BH3 #577

Monday, July 25, 2011, 7pm

BH3 #577

Start: 62 Henry Street between Orange and Cranberry St

Prelube: Henry Street Ale House

On-In: Breukelen Bier Merchants, 182 Grand St

Hares: Crotchless Panties & Just Mike

Circle Emcees: Headlights & Noah’s Dinghy

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered at the Henry St Ale House shortly after the rain stopped.  They had been predicting rain all day, but it let up just for us.  The hares did a fine job of dividing up pieces of drywall into uniform little squares for us to mark the trail.  We were gonna need them because most of the marks washed away.  And away we went!

We eventually ended up at the Breukelen Bier Merchants.  Hmm, we started at an Ale House and ended at a Bier Merchant.  There might be a theme there, but damn if I was sober enough to figure it out.  Forget it, let’s drink some more by giving out Down-Downs:

The Hares: Crotchless Panties & Just Mike

Visitor: Polishing Brass

The Hares: For washing away the trail
                  For getting a flat tire
                  For missing their own drink check

Fireman Tim: A$$hole of the week for adding an extra mile to the unofficial trail and making all the marks after the Beer Near point away from the On-In

Ding: For almost getting hit by jaywalking in front of a cop car

Noah’s Dinghy & Donner Kebab: Smashmouth Award.  Donner Kebab gets to give up the title by not falling and bequeath it to Noah’s Dinghy who did fall

Headlights: For giving the cleaning lady at her office a thrill by putting her bra in her pants

Lexi’s Bitch: For walking right past the pack at the start

FMIG: For exposing his boobies on trail

Just Rabi: For reading a book at the On-In

PS (Post Sircle): Just Mike got named Busted Rubber for his flat tire.  Good name, Busted Rubber & Crotchless Panties go together like hand & glove or sausage & taco


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