Receding Hareline (Next 30 Days)

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s)
Get PeNetr@ted! Epi's Bday BA$H
Special #183
Start: Prospect Park, Zucker Natural Exploration Area GRAND ARMY PLAZA ENTRANCE, go left on East Drive towards the big hill, will be marked and set up there. THIS IS AN A TO A TRAIL NOTE THE EARLY START 1PM!

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The Ole Amityville Halloween Horror Hash
LIL #101
Start: Amityville
Transit: LIRR. Time TBD

IF YOU'RE SICK, FEEL SICK, OR HAVE BEEN IN PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS THE COVID-19 VIRUS PLEASE REFRAIN FROM JOINING US. If you have traveled from a state listed on NYS DOH travel advisory in the last 14 days from the trail please refrain from joining us. Please practice social distancing whenever possible. When unable to maintain a social distance, please wear a face covering. Face Coverings are required in circle. Please wash your hands and/or sanitize your hands before or after coming in contact with others. Due to space, safety and health we're capping attendance at 15. Hand Sanitizer & Gloves will be provided for all hashers attending. It is highly suggested that hashers use them whenever necessary.
Cheeky Bastard
Special #184
Start: Prospect Park near Bartel-Pritchard Square

Some idiots still wanted to r*n a marathon even though it's been canceled this year. Come r*n a full, half, a hash trail or just come and laugh/cheer at everyone.