Receding Hareline (Next 30 Days)

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s)
Trail 98: IndepENDence WE'RE BACK!!!
LIL #99
Start: Register HERE through HashRego Pre-Lube/Start: McBrides Pub. 101 Bedford Ave, Bellmore, NY.    
Transit: Transit: LIRR arrive to Bellmore 3:48 PM Depart Penn Station at 2:55pm arrive to Bellmore 3:48 PM, No Transfer. Depart Atlantic Terminal Brooklyn at 2:45pm, Transfer at Jamaica At 3:20 PM, arrive to Bellmore 3:48 PM YOU MUST WEAR A FACE MASK WHEN RIDING THE TRAIN.

1st- Post Pandemic Procedures: Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic didn't just up and disappear, so The Long Island Lunatics Hash House Harriers have some "Guidelines." Those Guidelines being: IF YOU'RE SICK, FEEL SICK, OR HAVE BEEN IN PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS THE COVID-19 VIRUS PLEASE REFRAIN FROM JOINING US. Please practice social distance whenever possible. When unable to practice social distance please wear a face covering. Please wash your hands and/or sanitize your hands before or after coming in contact with others. Due to space, safety and health we're capping attendance at 18. Please register HERE The LIL will bring and provide hand sanitizer. 2nd: The Fun stuff: If you're aware of a PT summer trail you know to bring your bathing suit for there may be water crossing(s) &/or a wet on-in; Hash Cash will be $10. Please send money to the Kap: PayPal:
Patron Taint of the Willing Tongue
Special #165

Stay at home got you feeling down? How about some art therapy with zen master artist Bob Ross!

What you’ll need:

  • to be prelubed
  • memory of a recent r*n outside for nature inspiration
  • any old arts and craft supplies you may have... markers, chalk, glitter and makeup from an old theme hash... (You could also draw a digital picture on a tablet or something)
  • one or more beers! (There will be a secret word that when Bob Ross says it, we all drink.)

Honors will be awarded in our post-lesson virtual gallery walk. And don’t think you lack any artistic talent. Remember, “There are no mistakes... only happy trails accidents!”

Foreign My Twat