BH3 #269

Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

March 3, 2003

Run #269

On In: The Abbey

Hare: EWA & Roy

(formerly C&W performers now in NYC!)

Scribe: The Saint


March came in like a LION and we’ll have to see how he bloody well exits.  Seems to me that there was some “warm” weather days before this norther blew in and dropped us to our knees faster than a New Orleans “lady.” at an Interhash.  In any case, a stout group of hashers, obviously Laird was not amonsgt us, gathered mostly below ground to protect a variety of privates from the ravaging Brooklyn winds.  The writer found a lone virgin above ground wandering aimlessly looking for the pack.  She smartly went to change from her civvies –she did look terribly out of place at the intersection avec backpack.  Ultimately she found the rats; I mean hashers, wimping out in the subway awaiting directions to the trail/cheese.  Fortunately Zoe, found us as we bolted as if a water hose was thrust down the grates.


It was a rather large and spirited group who set off and went to some of the usual places in Billyburg consciously avoiding an antiwar rally somewhere in the liberal latitudes of this community.  There were the usual twists and turns including a last minute feint towards a formerly-in-the-favor pub (name forgotten in the winds) ultimately to end up in an old, even if uninspired, favorite haunt, The Abbey.  Now readers of the Saint’s tomes will recall a previous description of this establishment as a former Polish hard-core, vodka-inhaling, “dive” populated by toughs looking for shelter from the storm.


This time we were set up front as opposed to the back because we were likely a good, attractive mass of bodies to make the place look in demand – timing is everything.  The front is/was OK although the martini-drinking young ladies were put off by our off-putting behavior including this writer who graciously asked to set his aqua down while he stretched.  Apparently, that did not disturb them enough although after a friend joined them to form a trio (ménage a quatre?) they figured better prospects were available in Prospect Pak and they bolted faster than a Frenchman from an honest fight or even Crofty over a high bar.


Ewa showed up in Brooklyn finally as she had a hand or toe in setting the trail and because she had the barkeep order plenty of Stella to keep her stoked.  It’s good to have her back although confidentially she has advised this writer — before Liz hears about it — that she does not plan to run for Ms. Reingold.  You read it here but I have also been apprised by “Management” that the contest will likely be cancelled because of non-participation of our stunning 40-year old local Star!




Unbiased, Vociferous On In Ratings*

The Abbey, Part Deux

Mar 3, 2003


                                    EWA (In Person!)                                            The Saint


Ambience                       3                                                                         2.5

Beer Selection             3.5                                                                           2

Beer Pricing                  3                                                                             3

Local Color                    3                                                                           3

Smoke                         2.5                                                                        2.5

Food                              3                                                                           3

Totals                          3.0                                                                       2.6667                                                  


*Categories are self-explanatory unless you’re dim.  Ratings are the sole province of the writer and if you don’t agree, you don’t agree.


Overall the measures for this pub were down a tad from the last review, a likely occurrence, as our sense of a proper On In becomes more critical.  Geoff didn’t show, as I understand he is in-country, which one I forget, so we have no measure of an empirical nature for this edition. 


Down downs were given to Zoe, the aforementioned apparently three time Brooklyn virgin, (Someone please contact Guinness!), the hares and I forget who else as I took my time to compose this until the day before – the dog did eat my notes or was it another hasher? 


On Out!



The Saint