BH3 #553

BH3 #553
Start: 4th Ave and 9th Street
On-in: Bar Vendetta, Court st and 9th st
Hare: Blackout
Scribe: Tim

A street corner in brooklyn. Hashers begin to congregate. Salutations are exchanged, and typical conversation springs up. Nothing in the manner or appearance of those present would betray that there is in fact something special about this day. No, by unspoken agreement, all in attendance are careful to avoid mentioning that it is Valentine’s day. All, that is, except for cheeky bastard, who proudly rode that elephant right to the start. Dressed to the nines in red, the only thing he was missing was cupid’s bow. Red shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, bag, and red coloring in his hair, cheeky bastard was lucky there were no bulls in the area…

After marvelling at this ‘wrong’ Eric’s outfit for a few minutes, the ‘right’ Eric (the hare, and therefore rather vital) finally arrived. He set the pack off onto a well marked trail which wound its way through Park Slope and Carroll Gardens, before finally arriving at the on-in, Bar Vendetta.  The few locals were driven out in short order, providing for an intimate on-in experience. Down downs were administered as follows:

  • Blackout, for haring, and other general skulduggery.
  • Dickeneer, for having the audacity to visit the Brooklyn hash.
  • Monty, Matt, and Mary, for the unspeakable crime of never having done this sort of thing before.
  • Cheeky Bastard, for his aforementioned Valentine’s day ensemble.
  • Death Breast, for distributing heart shaped candies with Valentine’s day messages written on them.  Apparently the pack was incensed that the messages were not dirty…
  • Canine Fixation and Speedo Gonzalez, for allegedly inept hashing skills. Missing marks and on calls, it was felt that with their years of experience, these two should not be making such amateur mistakes. Or does this degradation of their hashing skills lend credence to the argument that the medical community has been making for years, that long term hashing is hazardous to one’s health?
  • Canine Fixation again, for stretching in front of the doorway and being bowled over by Nads on Film. Perhaps these two were testing out moves for a new slapstick comedy routine?
  • Barnacle and Fireman Tim, who were both perplexed as to the source of the strong ‘hotdog-like’ odor present in the bar. Despite keen observational skills, it seems that both had somehow overlooked the plates of hot dogs the bartender was serving out on the bar..

Hash cash eventually ran out, and hashers dispersed into the night searching for love, or at the very least, a train home.

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