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NYC #1896
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Brooklyn #1035Sign up to hare!
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GGFM #374
Hare Moon
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🐰🌷Easter Hash🌱🐣
NYC #1897
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Knickerbocker #164
We'll see how everything looks, but there probably will be no trail on this day.
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LIL Trail 98
LIL #98
Start: Postponement Possible Pending Pandemic Protocol
World Health Organization &/or The Center of Disease Control
Wash Your Hands!!!
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Brooklyn #1037420 Committee
New Amsterdam was established on Manhattan Island on this day 395 years ago (maybe?)
NAWW #356
April 22, 1625, the Dutch West India Company voted to erect a fort in the fledgling town. That fort, dubbed Fort Amsterdam, continued to exist in some form well into the 18th century, surviving the American Revolution and ultimately being torn down in 1790 to make way for a promenade. It stood just south of Bowling Green, the city's first park, on the spot where the Alexander Hamilton US Custom House (today's Museum of the American Indian) now stands.
The NAWW Committee
Hash Cash is $24 (The bullshit purchase price for the sale of Manhattan) In 1977 the official seal of NYC was changed from 1664 to 1625 when the English hating City Council president, Paul O'Dwyer, wanted NYC to eliminate Britain from any credit of founding the City. On September 8th 1664 Peter Stuyvesant surrendered New Amsterdam to the British.   NOTE: Your extra Hash Cash gets you a super sweet piece of new Hab!
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The An*al Underwear Run!
Knickerbocker #165
The Knickerbocker Committee!