's Bar and Grill, 215 Prospect Park West
Transit: F/G to 15th St-Prospect Park, Citibike, r*n

A to B, chicken-eagle, London Rules
Check Mother Fucker
Orphans Thanksgiving Hash
NYC #2022
Start: Vale Public House
Transit: 1 to 137th St or 145th St

A to A, $20 hash cash gets you a bucket of 5 beers and at least 8 delicious chicken wings. Cum One Cum All!
2023 Beer Mile
NYC #2021
Start: 74th St Track in Riverside Park
Transit: 1/2/3 to 72nd St

There will be a 5k trail for overachievers and spectators. The beer mile itself will begin once the pack returns. So figure on 8pm beer mile start.


  • Each competitor drinks four 12oz beers and runs 8 laps (it's a 200m track), so: chug-one-beer-then-run-2-laps, four times in a row
  • Beer must be fully consumed before running
  • Beer must be a minimum of 5% alcohol by volume. Hard ciders and lemonades will not suffice. The beer must be a fermented alcoholic beverage brewed from malted cereal grains and flavored with hops.
  • Hashers who vomit before they finish the race must complete one penalty 400m (2 laps) at the end of the race
ON AFTER: Emerald Inn on 72nd (Probably)

[Facebook Event][Strava Event]
Cheeky Bastard
Brooklyn #1114
Start: Hinterlands Bar, 739 Church Ave
Transit: F/G to Church Ave, B/Q to Church Ave

A to B. London Rules

Zeno's Pairadicks
Friendsgiving 2023
NASS #279
Start: Oracle Playground, basketball court
Transit: Best options: Citibike or ferry to Brooklyn Navy Yard, G to Clinton-Washington; Less good options: C to Lafayette, 2/3/4 to Nevins, B/D/N/Q/R to Dekalb, F to York Street (but y tho?)

A-to-A prime trail with a drink check. On-in will be at the home of the hares. $20 hash cash covers drinks (cocktails, and mulled wine) and a homemade spread of all your favorite Thanksgiving classics. There will be plenty of vegetarian options.
Please bring a 6-pack of your favorite beer to share! (Greene-Ville Garden on Myrtle has a great selection)
**To reduce waste, bring a vessel (insulated recommended)!**
RSVP your attendance here.
Nerves of Squeal + Ba-Dum-Smurf Meow
7-Eleven Hash!
NYC #2020
Start: Torch & Crown at Union Square
Transit: 4/5/6/R/Q/W/N/L to Union Square, CitiBike

The 7-ELEVEn Hash. This is now an independent global kennel / bi-annual event where you drink 7 or 11 beers at 7 or 11 beer stops, at a 7-eleven. On 7-11. (November 7th OR July 11th).

We'll be starting at Torch & Crown Union Square who will have $1 beers starting at 6pm! Then proceed to seven 7-elevens where the pack will have the option to drink check. We'll end at a park near the last 7-eleven and have circle there before moving to an On After nearby.

Hash cash is london rules (currently thinking we'll ask people to take turns buying 6/12-packs and see how that goes). Consider bringing a vessel on the trail if you'd like to split beers at drink stops!

During trail, you may choose to join in the Wisest Wizard challenge – drinking a beer at each 7-eleven, and taping your new beers to your empties – forming a wizard staff. The “wisest wizard” will be awarded and honored in circle. The winner will earn the illustrious prize of feeling like absolute dog shit the next day at work – and possibly having an argument with their significant other.

Drop a Pin & Balls Out
NYC Marathon
Special #238
Start: West side of 95th St and 5th Ave (mile 23.5)
Transit: (Transit may be a mess…) 4/5/6 or Q to 96th St, walk, r*n , Citi Bike, NYC Ferry to East 90th St

Cum cheer on (and inebriate) your fellow hashers r*nning in the Super Eagle!

Drink Check located at mile 23.5

Short trail starting ~10am finishing in time to watch the elites pass by.

Potluck style for food and beverage. Further details TBA

On After: Bob's Your Uncle (Columbus Ave and W 105th St)
Drop A Pin & BeeeestialityB4Boys
NYC #2019

Broadway Dive, 2662 Broadway UWS

1 (2?) drink check(s)

A —> B with Turkey-Eagle split

Torches required!!!

On-In is inside, but Circle may be outside…dress appropriately. Pre-lube at the On-Out starting at 6:15 PM

Transit: 1 to 103rd St
Prairie Dog’n
Brooklyn #1113
Start: Evil Twin Taproom, 43 Main St
Transit: F to York St, A/C to High St
Cum On Everybody
400th Trail!
GGFM #400
Start: Ear Inn, 326 Spring Street
Transit: 1 to Canal or Houston, C/E to Spring Street

Wear your bestest GGFM haberdashery to celebrate our big 4-0-0!  If you don't have any GGFM hab yet - well, maybe there will be a new opportunity to order some! A-to-B trail with a drink check, $20 hash cash for beer and pizza at an indoor on-in, like in the before-times
GGFM Committee
Amelia Bare Parts’ Halloween Bash
NYC #2018

Loreley Beer Garden

Halloween costumes encouraged!  

Happy hour until 7, so cum early for pre-lube deals!

A to B trail with one (maybe two) drink checks! London rules at on-in

Transit: J Z to Bowery, F to 2nd Ave, B D to Grand St M to Broadway—Lafayette St, N R W to Prince St, 6 to Spring St
Amelia Bare Parts
Queens is Back!
Queens #246
Start: Murray Park (Long Island City)

LIVE HARES with a C/E split! Can you snare the hare?

TWO drink checks AND $5 Drink Specials at the On-In! Cum one Cum all!

Transit: E M 7 to Court Square — The Queens Hash is on a revival mission! Trails will be set quarterly to pay homage to this wide open, often-forgotten hash Borough

So I Kissed A Boy And I Liked It & Blow in the Park

NYC #2017
NYC #2017
Start: Merrion Square Pub
Transit: Q to 96th St

A to B, Light Shiggy, Drink Check, Chicken/Eagle Split


Drink specials and food at brand new On-In! $5 Hash Cash covers DC & down-down beer, London Rules beyond that.

On-In: Teddy's F&B Bar & Grill

2171 2nd Ave, NYNY, 10029

Love Canal & Balls OutTeddy's F&B Bar & Grill

2171 2nd Ave, NYNY, 10029
Brooklyn #1112
Start: Hops Hill At Atlantic, 533 Atlantic Ave
Transit: 2/3/4/5/B/Q/D/N/R to Atlantic Ave-Barclays Ctr, Citibike, r*n

A to B, Chicken/Eagle split, on-in has both indoor and outdoor seating
Check Mother Fucker
Amityville Horror Hash
LIL #126
Start: Motion Craft Brewed, 1036B Park Blvd, Massapequa Park (no, the hare has not gone mad, but LIRR trains don't stop in Amityville the day of trail)
Transit: 3:09pm Babylon Branch train from Penn Station arrives at Massapequa Park at 4:08pm. 3:01pm City Terminal Zone train from Atlantic Terminal arrives at Jamaica at 3:22pm, and then you can catch the aforementioned Babylon Branch train at 3:30pm.

Cum get spooked in Amityville, made famous by the 1979 horror film "The Amityville Horror"! A to B trail. Costumes encouraged - the hare recommends that you be a vampire...
Cheeky Bastard
Mandy's 10th An*lversary
NYC #2016
Start: Billymark's West, 29th and 9th
Transit: A/C/E/2/3 to Penn Station, 1 to 28th St

Old school style: $20 hash cash, pizza provided

On-In: One Star, 24th and 7th

Mandatory Fun and Just JeffOne Star, 24th and 7th
NASS #278
Start: Alternative Medicine Brewing Company, 29 Elm Ave, Ste 1A, Mt. Vernon, NY 10550
Transit: 1:05pm New Haven line train from Grand Central arrives at Mt. Vernon East at 1:33pm. Start is a three minute walk from the station.

A to B trail. On-in will also be a brewery. London Rules.
Cheeky Bastard
Annual Drunks & Pin Birthday Trail
NYC #2015
Start: Vol de Nuit, 148 West 4th Street
Transit: A/C/E/B/D/F/M to W4th St, 6 to Bleecker, R/W to 8th St, CitiBike

A to A prime trail... Chicken/Eagle Split, Probably a Drink Check

Outdoor On-In in a nearby park. Bring a blanket to sit on! BYOB or buy something at the end of trail. On after nearby at an old favorite.
Drunks & Pin
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