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💃 23rd An*l NYC Red Dress R*n - Back to Basics! 💃
NYC #1900
Start: East River Park - Corlear's Hook, Just south of the Amphitheater

Red Dress is On-On! We're keeping this one in the family. Hashers from outside the tri-state area, please sit this one out.


HASH CASH - $6.9 - this will cover ice, coolers, charcoal, getting stuff there and cleanup supplies. Any overage will be donated to this year's charity. Can't afford the hash cash? You can also sign up to be cleanup  crew or a drink checker.

Charity: New York Cares (Want to give extra? Cool! Here's the link.)

What to bring:

  • Bring TWO masks, one for the r*n and one for when that one gets moist and gross. 
  • Bring hand sanitizer, enough for you to use all day. Sanitize BEFORE AND AFTER touching anything anyone else might touch, especially food.
  • BYOB - we recommend bringing TWICE what you expect to drink at a hash. Please avoid glass whenever possible. There is a CVS .5 Miles away that sells beer.
  • We recommend you bring a small personal cooler (padded Trader Joe's bags work great) - we will supply ice. 
  • BYO Food - we are going to try to have a couple of charcoal grills, but we can't guarantee the park rangers won't come yell at us for them. No sharing, except with someone you live with. Don't forget plates/bowls and utensils!
  • Bring a blanket or towel for sitting. 
  • Bring a sweatshirt! It's supposed to get cool.
  • Bring Venmo or cash for haberdashery
  • Wear your red dress - or less than a dress! Duh!

How we're doing it:

  • REGISTER HERE so we can implement contact tracing, should it later become necessary.
  • Social distance. Stay 6 feet away from others. If you want to get closer to someone, get verbal consent before you do so.
  • WEAR A MASK goddammit. Any time you aren't putting something in your mouth, wear a mask that covers both your mouth and your nose. You can get one with the nifty straw hole for less hassle.
  • When you remove your mask to consume, back that ass up. Get at least 6 feet away from others.
  • Community cooler space will be limited, so if you have a cooler bag, bring it! In a pinch we'll have black trash bags. If you wish to use a community cooler, have an easily identifiable collapsible bag and keep your beer/drinks in the bag inside the cooler. 
  • Bathrooms - will be available, but the parks department will close them, probably a long time before we want them to. There are lots of bushes around. Be prepared.
  • Rain plan - in the case of rain, we will move approximately 1/2 mile south, under the FDR.

The NYC Red Dress Committee
What A Cunt!, Piece O'Slut, Foreign My Twat and Johnny Spreadsheet
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