Receding Hareline (Next 60 Days)

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s)
Beer Moon
GGFM #356
Start: Gramercy Ale House 272 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10010 (3rd Avenue b/w 22nd St and 23rd St)
Transit: 6 to 23rd Street, R/W to 23rd Street

It's your Red Dress PreLube Pub Crawl, and we have an important milestone BIRTHDAY to celebrate - Red Dress Turns 21! Bring your birthday tiara (and spare liver), because we're planning one hecking good traipse around town, downing beers and booze and pickle-backs like only a 21-year-old can, until we can't take it any longer (or your hare passes out).  Trail will be marked from bar to bar, and we'll update Facebook and the hotline as we go (+/- 20-30 min. per bar).  Cheers!
GGFM Committee!
21st Anniversary NYC Red Dress R*n
Special #127
Start: Lucky Jack's, 129 Orchard St (between Rivington and Delancey)  
Transit: F to Delancy St. J / M / Z to Essex St.

Red Dress Run 2018

A-to-A R*n; 2pm makeup; 3pm start. Come out in your finest red dress for a day and night filled with beer, food, drunken debauchery, dancing, fabulous prizes and giveaways ( while supplies last )!

PRE-REGISTRATION for $ 40 available now. Sign up now! We need an accurate count on how many are going to attend. Don't get stuck paying more without preregistering.

CLICK HERE! Sign up now and pay $40 at the door.
Jeter Eater, What a Cunt, Lexi's Bitch, Coneylingus
NASS Does Red Dress Recovery R*n
Special #128
Start: GREENPOINT BEER & ALE, 7N 15th Street, Brooklyn, NY ....... A to A trail. Stumble out of bed the day after Red Dress and meet us for a Recovery R*n and Brunch. You're on your own for food and beer.
Transit: G train to Nassau Avenue

Set your alarm, 1PM START. Please note Weekend track maintenance: For those coming from Court Square to Nassau Ave. shuttle buses are replacing trains from Court Square to Nassau. G Train runs fine for the rest of the G train line. If you don't want to use the G it's a 3/4 mile walk from Bedford Ave on the L train.
Brooklyn #953
Start: Kimoto Sushi 216 Duffield Street (26th Floor of A-Loft hotel)
Transit: A/C/F/N/R to Jay St - Metrotech B/Q to DeKalb G to Hoyt-Schemerhorn 2/3 to Hoyt Street 4/5 to Borough Hall...Really just whatever train you want.
Prairie Dog'n
NYC #1814
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD
Long Time Cumming
Columbia #120Pandamonium and Jolly Green Jizzer
Brooklyn #954Hares Needed
NYC #1815
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD
Drop a Pin, Slip It In & Just Lee
Queens Black Knights #64Hares Needed
NASS #247Hares Needed
Brooklyn #955Hares Needed
NYC #1816
Last NYC Wednesday Hash Before Switching to Sundays
Hares Needed
Columbia #121Hares Needed
NYC #1817
NYC Hash Back to Sundays
Hares Needed
Brooklyn #956Hares Needed
First NAWW of the Season!
NAWW #329
Hares Needed
NYC #1818Hares Needed
Brooklyn #957Hares Needed
First Knick of the Season!
Knickerbocker #138
Hares Needed
LIL #80Hares Needed
NYC #1819Hares Needed
NYC Marathon Day Hash
NYC #1820
Start: R*n start and mile 23 beer stop location: NW corner of 96th St and 5th Ave
Transit: 6 train to 96th St

Note 10:00AM start time; don't forget to change your clocks!! Hash cash for the full day will be $25 ($5 if just at 96th st, $20 if just at on-in). On After: THE PARLOUR: 250 W 86th St. Transit: Run the NYC marathon and walk from the finish line, or walk across Central Park from the beer stop and walk/bike/take the 1 train to 86th st.
Foreign My Twat, Coneylingus and lots of volunteers
Queens Black Knights #65Hares Needed
CUNTH3 Goes To Philly!
Columbia #122
Start: Philly throws a great 4 day event.  Go for all 4 days or just Saturday for the main event.  Rego under CUNTH3 so we win the trophy!!! REGO HERE!!!
Transit: Greyhound is a great option, it's fast and cheap...just like your mom!