BH3 #387


Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Brooklyn Hash #387, August 6, 2007

Hare:    Fluffy

On In:   Boat, 175 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Scribe:  Joe Pennsylvania

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it, does it still make a sound?


If a man speaks and a woman is not present to hear him, is he still wrong?


If Fluffy sets a trail and no one shows up, does he still “return” to the hash?


Our very own Fluffster had the unenviable task of setting trail one day after a major NYC half marathon and a major NYCH3 bar crawl.  This apparently thinned the ranks of folks willing and able to do a Monday night Brooklyn trail.


Yours truly left work in Midtown Manhattan at 6:22PM, dropping downstairs to catch a D train towards the start at Atlantic Avenue.  Arriving at Atlantic Avenue around 6:55PM, yours truly ran into Hot Rod, who had just detrained from a Brooklyn-bound 4 train.  We went over to the start and no one was there.  Finally Fluffy arrived with Just Dave, both in civilian clothes.


P*Dicky ran a half mile to the start, but pulled up lame with a knee injury and was not able to do the hash. Now that’s a first, right!


That left just Hot Rod and Joe Pennsylvania to run the Fluffernutter’s trail.


Fluffy gave us the chalk talk and noted that the trail is short, two marks and you are on and you should be done in 30-40 minutes.  Off went the two of us at 7:22PM.


We quickly encountered check number 1, where we ran into Girl Scout Nookie, running a bit late to the start.  Since she was not carrying baggage (at least none that was visible), she joined us at this check.  So now we had three.  We decided to take turns manning and marking the check while the other two attempted to solve the impediment.  Girl Scout Nookie solved the check and we were off.


We encountered check number 2 near the famed Brooklyn lesbian bar, Beast.  Here, Girl Scout Nookie manned the check while Hot Rod and yours truly did the checking.  Hot Rod found trail and we were off once again.


Check 3 – manned by Joe P., solved by Girl Scout Nookie


Check 4 – manned by Hot Rod, solved by Girl Scout Nookie

Check 5 – manned by Girl Scout Nookie, solved by Hot Rod


Check 6 – manned by Joe P., solved by Girl Scout Nookie.


The trail ended at a bar named Boat in the Boerum Hill section of NYC’s Kings County.  Hot Rod, Girl Scout Nookie and Joe P. entered Boat at 7:56PM.


At Boat, the three hashers were joined by FMIG and Eager 4 Beaver as well as those present at the start.  The eight of us sat around Boat’s couches and dined on two pies of Brooklyn’s finest pizza, while imbibing Bass and Yuengling beer.  FMIG quietly conducted down downs.  First up was Fluffy for setting trail.  Joe Pennsylvania received a sentence of 6 down downs for the 6 checks that he was not able to solve, but the sentence was commuted and Joey placed on parole after just 2 down downs.  Girl Scout Nookie drank one for being late to the start.  P*Dicky also was called up for pulling up lame at the start.


Yeungling and Bass kept flowing, the venerable hasher Saint showed up around 9PM for an after swim beverage or two, and intimate Brooklyn hash number 387 quietly entered the history books.


On out, team!