NYCH3 #1326


July 1st, 2009


Start: NE Corner of Madison Square Park


Hares: Splat! and librarian Lisa


On-In: No Idea Bar, 20th st and Bway


              Scribe: Trips and Balls (formerly Leave my clothes on Lauren)

                                                   NYCH3 # 1326 

                                  “Two Birthdays and an Anniversary” 


The start:  You can tell it’s marathon training season when half the pack shows up at the start already sweaty after trying to squeeze in extra miles.  FAD hovered over the chalk-talk as usual trying to suss-out the virgins’ intelligence levels.  Splat! informed us that at one point we’d come to “a mark with a number” and we should follow it to said street number.  Needless to say this caused some confusion amongst the feeble-minded pack as we tried to navigate Times Square sans arrows.


The trail:  Let’s see, it was a pretty “scenic” trail.  It went by GCT, got a glance at the FDR, Tudor Place, through the aforementioned Times Square mess, back south where we got thoroughly lost around Bryant Park before reconnecting with the trail and winding our way back through Madison Square park (weren’t we just here?!) and on-home to No Idea bar. 


The on-in:  Splat’s hotline message was something like “the on-in is… No Idea.  It’s not that I have no idea, it’s that the name of the bar is no idea.  Oh yeah and it’s on 20th and broadway.”


The Circle:  Hmmm there were lots of down-downs given out by myself and my stand-in partner in crime Eager for Beaver:

–The Hares for a nice 4 mile jaunt around midtown

–A couple virgins who actually managed to stick around long enough to get their down-downs.

–A particularly sweet yet annoying visitor with a bike horn that he used excessively.

–Bahamonde for attempting to join a protest going on in Times Square.  He’s all for women and their rights.

–Bridgett for claiming that she’s a veteran (on her SECOND ever hash) and not in need of any chalk talk instructions.

–Hector for running with a camelback and trying (unsuccessfully) to pick up every woman he passed on trail.

–Someone ran over a little girl in Bryant Park.  The down-down almost went to Stewa until Junky Monkey stepped in and admitted the incident.

–Hardman for showing off his numerous appropriate hash shirts (4th of July in 

  this case) and detailing the t-shirt cataloguing system he uses for his closet.

–Mickey Mouth attempted to call Richard out for wearing a cell-phone carrier on trail, but since she thought his name was Jeremy the down-down went to her instead for never bothering to learn the names of female hashers or already married male hashers.

–The Hares were brought back up for their birthday song and we waxed nostalgic about Splats first year spent with us in NYC.




-Trips and Balls