NYCH3 #1412

NYCH3 #1412

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Start: N/E Corner of 6th Avenue & 34th Street

On-In: The Stumble Inn, 76th Street & 2nd Avenue

Hares: Splat & Premature Evacuation

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

The pack gathered near the Empire State Building for a little pre-Valentine’s Day R*n.  Those of us that are dating non-hashers get to endure some funny looks and snide remarks for missing this special day.

The hares did pay homage to the holiday by having a drink stop with red Gatorade and heart-shaped candy in a romantic little gazebo in the park.  I was running with a Harriette and hoped the booze and candy would loosen her up a little, but she ran out of there so fast she took out a few tourists.  More on that later…

We ended up at the Stumble Inn and convened the circle and gave out Down-Downs:

The Hares: Splat & Premature Evacuation


Virgins: Julia & Kristen

Stinky Fingers for plowing into two tourists in ten seconds

David for a Hash Crash

Premature Evacuation for telling us there were lots of checks, well maybe not that many, well, maybe only a few…

We paused circle for a moment to play charades to see who could figure out the theme of the day’s trail.  The pack guessed boredom & Starbuck’s before finding the correct answer: ice skating rinks.

And we’re back in circle, Game On!

Four Wheel Drive got the Luddite award for finally getting a cell phone

Eager for Beaver for new shoes

Matt got A$$hole of the week for throwing beer out

There were some more gameshow-like awards and antics that I missed.  My girlfriend had showed up at the On-In and I was busy explaining my earlier behavior.