Receding Hareline (Next 60 Days)

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s)
Brooklyn #978
Start: Clark St subway stop on the 2/3 train (outside next to the Citibikes, specifically)
Transit: 2/3 to Clark St, A/C to High St

I promise to charm you with a new, nice, intimate and interesting On In. It will, however, be London Rules (but not for lack of trying - I've exercised LR all of two times in my many years of haring so I've earned it)
Invasion of the Nerds
NAWW #340
Start: Barcade (East Village), 6 St Marks Pl, New York, NY
Transit: 6 to Astor Place, R/W to 8th St, L to 3rd Ave

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Drunksophila masturbator & Placentahontas
Mad Cow Marchness
LIL #85
Start: Bellmore Prelube: McBrides 101 Bedford Ave. Bellmore, NY 11710
Transit: Arrive in Bellmore at 2:48p. From Penn. 1:55P arrive Bellmore 2:48p. From Atlantic Terminal: 1:45p- Transfer Jamaica 2:20p-  arrive Bellmore 2:48p  
Patron Taint of the Willing Tongue
NYC #1840Nerves of Squeal
Brooklyn #979The Bendover
Knickerbocker #148
Spanish Paella Day!, Quentin Tarantino Day!, World Theater Day! and Manatee Appreciation Day!
Hares Needed
Columbia #123
Please join the Columbia University New Traditional Hash House Harriers as we celebrate the 5th Saturday of March! Trail will be shiggy. Trail will be north of 125th Street. You will get laid on trail and roses will grow behind you as you r*n. We will find crash space for visitors.
What a Cunt!
Looking for a cohare to help make this trail extra special!
NYC #1841Drunksophila Masturbator
Looking for co-hare!
Brooklyn #980
Start: Corner of 4th Ave and 1st St
Transit: R to Union St, F/G to 4th Ave-9th St if you fancy a walk
NAWW #341
NAWW #341
Hares Needed
NYC #1842Hares Needed Reach out to Drop a Pin, Slip It In
Brooklyn #981
Start: Probably Metropolitan Ave in Williamsburg.
Six Inches, Ladies
Knickerbocker #149
National Sibling Day, so bring your brother! Especially if he's single and hot!
Hares Needed
LIL Trail 86
LIL #86
Hares Needed
NYC #1843Hares Needed Reach out to Drop a Pin, Slip It In
Brooklyn #982
Please sign up! Talk to a hareraiser
Hares Needed
Amaretto Moon
GGFM #362
Hares Needed
🐰 Easter Hash 🐥
NYC #1844
Jesus can't go hashing, but you can!
Hares Needed Reach out to Drop a Pin, Slip It In
Brooklyn #983Hares Needed
The 7th An*l Great New York City Underwear R*n
Knickerbocker #150
Yes, we run through the City in our underpants!
Knick Committee
Brooklyn #984Hares Needed
Crustacean Moon
GGFM #363
Hares Needed