Receding Hareline (Next 60 Days)

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s)
LIL Trail 91: Laid From Long Island It’s Leftovers
LIL #91
Start: Valley Stream Prelube: Rail Road Inn, 151 S Franklin Ave, Valley Stream, NY
Transit: Arrive Valley Stream: 3:19p 2:43p From Penn (no Jamaica Transfer) 2:42p From Atlantic Terminal Bk, Jamaica Transfer @ 3:03 for the Long Beach bound train, Arrive Valley Stream: 3:19p
Frankie Laid Wrong
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NASS #252
Start: Eastern Side of Thomas Moylan Park, Brooklyn
Transit: Broadway Junction on A, C, J, Z. Please note that the L is not running.
Mile High Cherry Pie and Just Christine
Two Birthdays? Two Birthdays
NYC #1869
Your hares have decided to gift you with a sub-par trail to commemorate their trip around the sun
Drunksophila & Drop a Pin, Slip It In
NYC #1870Sign up to hare!
NYC #1871Sign up to hare!
NYC #1872
NYC Back to Sundays!
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NAWW #343
First NAWW of the season!
LIL Trail 92
LIL #92
Cheeky Bastard
NYC #1873Sign up to hare!
Knickerbocker #152
First Knick of the season!
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Gourd Moon
GGFM #368
Halloween. More spooky. (Note this is a THURSDAY!)
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Raisin Moon
GGFM #369
Yup, Sixty-nine! Plus another digit no one cares about. Less Spooky. Still good.
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