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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s)
NYC #1958
Start: Balsley Park, 866 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019 (btw w. 56th/ w. 57th)
Transit: A/C/D/B/1 to 59th Columbus Circle, N/Q/R/W to 57th st, citibike dock w. 54th and 9th ave, RUN THERE!

A-A outdoors tiny park extravaganza! bubbler provided, bathrooms not.

london-rules/BYOB, bodegas galore. on-afters and foods of your choice.

potential drink-check

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Check Motherfucker
NAWW #370
Start: Dalehead Arch (Central Park near 63rd and Central Park West). 2pm start!
Transit: A/C or B/D or 1/2 to 59th St Columbus Circle

Bring beer, or buy it on trail
Mandatory Fun & Meow Ja Trois
NYC #1959Sign up to hare!
Lunatics Anal Hash-Pool Party trail
LIL #115
Start: Ridgewood Station Tavern 3231 Sunrise highway, Wantagh, NY 11793
Transit: From Penn: 2:25pm arrives at 3:21pm at Wantagh Station From Atlantic: 2:13pm, then transfer at Jamaica at 2:50pm. Arrives at Wantagh by 3:21pm

Bring a swim suit and a change of clothes there will be a pool at the end!
Patron Taint of the Willing Tongue
Slut's 🍕 Party
Brooklyn #1072
Start: York St. F Station
Transit: F to York St.

A to B. Chicken/Eagle. Better beer. Pizza! Hash-Cash $20
Piece O'Slut
NYC #1960Sign up to hare!
Thunder Moon
GGFM #388
Start: TBD
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⚓ 🚢 return of the Five Borough Pub Crawl ⚓ 🚢
Special #220
Start: TBD but Boats Boats Boats! Bronx Bronx Bronx? We'll see!

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What A C*nt!
NAWW #371Sign up to hare!
NYC #1961Sign up to hare!
Brooklyn #1073Sign up to hare!
NYC #1962Sign up to hare!
NAWW #372Sign up to hare!
Sturgeon Moon
GGFM #389
Start: TBD
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Harvest Moon
GGFM #390
Start: TBD
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Red Dress R*n
NYC #1963
Start: TBA
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Blood Moon
GGFM #391
Start: TBD
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Beaver Moon
GGFM #392
Start: TBD
Catch the total lunar eclipse at 5:59am ET on Tuesday November 8!
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Cold Moon
GGFM #393
Start: TBD
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