Receding Hareline (Next 60 Days)

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s)
Brooklyn #991Sign up to hare!
NYC #1853Drunksophila Masturbator
LIL Trail 88: Mermaid Day Trail
LIL #88
Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Meeting place/chalk talk will likely be on the beach, or boardwalk, look for the On-On Flag &/or yell R U to find the pack.
Trail will occur AFTER the Mermaid Parade.
The event start time is when the parade occurs.
Pack will likely be away at 3pm.
Stay Tuned for updates and details.

Transit: The D, F, N, & Q Subway lines will take you to Coney Island. All run from Atlantic Terminal/Barclays Center. If you choose to drive please take note that free parking is very, very, scarce.
Kaptian Hooker &  What a €*nt.
Brooklyn #992Sign up to hare!
🏳️‍🌈 Pride Hash! 🏳️‍🌈
NYC #1854
Momentarily Vertical, Solar Eclits
CU Next Tuesday on Saturday
Columbia #124
Start: Harlem Public, 3612 Broadway at 149th St, Manhattan
Transit: 1 at 145th or A/B/C/D at 145th

A traditionally non-traditional Columbia University New Traditional Hash! Uptown antics and wacky trail guaranteed. Likely outdoor on-in with weenies (vegan weenies too) and jugs (of beer)!
What A C*nt!
Looking for drink checker helpers! Reach me at
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🎆 Independence Day Eve Hash! 🎆
NYC #1855
Start: Uptown Bourbon 3631 Broadway, between 149th and 150th
Transit: 1 to 145th and Broadway, A,C,B,D to 145th and St. Nicholas Ave
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NYC #1856Hares Needed
LIL Trail 89
LIL #89
Hares Needed
Brooklyn #995Sign up to hare!
🎂 Leaky Bladder's Birthday Trail 🎂
NYC #1857
Leaky Bladder
Daiquiri Moon
GGFM #365
It could be you
Five-Borough Pub Crawl (HHH)IV!
Special #143
I think this is the 4th one? I was a little drunk so I can't remember. The earliest one I could find on the hareline was in 2015, except for a weird 2006 thing where Splat did one the DAY BEFORE THE MARATHON (wtf?).

Aaaanyway, cum one, cum all to the An*l 5 Borough Pub Crawl, once again your Mattress of Ceremonies will be What A C*nt!, whether you like it or not. The beer will be f*king great, the bars will be f*king great, and there will probably again be boats, Boats, BOATS! Stay for all 5 boroughs and win a patch!
What A C*nt! (intrepidsquirrel at
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Brooklyn #999Sign up to hare!
The 22nd An*l NYC Red Dress R*n
NYC #1858
NYC Red Dress Save the Date September 14 2019
The 2019 RDR Committee