Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers


Founded by Wet Connection, Noah’s Dinghy and Mean Jean the Down-down Machine in January 2009 in response to the ever increasing need of NYC hashers to always have something to do.  Sadly, the Knickerbocker was laid to rest in May of 2012.

Then one fateful night in October of 2012, something rose from within the Knickerbocker, with a need so great it throbbed and pulsed.  That need was born out of having nothing better to do on a Wednesday night and a blatant disregard for the possibility of drinking at a bar without all the complicated mess of hashing to get there.  What A C*nt!, seeing that nobody else was going to take care of this problem, took it upon herself to raise that which had lain dormant.  Employing the help of a gay man, two hot chicks and Cheeky Bastard, she vowed to make whatever strokes necessary to keep it up until its climax in the spring.

The mismanagement of the Knick then became centered around the idea that Wednesday hashes should be simple and easy to get to (hello, downtown Manhattan!), and should employ the use of many songs and lots of bare butts.  The season culminates in the Knick’s only special event, the “Knickerbocker in your Knickers,” just for folks who’ve always dreamed about r*nning around Manhattan in their underwear.


The Knickerbocker H3 runs every other Wednesday (alternating with the NAWW) during the winter months, from October to April.

To hare for the Knick, contact our Hare-raiser, What a C*nt!.

Receding Hareline (All Past Hashes)

Never hashed? Wondering what this is all about? Click here...

Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s) OnIn
The 8th An*al Underwear Run & Virtual Cock Tail Contest
Knickerbocker #165
Start: Wherever the heck you are now
Lose the pants, put on your fanciest knickers and make us a goddamn beverage. Submit your beverages to the judges here:

Rules/point system posted on the form. Early submissions are eligible. The winner/s will receive something special they can consume, plus a roll of toilet paper*!
*provided I can afford the shipping

6:00p – Zoom Prelube
7:00p – Clap!
7:03-8 – R*n!
8:00 – back to Zoom for Cocktail reviews and circle

Meeting ID: 833 3042 6073
Password: underpants

OPTIONAL: hash cash benefits NYC workers who cannot benefit from unemployment or other government benefits! $20 recommended donation, but totally optional and up to you how much!

On-In: Wherever the heck you wind up after mixing and drinking your cocktail

YouWherever the heck you wind up after mixing and drinking your cocktail
Knicks Like It In the Kitchen
Knickerbocker #164
Start: Zoom link
Pants-optional cooking show! Put on your second-best knickers (save your best for April 29th!) and bring something to cook or something you made all by yourself, you big kid you. Your r*n challenge: draw the shape of the main ingredient of whatever you're cooking with your trail and share here:

Circle @ 8:15p

On-In: On-in Zoom link

You!On-in Zoom link
Virtual hash goes to the zoo!
Knickerbocker #163
Start: Zoom link: 628-972-810
Transit: wi-fi to empty Times Square

Prelube starts at 6:00, circle starts at 8:30. The Knickerbocker hash goes to the zoo! Dress like any animal or person you might find at the zoo. You can even come dressed as a hairless monkey!


What A C*nt!
NYC Distributed Hash #1
Knickerbocker #162
Start: [Download "ZOOM Cloud Meetings" for your phone]
Transit: [Head somewhere near your place where you can start your run, join the Video Chat from your phone]

A virtual hash! Prelube starts in VC at 6:45, run your own trail starting at 7:15.  Circle starts in VC at 8:30.

On-In: Video Chat from your Apartment!

You!Video Chat from your Apartment!
National Procrastination Week Trail
Knickerbocker #161
Start: Flannery's Bar
205 W 14th St @ 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011
Transit: 1/2/3/A/C/E to 14th Street

National Procrastination Week is a real thing, as evidenced by Wikipedia!
Yes, it's last minute, but what else are you going to do on a Wednesday that will be as cheap or half as fun? Plus it's warm out and Accuweather says the rain is procrastinating too and won't get off its ass until after trail.
Latecummers are welcome during NPW! They get the privilege of running with their bags and catching up to the pack! They might even get a shortcut option if the hare has time to create one. Definitely the most phoned-in trail of the year, guaranteed! True Trail will be 3-4.

On-In: Probably Otto's Shrunken Head, but honestly you're gonna have to check the hotline because I put it

What A Cunt!Probably Otto's Shrunken Head, but honestly you're gonna have to check the hotline because I put it
Knickerbocker #160
Start: Peculier Pub, 145 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012
Transit: A/C/E/B/D/F/M to West 4th, 6 to Bleecker

Non-Pizza Food! Plentiful Beer at On-In!
Drop a Pin, Slip It In
World Nutella Day
Knickerbocker #159
Start: D.B.A. 41 1st Avenue btw 2nd/3rd sts
Transit: F to 2nd Ave, 6 to Bleecker, B/D/M to Broadway-Lafayette

It's World Nutella Day! Let's put some hazel nut spread in our mouths!

On-In: Not given by hare

Hobodega & Love CanalNot given by hare
National Library Shelfie Day
Knickerbocker #158
Start: New York Public Library Flagship Branch 476 5th Ave (at 41st Street) Meet on the steps near the lions.
Urban Sprawl
Wanky Wonky's Chalkolate Factory
Knickerbocker #157
Start: Whiskey Trader 71 W 55th St (at 6th Ave)
Transit: F/N/Q/R/W to 57th Street or E/M to 53rd St

Bring a headlamp, kids! Let's break out the Scotch and the golf socks, 'cause it's National Argyle Day!
Wanky Wonky
Just Kyra's Virgin Lay!
Knickerbocker #156
Start: Drop Off Service, 211 Avenue A, New York, NY
Transit: L to 1st Ave
Just Kyra

Foreign My Twat as Supporting Actress
Thanksgiving Orphans' Hash!
Knickerbocker #155
Start: Harlem Wine Bar, Broadway and 141st
Transit: 1 to 137th St
National Bandana Day
Knickerbocker #154
Transit: 4/5/6 to 59th Street, N/W/R to 59th Street

Bring: A cranium lamp.   ***FREE BANDANA!***

On-In: Reif's Bar, 302 E 92nd Street

I-Feel Tower & 2nd CummingReif's Bar, 302 E 92nd Street
GGFM / Knickerbocker Halloween!
Knickerbocker #153
Start: One Star 147 W 24th Street
Transit: 1 or F/M to 23rd Street

(Note this is a THURSDAY!)

On-In: One Star One Star Wednesday
October 16
7:00 pm

First Knick of the year!
Knickerbocker #152
Start: One Mile House, Delancey between Bowery and Chrystie

On-In: Offside Tavern, 14th St between 6th and 7th Aves

Just Gracie and The Knickerbocker Committee!Offside Tavern, 14th St between 6th and 7th Aves
The 7th An*l Great New York City Underwear R*n
Knickerbocker #151
Start: Johnny Utah's, 51st St between 5th and 6th Aves
Transit: B/D/F to Rockefeller Center, 1/2 to 50th St, N/Q/R/W to 49th St

Yes, we run through the City in our underpants!

On-In: One and One (downstairs), 1st St and 1st Ave

The Knickerbocker CommitteeOne and One (downstairs), 1st St and 1st Ave
Knickerbocker #149
Start: Previti Pizza, 123 E 41st St (yes, a real address, and there is beer there)
Transit: 4/5/6/7/S/Metro-North to 42nd St/Grand Central

National Sibling Day, so bring your brother! Especially if he's single and hot!
Cheeky Bastard
Live trail - bag hag needed!
Knickerbocker #148
Start: 3 Sheets Saloon, 134 W 3rd by 6th Ave
Transit: A/C/E, B/D/F/M to West 4th St.

On-In: Triona's, Sullivan and W 3rd St

Momentarily VerticalTriona's, Sullivan and W 3rd St
Ides of March Toga Hash
Knickerbocker #147
Start: Down the Hatch, 179 W 4th St
Transit: A/C/E, B/D/F/M to W 4th St

Wear a toga!  Or a sheet that can approximate one!
Bag hag needed! Drink checker wanted! Contact Sheetstorm or Mandatory Fun
Polar Bear Day/Kahlua Day/No-Brainer Day
Knickerbocker #146
Start: NYRR Runcenter, 320 West 57th Street, Ground Floor
Transit: A/C/B/D/1 to 59th St-Columbus Circle or N/Q/R/W to 57th St

These are all real holidays! It's a no-brainer, you should reach into your inner polar bear and brave the winter to come to the hash and have some Kahlua!
What a C*nt! (for real)
I Heart NYC Hashing Day
Knickerbocker #150
Start: Draught 55, 245 E 55th St, west of 2nd Ave
Transit: 4, 5, 6, N, R, W to 59th/Lex, E, M to 53rd/3rd, F, Q  to Lex/63rd

No, this is NOT a real holiday. It's an opportunity for you to come out and show the hash some love! Wear pink and read and hearts and all your love beads. Sparkles encouraged! Come have a nice love-ful r*n and then snuggle with your buddies in a cozy place with yummy heart-shaped beer and a box of tasty chocolates bar food!
Song of the week: Finger in Your Ear
Geordi La Foreskin & Cums Faster Than Men
Trail is A->A. Bring a cranium-lamp and a MetroCard!
National Croissant Day
Knickerbocker #145
Start: McKenna’s Pub
Transit: L Train Baby!  West most station. Also, A, C, E, F, M, 1, 2, 3

There will be croissants at the on-in.  This is a real holiday!
Just Elizabeth (Virgin Lay), Check Mother F*@&$# and Metrosweatual
They Upended Their Lives to Avoid the L Train Shutdown. Then There Was No Shutdown.
No Sleep till ...
Knickerbocker #144
Start: Whiskey Tavern, 79 Baxter St A, New York, NY 10013
Transit: N,Q,R,W,4,6,J,Z Canal 1,2 Franklin B,D Grand F East Broadway

There will be a drink check!
Cum on Moses and Metrosweatual
Knickerbocker #143
Start: McSwiggan's, 2nd Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Street
Transit: 6 or L (of course)

Live trail likely
Mystery Hare
National Look For an Evergreen Day
Knickerbocker #142
Start: Rudy's, 9th Ave between 44th/45th
Transit: A/C/E/1/2/3/N/Q/R/W/S to 42nd St/Times Square

It's a real holiday, sort of!

On-In: Radio Amsterdam

Mandatory FunRadio Amsterdam
L Train Memorial, Take Two
Knickerbocker #141
Start: Beer Karma, 470 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Transit: L to Lorimer St

The End of the L is nigh!! In fact, it's ending right around the same time as this Knickerbocker season, so let's go raise some L while we still can! I promise not to put you on the subway, maybe!
What A Cunt!
Beer Checker Helper wanted! email the C**t
Thanksgiving Orphans Hash
Knickerbocker #140
Start: The Craftsman on Broadway between 123rd & 124th
The Ultimate and Penultimate Pizza Hash
Knickerbocker #139
Start: 5 Napkin Burger 150 East 14th Street
Transit: 4,5,6,N,R,Q to Union Square or L to 3rd ave.

Pizza from the three greatest pizzerias on the planet will be served with beer on trail!  Expect to pay hash cash at the start and to have two pizza and beer stops.  Trail is not long and great for marathon recovery.
Just Christine, Rapunzel, and Metrosweatual
At the ON-IN, the Hares will accept praise for this culinary masterpiece and there might even be a salad. Bring ID for on in!
First Knick of the Season!
Knickerbocker #138
Start: Flannerys Bar, 205 W 14th St (near 7th Ave)  
Transit: A/C/E/L to 14th St/8th Ave, 1/2/3 to 14th St/7th Ave, F/M to 14th St/6th Ave

On-In: Iggy's Keltic Lounge, 132 Ludlow St (near Rivington)&a

The Knickerbocker CommitteeIggy's Keltic Lounge, 132 Ludlow St (near Rivington)&a
5th An*al Underwear Run!
Knickerbocker #137
Start: The White Horse Tavern (Financial District), 25 Bridge St
Transit: 1/2 to South Ferry, 4/5 to Bowling Green

Celebrate the Knickbocker season finale by running around in your 'knickers'! RSVP at Meetup. Consider bringing a change of underwear in case weather is bad.
The Knickerbocker Committee!
Knickerbocker #136
Start: The Library 🤓 📚 7 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009
Transit: F/M to 2nd Ave

After 26 years in the city, Cosmo is finally making her way out of the city and onto the West Coast ☀. Please come out to help her say "See ya later"👋🏼 before she heads off on her not-so-Foreign adventure. As per usual, the food will be vegetarian/vegan friendly 🌱, there will be at least one drink check 🍸, and your hares will have a particularly shitty trail emphasizing all the bits that would make a girl want to move 2,000 miles away💩.

Please bring a fashionable outfit to change into post-run, a la Cosmo👗. Be creative...

On-In: Double Down Saloon

Cosmopolitits ❤ & Foreign My Twat 👌🏼Double Down Saloon
Knickerbocker #135
Start: Trailer Park Lounge, 271 W 23rd at 8th Ave
Transit: C/E to 23rd St, 1 to 23rd St
Sheet Storm
Togas n' Pis
Knickerbocker #134
Start: Barcelona Bar 923 8th Ave
Transit: N/Q/R/W to 57th St or A/B/C/D/1 to 59th St/Columbus Circle

The ides have it: The Toga Hash is back. Hash for democracy! Hash for philosophy! Hash like Dionysus told you where to find the beer! Hash like you left your pants in a Grecian bank! Also bring your circular toga. Hash for pi.
Gag'em Style & Cum Test Dummy
Knickerbocker #133
Start: Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Cafe, 901 Broadway
Transit: N/R/Q/W/4/5/6/L to 14th Street - Union Square
Cheeky Bastard
[Actual] Valentine's Day hash!
Knickerbocker #132
Start: Nassau Bar, 118 Nassau St.
Transit: A/C/J/Z/2/3/4/5 to Fulton, R/W to City Hall
Mandatory Fun
Knickerbocker #131
Start: Reif's Tavern, 302 E 92nd St, New York, NY 10128
Transit: 4, 6 to 96th Street or Q to 96th Street

Headlamps might be a good idea da
Turd Dimension
Hamilton Hash!
Knickerbocker #130
Start: Harlem Public, 3612 Broadway
Transit: A/B/C/D to 145th, 1 to 145th

There WILL be off-road action. Headlamps highly recommended! Meetup RSVP Here!
Idle Handjobs
Underwear as Outerwear!
Knickerbocker #129
Start: Offside Tavern (formerly Bunga's Den)
137 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011
Transit: A/C/E/2/3/F/M to 14th St

Bikini cut, boyshort or thong, put those panties on over your running tights, 'cause it's JANUARY! Time to welcome the coldest months of hashing by strapping something lacy and complicated on over your warmest winter gear.

Why the F would you want to wear undies over your clothes? Because MORE FUN MORE FUN MORE FUN! And if you participate, you get a special prize!

Prelube 6:30, pack away 7:15

Ideas: Bras over jackets, thongs over shorts. Accessorize your favorite girdle with gloves and a scarf. Put on your weird sexy pantyhose over your running tights. Babydolls, bodystockings or boxer shorts make great additions to any ensemble, especially when paired with a hat made from shapewear.

On-In: Offside Tavern

What a C*nt!Offside Tavern
Knickerbocker #128
Start: Coliseum, 312 W 58th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues
Transit: 1/2/A/B/C/D to Columbus Circle, N/Q/R/W to 57th St

It gets dark early - consider headlamps!
Knickerbocker #127
Start: Lederhosen, Grove St and Bleecker
Transit: 1/2 to Christopher St, B/D/F/M/A/C/E to W 4th St

It gets dark early - consider headlamps!
Epi-Penetrated and Jersey Steamer
Thanksgiving Orphans' Hash
Knickerbocker #126
Start: Picante, 139th and Broadway
Transit: 1 to 137th, BD to 145th
Knickerbocker #125
Start: The Weir, 1672 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10128
Transit: Q, 4, 5, 6, train to 96th Street

Out with the old, in with the new! Join us as we say buh bye to the old Knick committee and oh heeeey to the new! We'll also be saying adios to Cosmo's 25th year on this earth and hello to a whole new year of drunken mistakes and blackout shenanigans. Expect a piñata (his name is Guillermo) & 2 drink checks (yum yum!). CUM OUT, WONTCHA? 🙂 Headlamps highly suggested & BRING YOUR ID'S ON TRAIL!
Cosmopolitits + committee friends <3
Knickerbocker #124
Start: Triona's, 237 Sullivan St
Transit: A/C/E, B/D/F/M to W 4th St
Hail Me a Hackjob
Season Opener!
Knickerbocker #123
Start: Nassau Bar, 118 Nassau St (btwn Ann and Beekman)
Transit: Fulton St (A, C, J, Z, 2, 3, 4, 5), Courtland St (R, W)

On-In: Reade Street Pub & Kitchen, 135 Reade St

The Knickerbocker Committee! (in part)Reade Street Pub & Kitchen, 135 Reade St
5th An*al Underwear Run!
Knickerbocker #122
Start: 169 Bar, 169 E Broadway near Essex
Transit: F to East Broadway, B/D to Grand St

A trail worth hauling your partially bare buns all the way from Cleveland!

On-In: Local 138, Ludlow btw Stanton and Rivington

The Knickerbocker CommitteeLocal 138, Ludlow btw Stanton and Rivington
Knickerbocker #121
Start: Desmond's Tavern, Park Ave and 30th St
Transit: 6 to 28th St, R/W to 28th Sth

On-In: Offside Tavern, 14th St btw 6th & 7th Aves

Young and the WristlessOffside Tavern, 14th St btw 6th & 7th Aves
National Beer Day Hash!
Knickerbocker #120
Start: Rudy's, 9th Ave and 44th St
Transit: 1/2/3, A/C/E, N/Q/R/W to Times Square

Celebrate National Beer Day two days early!

On-In: One Star

Mandatory FunOne Star
Topless Barbie's Topless Hashstravaganza!
Knickerbocker #119
Start: Subway Inn, 1140 2nd Av (at 60th St)
Transit: 4/5/6/N/R/W to Lex & 59th; F/Q to Lex & 63rd; E/M to Lex & 53rd; Roosevelt Island Tram

Shirts optional. It's National Goof Off Day, but there's no real joke there.

On-In: American Trash, 1st Ave & 77th St.

Topless Barbie & Solar Eclits
Bring a MetroCard, you may need it!
American Trash, 1st Ave & 77th St.
International (Working) Women's Day Hash
Knickerbocker #118
Start: Lederhosen, 39 Grove Street
Transit: Christopher Street on the 1

Seriously, it's international working women's day. Dress like a working girl and win a prize!

On-In: Somewhere in Hoboken

Just Yuriy and Cheeky BastardSomewhere in Hoboken
Bring Out Your Virgins Hash
Knickerbocker #117
Start: Patriot Saloon, 110 Chambers St
Transit: 1/2/3/A/C to Chambers St, 4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall

February is National Cherry Month, so bring a virgin and pop one at the Knick today!
Ice Ice Pussy and Solar Eclits
National Boy Scout Day Hash!
Knickerbocker #116
Start: Blind Tiger Ale House, 281 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014
Transit: A/C/E/B/D/F/M to W 4th, 1 to Christopher St - Sheridan Sq, PATH to Christopher St... JFGI

Merit Badge Challenge??

On-In: Grassroots Tavern, St. Mark's btw 2nd & 3rd Aves

Two Surprise hares!Grassroots Tavern, St. Mark's btw 2nd & 3rd Aves
Opposite Day Hash!
Knickerbocker #115
Start: Wood and Ales, 234 W 14th St
Transit: A/C/E to 14th Street, L to 8th Avenue, 1/2/3 to 14th Street

Note: There will be gluten-free and vegan pizza options!
Idle Handjobs
HMITPITW's farewell hash!
Knickerbocker #114
Start: Valhalla, 9th Ave and 54th St
Transit: C/E @ 50th St; N/Q/R @ 57th St; A/B/C/D @ Columbus Circle

Pronounce HMITPITW out loud correctly and you win a prize!
How Much Is That Penis In The Window
What a Knickerbocker!
Knickerbocker #113
Start: Bling Tiger Ale House, 281 Bleecker St (near 7th Ave S)
Transit: A/C/E/B/D/F/M to W 4th St, 1 to Christopher St

On-In: Somewhere Rad

Krispy Kringle and Zeno's PairadicksSomewhere Rad
Knickerbocker #112
Start: Johnny's Bar 90 Greenwich Avenue (at 12th Street)  
Transit: A, C, E, to 14th St.;  L to 8th Ave.; 1, 2, 3, F, M to 14th St.

On-In: One Star  -147 W. 24th St. (between sixth and seventh aves.)

Momentarily Vertical & ConeylingusOne Star  -147 W. 24th St. (between sixth and seventh aves.)
Knickerbocker #111
Start: Dive Bar, Amsterdam and 96th St
Transit: 1/2/3, B/C to 96th St

C*ms Faster Than Men , Just Bryan, Coneylingus BRING CRANIUM LAMPS!
Knickerbocker #110
Start: Carlow East, 1254 Lexington Ave (near 85th)
Transit: 4/5/6 to 86th St
No Conditions Apply and Dogface
Knickerbocker Season Opener!
Knickerbocker #109
Start: Flannery's Bar, 14th St and 7th Ave
Transit: 1/2/3 to 14th St, L to 6th Ave, A/C/E to 14th St/8th Ave, F/M to 14th St/6th Ave
The Knickerbocker Committee
Knickerbocker Season Opener!
Knickerbocker #108
Start: Blarney Rock, 137 33rd Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues)
Transit: BDFMNQR to Herald Square ACE123 to Penn Station
Gag'Em Style
4th An*al Underwear R*n!
Knickerbocker #107
Start: The Subway Inn, 1140 2nd Ave
NOTE: This bar has moved since last we were there.
Transit: N, Q, R to Lexington/59th, 4, 5, 6 to same.
The Knickerbocker Committee
It's the 4:20 hash!
Knickerbocker #106
Start: Changed due to Fontana's being, um, closed
Attaboy 134 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002
Transit: J/Z to Bowery or Delancey, 6 to Spring, B/D to Grand, F to 2nd Ave. Your options are wide open.
Drug Bust and Turd Dimension
L I V E T R A I L !
Knickerbocker #105
Start: Johnny Utah's (51st St between 5th and 6th Aves).
Transit: B/D/F/M to 47-50th Sts/Rockefeller Center, or E/M to 5th Ave-53rd St

2 BAG HAGS NEEDED ! Please with cherries on top. BRING YOUR CRANIUM LAMPS !
Cums Faster Than Men, Just Bryan & Coneylingus.
Just Bryan's virgin lay! Please Bring Headlamps! DRINK CHECK !!!!
Knickerbocker #104
Start: Earl's Beer and Cheese (97th St and Park Ave)
Transit: 4/5 to 86th St, 6 to 96th St

Bring head lamps! Also, there will be non-pizza food!
Topless Barbie and Just Diane
Just Diane's Virgin Lay!
Knickerbocker #103
Start: Dive Bar (Amsterdam Ave at 96th St)
Transit: 1/2/3/B/C to 96th St
Cum Test Dummy
Knickerbocker #102
Start: Reif's Tavern, 92nd St and 2nd Ave
Transit: 6 to 96th St, 4/5 to 86th St

On-In: Reif's Tavern, 92nd St and 2nd Ave

LunchReif's Tavern, 92nd St and 2nd Ave
Knickerbocker #101
Start: Woodrow's (43 Murray St)
Transit: 2/3 to Park Pl, A/C/E to Chambers St, R to City Hall
Nice Mugs and Ditch Sucker
Knickerbocker #100
Start: The Patriot, 110 Chambers St
Transit: 1/2/3/A/C to Chambers St, or R to City Hall

Knickerbocker #100!  Just Sam's virgin lay! Walkers welcome! There will be walker, chicken and eagle trails.
Just Sam and Coneylingus
Knickerbocker #99
Start: Tortilla Flats, 767 Washington St, NYC (near W 12th St)
Transit: L to 8th Ave, A/C/E to 14th, 1/2/3 to 14th
How Long Is It and Cum on Moses
Knickerbocker #98
Start: The Iron Horse. 32 Cliff St
Transit: A,C,2,3,4,5,J,Z To Fulton St
Turd Dimension and
A Little Dirty
Knickerbocker #97
Start: The Three Monkeys, 236 W 54th St (between Broadway and 8th)
Transit: A/C/E to 50th St, B/C/D/N/Q/R to 7th Ave

Squirty Dancing's birthday hash!

On-In: Reif's Tavern

Rapunzel and Mandatory FunReif's Tavern
Knickerbocker #96
Start: Milano's Bar, Houston between Mott and Mulberry
Transit: B/D/F/M to Broadway/Lafayette, 6 to Bleecker St, J/Z to Bowery
Just Anuj and Squirty Dancing
Knickerbocker #95
Start: Tempest Bar, 407 8th Avenue, between 30th and 31st Streets
Transit: A/C/E to 34th St, 1 to 28th St, B/D/F/M/N/Q/R to 34th St Herald Square
Krispy Kringle and Topless Barbie
Knickerbocker #94
Start: Triona's (on Sullivan), 237 Sullivan St
Transit: A/B/C/D/E/F/M to W 4th St
Metrosweatual and Just Dave
Back to the Future 2 Hash!
Knickerbocker #93
Start: Desmond's Tavern, 433 Park Ave S (b/t 29th and 30th St)
Transit: 6 / N / R to 28th St

Great Scott! It's finally that day in the future! There will be a prize for best BTTF costume! (any movie)
Frank LLayd Wrong, Surprise! I'm Illiterate and Mandatory Fun
Help needed: bag hag, drink check, dressing as Biff
Winter Inaugural Hash
Knickerbocker #92
Start: Flight 151, 151 8th Ave
Transit: A,C,E,L to 14th St and 8th Ave

There will be non-pizza food!
The Knickerbocker Committee!
3rd Anal Underwear R*n!
Knickerbocker #91
Start: The Patriot 110 Chambers St (at Church St)
Transit: 1/2/3, A/C to Chambers St Invade the streets of Manhattan just like always, except this time show some thigh!  Blow them away with your boyshorts!  Tittilate them with your tighty-whities!  Knock 'em out with your knickers!  Thongs are okay, Speedo, and shirts are optional (butt recommended).  If you're feeling bashful, I guess you could wear tights underneath (butt we'll make fun of you).  Fantastic, private-ish on-in party to follow, so tell your boss you'll be late on Thursday.  Pants are for squares. Haberdashery! You'll get a techy shirt to prove you did it and have the option to by a super-cool, super-comfy Knick hoodie. DRINK CHECK HELPERS NEEDED please email Ms. C*nt! if interested

On-In: One and One, 1st Avenue and 1st Street

What a C*nt!One and One, 1st Avenue and 1st Street
Knickerbocker #90
Start: Whitehorse Tavern, 25 Bridge St, Financial District
Transit: 1 to South Ferry, 4/5 to Bowling Green, N/R to Whitehall St

NOTE: The start changed since its initial posting!

On-In: The Iron Horse

Bolly WoodlessThe Iron Horse
Knickerbocker #89
Start: American Trash, 1st ave and 77th street
Transit: 6 to 77th

There will be two drink checks! Trail will be partially live! The hares recommend that you wear shiggy socks and bring a headlight.

On-In: American Trash

Topless Barbie and Cum Test DummyAmerican Trash
Knickerbocker #88
Start: Merrion, 1840 2nd Ave, 95th and 2nd.
Transit: 6 Train to 96th Street.

On-In: Mouthful of Gu's apartment, 106th(?) btw 1st & 2nd Ave

Mouthful of GuMouthful of Gu's apartment, 106th(?) btw 1st & 2nd Ave
Knickerbocker #87
Start: McKenna's Pub, 14th St and 8th Ave
Transit: 1/2/3/A/C/E to 14th St, L to 8th Ave

On-In: Triona's, 237 Sullivan Street

Just Ken and Spank the PlankTriona's, 237 Sullivan Street
Knickerbocker #86
Start: Gabby O'Hara's, 123 West 39th Street
Transit: 1/2/3/N/Q/R or B/D/F/M to 42nd St
Just Ernesto
Long Underwear / Pajama Hash!
Knickerbocker #85
Start: The Three Monkeys, 236 W 54th street (between Broadway and 8th)
Transit: B/D/E/N/Q/R to 7th Ave, or the 1 to 50th St

Geordi La Foreskin's Birthday Hash!

On-In: McSwiggan's

Cum Test Dummy; Bag hags needed!McSwiggan's
Knickerbocker #84
Start: Greenwich Treehouse, 46 Greenwich Ave
Transit: A/B/C/D/E/F/M to West 4th, or 1/2/3 to 14th St
Krispy Kringle and Mouthful of Gu
Knickerbocker #83
Start: Smithfield Hall (25th St between 6th and 7th Aves)
Transit: N/R to 28th St or 1/C/E to 23rd St

Just Kristi's second-cumming virgin lay!
Just Kristi and Blows in the Park
Christmas Eve Trail
Knickerbocker #82
Start: 14th Street and 4th Avenue, NE corner
Transit: N/Q/R/4/5/6/L to 14th Street-Union Square
Cheeky Bastard
Knickerbocker #81
Start: Kabin, 92 2nd Ave (between 5th and 6th St)
Transit: 6 to Astor Place or Bleecker, NR to 8th St, F to 2nd Ave
Thanksgiving Orphans' Hash!
Knickerbocker #80
Start: Patriot Bar, 110 Chambers St (near Church St)
Transit: 1/2/3/A/C/J/Z to Chambers St, 4/5/6/N/R to City Hall
Fluffy and Fast American Dave
Knickerbocker #79
Start: Bunga's Den, 137 W 14th St (between 6th/7th)
Transit: 1/2/3/A/C/E/F/M/L to 14th St
Mandatory Fun and Just Michelle
Knickerbocker #78
Start: Smith's Bar - 701 8th Ave (at 44th St)
Transit: A/C/E to Port Authority, or 1/2/3/7/ N/Q/R/S to Times Square

Just Justin's Virgin Lay!
Just Justin and Dildo Bag-Gone.
Knickerbocker #77
Start: 169 Bar, 169 E. Broadway @ Essex St
Transit: F train to E. Broadway
The Knick Committee
Knickerbocker #76
Start: One Star Bar, 147 W. 24, 24th between 6/7
Transit: F/M/1/C/E/N/R to 23rd

Come one come all, but don't come in pants. Wear boxers, wear briefs, wear bikinis or boyshorts, and if you have none, granny panties will be available on site. A depantsing ritual will be led at the start by Depantsipation Proclaimation, trail will be hared by the GM herself, WAC! and you get to run through rush hour in your skivvies! Hooray!
The Committee
Knickerbocker #75
Start: Reif's Tavern-- 302 E. 92nd St., 92 between 1/2
Transit: 4/5 to 86, 6 to 96
Mouthful of Gu with Frank Llayd Wrong & Just Mark
Knickerbocker #74
Start: Ryan Maguire's Ale House-- 28 Cliff St
Transit: 2/3/4/5/A/C/J to Fulton Street

Commemorating Bolly Woodless' 1 Year Analversary! $15 Hash cash, cheap bar food on site and healthy, non-bar food closeby.
Bolly Woodless
hAsh Wednesday!
Knickerbocker #73
Start: Soldier McGee, 480 Amsterdam Avenue (at 83rd street)
Transit: 1, B, C to 86th street
Cum Test Dummy
Knickerbocker #72
Start: Abbey Pub-- 237 W. 105th St.
Transit: 1/B/C to 103rd
Turd Dimension & Gag'em Style
Knickerbocker #71
Start: Fetch-- 1649 3rd Ave, between 92/93
Transit: 4/5 to 86th or 6 to 96th
Mouthful of Gu & Just Cindy
Knickerbocker #70
Start: One Star Bar, 147 W. 24th St. (24 between 6/7)
Transit: F/M/1/C/E to 23rd St.
What A C*nt! & Cum Test Dummy
Knickerbocker #69
Start: One Star Bar-- 147 W. 24th St. (24 between 6/7)
Transit: F/M/1 to 23rd

Where will it end?! No idea
Sporadically C*mming's Virgin Lay
with Mouthful of Gu
Knickerbocker #68
Start: Subway Inn-- 143 E 60th St (At Lex)
Transit: 4/5/6/N/Q/R to 59th St., F to 63rd
Bolly Woodless & Just Marta
Thanksgiving Orphans Hash
Knickerbocker #67
Start: The Patriot, 110 Chambers St.
Transit: 1/2/3 or A/C to Chambers St.

Whether you forgot to book a flight for Thanksgiving or your turkey is here in NYC, the Knick has you covered for the pre-game party. Come join Fluffy and the Knick family for an orphan's celebration that will make you glad you don't have to work the next day!
Knickerbocker #66
Start: Bar Nine, 807 9th Ave (9th Ave between 53/54)
Transit: C/E to 50th, 1/A/B/D to 59th
Geordi LaForeskin
Knickerbocker AGM!
Knickerbocker #65
Start: No Idea Bar, 20th btwn Broadway and Park
Transit: 4/5/6/N/Q/R to Union Square

The Knick returns for a triumphant second season under new management! Prizes will be awarded, so bring your nominations from last season's trails for the following: Trail of the Season (best or worst), Drink Check of the Season (best or worst), Knickerbocker Hasher of the Year. R*n with a pair of undies on your head and get a special treat!
The Knick Committee
The Knick in Your Knickers Underwear R*n
Knickerbocker #64
Start: Start: Tobacco Road, Tobacco Road, 355 West 41st St @ 9th Ave
Transit: Transit: A/C/E to 42nd St

You can wear 'em over your pants, on your head, or just by themselves, but tonight your underwear is your outerwear. The on-in will be at a bar, so please consider health code implications when choosing your undergarments, and remember to bring a change of clothes/bathrobe/what-have-you. Fabulous Knickerbocker tech shirts will be available!
The Knick Committee
Knickerbocker #63
Start: & Prelube : Racoon Lounge - 59 Warren st(at W Broadway)
Transit: A/C/1/2/3 to Chambers st ; N/R to City Hall ; 4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge
Geordi La Foreskin & Slutter Speed
Knickerbocker #62
Start: & Prelube : Subway Inn (143 E 60th st)
Transit: 4/5/6 to 59th st; N/Q/R to Lexington
Just Beth (T)
Knickerbocker #61
Start: The Patriot, 110 Chambers St @ Church St
Transit: 1,2,3,A,C,J,Z to Chambers. N,R to City Hall. 4,5,6 to Brooklyn Bridge.
Doggie Erectus & Just Elana
She likes it in the Benjamin's Birthday Hash and Good Bye Hash
Knickerbocker #60
Start: & prelube - Danny & Eddie's - 1643 1st ave (Between 85th & 86th)
Transit: 4/5/6 to 86th st
She likes it in the Benjamin
Knickerbocker #59
Start: Nancy Whiskey Pub - 1 Lispenard st
Transit: A/C/E/N/R to Canal St
New York Cock Exchange
Knickerbocker #58
Start: & Prelube - Subway Inn - 59th st & Lexington Ave
Transit: 4/5/6/N/Q/R to 59th st
Gabe the Babe
Knickerbocker #57
Start: Resevoir Bar - 11th st and University Pl
Transit: 4/5/6/N/Q/R to Union Square

French Bitch's Virgin Lay
Bedmaster & French Bitch
Runs with Seamen's Salty Send-Off
Knickerbocker #56
Start: & Pre-lube : Ace Bar - 531 E 5th Street (between Ave A and Ave B)
Transit: L to 1st ave

Come in your red white & blues, nautical gear or seamen getup (interpret as you will) in honor of runs with Seamen before she is on-out to Afghanistan!
Baby got last, What a C*nt! & just Beth
Mustache Hash
Knickerbocker #55
Start: Prelube/Start: Recovery Room, E 75th Street and 1st Avenue
Transit: 6 train to 77th Street
She Likes It in the Benjamin
Knickerbocker #54
Start: & Prelube : Grassroots Tavern - 20 St. Marks Pl
Transit: 6 to Astor or N/R to NYU
Turd Dimension & A lil Dirty
Knickerbocker #53
Start: Prelube and Start at Bunga's Den, 137 West 14th Street
Transit: F/M/1/2/3 to 14th Street, L to 6th Avenue
She Likes It in the Benjamin and Cheeky Bastard
What a C*nt's Birthday Hash
Knickerbocker #52
Start: & prelube - Whiskey Tavern - 79 Baxter St.
Transit: 6/J/Z/N/Q/R to Canal st
What A C*nt!
Knickerbocker #51
Start: Grassroots Tavern, 20 St. Marks Place
Transit: 6 to Astor Place, N/R to 8 Street

$25 hash cash, A to A trail, special haberdashery!
Noah's Dinghy
Knickerbocker #50
Start: 6th Avenue & 14th Street. Pre Lube: Bungas Den b/w 6th and 7th Aves
Transit: F/M to 14 Street, L to 6 Ave
Pimpy Longstocking
KH3/NAWW Peace Love & Beer Hash
Knickerbocker #49
Start: East 14th Street & Irving Place
Transit: 4/5/6/L/N/Q/R to Union Square
Toga Hash!
Knickerbocker #48
Start: Four Faced Liar, 165 W 4th Street
Transit: A/C/E, B/D/F/M to West 4 St

Grab your bedsheet and celebrate the Ides of March.
Cheeky Bastard
Knickerbocker #47
Start: The pre-lube/start is going to be The Copper Barrel, at 6 Murray St between Broadway & Church
Transit: N,R at City Hall or the A,C at Chambers St.
Speedo Gonzalez
Knickerbocker #46
Start: The Patriot, corner of Church and Chambers
Transit: 1,2,3,A,C to Chambers or N,R to City Hall or 4,5,6, to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall
Knickerbocker #45
Start: Middle of Columbus Circle
Transit: A/C/B/D/1 to 59 Street/Columbus Circle
Devo & Just Karen
Knickerbocker #44
Start: Houston St & Varick St
Transit: 1 to Houston St
Knickerbocker #43
Start: Finnerty's, 2nd Avenue between 13th and 14th Street
Transit: L to 3 Avenue, 4/5/6 to 14 Street
Trips & Balls and Wet Willy
Knickerbocker #42
Start: 14th Street and 5th Avenue
Transit: N/Q/R/4/5/6 to Union Square, F/M to 14 Street
Rack 'n Roll Her & Barf-fly
Knickerbocker #41
Start: Bunga's Den, 137 W 14th St
Transit: 2/3/F/M/L to 14th St
NY C*ck Exchange
Thanksgiving Orphans' R*n
Knickerbocker #40
Start: Church Street and Chambers Street
Transit: A/C, 2/3 to Chambers Street

Prelube at The Patriot
Knickerbocker #39
Start: Mister Wright Liquors, Third Avenue between 89th and 90th Streets
Transit: 4/5/6 to 86 Street
Joe Pennsylvania
The KH3 Returns
Knickerbocker #38
Start: Wall Street & William Street
Transit: 2/3 to Wall Street
Noah's Dinghy
Wet Connection's Birthday Hash & KH3 AGM
Knickerbocker #37
Start: Bunga's Den (137 W 14th Street) (bet 6th & 7th Aves)
Transit: A/C/E/1/2/3 to 14th St
The Committee
Knickerbocker #36
Start: Madison Ave and 26th St
Transit: N/R to 23rd St or 28th St, 6 to 23rd St
Speedo Gonzalez
Knickerbocker #35
Start: Rector St and Greenwich St
Transit: 1/N/R to Rector St, 4/5 to Wall St

Same old trail, new on-in!
Eager For Beaver and Drippy Sac
St Paddy's Day is for Amateurs Hash
Knickerbocker #34
Start: 47th Street and 8th Avenue
Transit: C/E to 50 Street

Prelube at the Blarney Stone, 47th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues
Wet Connection and Mickey Mouth
Knickerbocker #33
Start: Southeast corner of 32nd Street and Broadway
Transit: B, D, F, M, N, Q, R train to 34th Street, Herald Square
Headlights and Technically Foul
Knickerbocker #32
Start: NY Public Library Steps, 41st and 5th
Transit: B/D/F/M to Bryant Park, 7 to Grand Central
Lexi's Bitch, Pimpy Longstocking
Groundhog Day Hash
Knickerbocker #31
Start: SE corner of Union Square
Transit: 4/5/6/L/N/R/Q to Union Square

This will be legendary...
The Committee
Knickerbocker #30
Start: Under the arch in Washington Square Park
Transit: A/C/E, B/D/F/M to W 4 Street

Pimpy's Birthday Week
Pimpy Long Stockings
Knickerbocker #29
Start: Northwest corner of 28th Street and 7th Avenue
Transit: 1 to 28 Street
Copa Cum Bloody and Milf'n'Cookies
Knickerbocker #28
Start: E20th and 3rd
Transit: 6 train to 23rd

Pre Lube at Barfly 20th and 3rd from 6PM
BarfFly and Just Josh
No That's Not My Baby's Birthday Hash
Knickerbocker #27
Start: W66th and Broadway
Transit: 1 train to 66th
No That's Not My Baby and Wet Willy
Annual Orphans R*n
Knickerbocker #26
Start: Church Street & Chambers Street
Transit: A/C/E, 1/2/3 to Chambers Street

Pre-lube at The Patriot
Knickerbocker #25
Start: Merchant's Gate entrance @ Columbus Circle
Transit: 1/2/A/B/C/D to Columbus Circle
Crawl-a-holic and Just Peter
Knickerbocker #24
Start: Astor Place near the Cube
Transit: 6 to Astor Place, N/R to 8 Street
Just Peter Kimball (on the occasion of his 3*th Birthday)
Knickerbocker #23
Start: 32nd St & 7th Ave (aka Madison Square Garden: home of the NY Knicks)
Transit: 1/2/3 to 34th St - Penn Station
The Committee
Knickerbocker #22
Start: Corner of 2nd Ave. and 14th Street
Transit: L to 3rd Ave and walk a block east

Pre-Lube at Finnerty's
The JM's
Knickerbocker #21
Start: 47th Street & 8th Avenue
Transit: A/C/E to 50th St., N/R/W to 47th St.
Wet Connection
Knickerbocker #20
Start: 14th St. and Avenue A
Transit: L to 1st Avenue

Pre-Lube at Otto's Shrunken Head on 14th St between Avenues A and B
FMIG and Trips & Balls
Knickerbocker #19
Start: 110th St. and 7th Ave.
Transit: B/C to 110th or 2/3 to 110th

Flashlights are Recommended!
Tit-Totaller and Fire in the Piehole
Knickerbocker #18
Start: Knickerbocker Cleaners on 54th and 2nd
Transit: 51st - E,V,6 and walk East...
Mickey Mouth and Just Rich
Knickerbocker #17
Start: Mercer St. & Waverly Place (Walk West on E 8th to Mercer and South to Waverly Place)
Transit: R/W to 8th Street or the 6 to Astor Place

Pre-lube at Josie Woods Pub, 11 Waverly Place.
Noah's Dinghy
Knickerbocker #16
Start: Corner of Mott & E. Houston Sts.
Transit: B/D/F/V to Broadway-Layafette St, walk east 1 block to Mott; or 6 to Bleeker St., walk south to Houston and east to Mott.
Junky Monkey
Knickerbocker #15
Start: 40th St & Queens Blvd
Transit: 7 to 40th St

The QH3 Lives!
Terrible Gift Swap Hash
Knickerbocker #14
Start: Warren St. and West Broadway
Transit: 1/2/3/A/C to Chambers

PRE-LUBE:6pm Raccoon Lodge at 59 Warren St. by West Bway. Bring any awful holiday gift you got (or found) and you can attempt to trade it away. Special down-down for the worst gift.
Wet Willy & Jonathan
Knickerbocker #13
Start: Knickerbocker Club on E62nd St. and 5th Ave
Transit: N/R/W to 59th and 5th, F to 63rd and Lex, or 4/5/6 to 59th and Lex
Just Rich And Just Liz
Knickerbocker #12
Start: Church and Chambers Sts.
Transit: A/C or nearby 1/2 to Chambers St.
Knickerbocker #11
Start: 53rd and 3rd
Transit: E-V-6 to Lex and 53rd
Mickey Mouth
Knickerbocker #10
Start: 15th St. And Irving Place
Transit: 456NRQWL To Union Square
Barfly and Dana
Knickerbocker #9
Start: University and 9th St.
Transit: N/R/W to 8th street or 6 to Astor Place
the KH3 Committee
Knickerbocker #8
Start: Flannery's on 14th and 7th Ave, NW Corner
Transit: 1/2/3/F/V to 14th St, L to 6th Ave
The Committee
Knickerbocker #7
Start: Spring St CE Station
Transit: Spring St. CE

B-day R*n
FMIG And The Empress
Knickerbocker #6
Start: SE Corner of Union Square Park
Transit: 4/5/6/Q/R/W/N/L to Union Square
Sorry, What? and Just Laurel
Knickerbocker #5
Start: The Cube (aka the Alamo) at Astor Place
Transit: 6 to Astor Place (also close to the N/R/W on 8th Street)

Hash cash $20 (sorry, its the economy!)
Just Brittany & Just Dave
Knickerbocker #4
Start: E Houston St & Lafayette St (NE Corner)
Transit: B/D/F/V to Broadway-Lafayette; R/W to Prince; 6 to Bleecker
Fire in the Piehole
Knickerbocker #3
Start: 96th and CPW
Transit: A/C to 96th St and CPW

** Free cookies **
Knickerbocker #2
Start: Murray & Church Sts
Transit: A/C/1/2/3 to Chambers St or E to World Trade Center

Pre-lube at Biddy Early's
Noah's Dinghy
Inaugural Knickerbocker Hash
Knickerbocker #1
Start: Union Square, SW corner
Transit: 14th St/Union Square stop on the 4/5/6/L/N/Q/R/W
The Committee

Mis-Management 2019-20

Grand Master

Religious Advisors

  • Geordi La Foreskin
  • What a C*nt!
  • Foreign My Twat

Hare Raiser

  • What a C*nt!

Mis-Management 2018-19

Grand Master

Religious Advisors

  • Geordi La Foreskin
  • What a C*nt!
  • Drop a Pin, Slip it In

Hare Raiser

  • Metrosweatual

Past Mis-Management


  • Mandatory Fun, Grand Master and Hare Raiser
  • Cosmopolitits, Grand Maitresse
  • Geordi La Foreskin, Religious Advisor
  • What a C*nt!, Religious Advisor


  • Geordi La Foreskin, Grand Master
  • Cosmopolitits, Religious Advisor
  • Piece o’ Slut, Religious Advisor
  • Massive Load, Religious Advisor
  • Mandatory Fun, Hare Raiser
  • Krispy Kringle, Scribe
  • Young and the Wristless, Fluffer


  • Geordi La Foreskin, Grand Master
  • Mouth Full of Gu, Religious Advisor
  • Turd Dimension, Religious Advisor
  • Mandatory Fun, Hare Raiser
  • Krispy Kringle, Scribe
  • The Young and The Wristless, Fluffer


  • What A C*nt!, Grand Maitresse
  • Cheeky Bastard, Vice Master
  • Geordi La Foreskin, Religious Advisor
  • Mouth Full of Gu, Religious Advisor
  • Turd Dimension, Religious Advisor
  • Mandatory Fun, Hare Raiser


  • What A C*nt!, Grand Maîtresse
  • Cheeky Bastard, Vice Master
  • Irish Spring, Religious Advisor
  • One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, WHORE!, Religious Advisor
  • Mouth Full of Gu, Hare Raiser


  • What A C*nt!, Grand Maîtresse
  • Irish Spring, Religious Advisor
  • Cheeky Bastard, Religious Advisor
  • One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, WHORE!, Religious Advisor
  • She Likes it in the Benjamins, Hare Raiser


The JM trifecta
Wet Connection
Noah’s Dinghy
Mean Jean the Down-down Machine

Latest KH3 Writeups

KH3 #25 – Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me The On-in (2)

Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers #25 Wednesday 10 November 2010 Start: Merchant’s Gate – Columbus Circle On-In: Dublin House Hares: Crawl-a-holic and Just Peter T. Scribe: Mickey Mouth   From KH3 and New York City, this is, Wait Wait Don’t Tell me the On In! The KH3 write up. I’m Wet Connection and here’s your host, Mickeeeeeeyyyyyyy Mouth (the crowd ROARS!!)   “Thank you WC, and thanks everybody. We had such a fantastic time here last year, we thought, what the heckaroo, let’s do it again! We got a great write up for you today. We’ll be talking about the trail, the on-in, the foibles and peccadilloes and hilarity that ensued. So give us a call at 212-HASHNYC. It’s time to welcome our first listener-contestant.” “Hi Mouth, I’m Yank It from NYC.” “Yank It, Welcome. You sound British.” “Indeed. You have quite an ear for the obvious.” “Don’t the British have a dry sense of humor? ” “Actually, Mouth, we use pounds and pence…” Silence. The crowd ROARS! “Oh, so we are going to get Riel are we!?  (some of the audience chuckles). That’s Riel folks, R-I-E-L. (audience bursts out lauging!). Ok, welcome to the show. Let me introduce you to our panel. You don’t want to be on her bad side when she’s in a ‘don’t draw me any sunflowers’ mood…and she can be seen with the UPSmen doing What can Brown does…it’s Mean Jean the Down Down Machine!!” (Applause!)  “Also say hello to our Man in the Sheets…spread sheets that is. And there is living proof of that. Say hello to Just Rich!” (Applause!) “And finally, to man...

KH3 23 In 1980

Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers #24 Wednesday 27 October 2010 Start: The Cube at Astor Place On-In: Plug Uglies Hares: Just Peter Scribe: Mickey Mouth   In 2010, Just Peter turned 30 and hared the Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers #24. In 1980, Just Peter was shoved out of his mother’s womb. Also kicked out of the womb in 1980 were Mccauley Caulkin, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Gosling, Christina Ricci, Alicia Keys and a host of other people that I also have no idea about. Sometimes the hash is filled with people I don’t know, but not so much the KH3. In 1980, on the island of Vanuatu, John Frum’s cargo cult declared secession as the nation of Tafea. Just as lost and crazy as that sounds, was Mean Jean’s face when she walked up to the hash. Her thoughts? please please please please please let there be people I know here please please please.   In 1980, Richard Pryor was badly burned trying to freebase cocaine. Just like Mr. Pryor, Peter’s trail went up in smoke. There was rain, but this young man was adamant – I only use chalk!! He stomped and sputtered. Ah, youth and their folly. But a good hasher stepped up in his cape and large P on his chest and proclaimed! “never fear! Penn Joe is here!” and set a live-ish trail. In 1980, Rosie Ruiz won the Boston Marathon, only to be exposed as a fraud and stripped of her award. The On-in was Plug Uglies. Plug Uglies is not a New York gang as is popularly thought, but a Baltimore gang in the mid-1800’s....

KH3#19 – It Was Good

Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers #19 Wednesday 10 March 2010 Start: 110th and 7th On-In: Bar East Hares: Fire In The PieHole, Tit-Totaller, with special guest 69Down Scribe: Mickey Mouth When a hash is good – good hares, good run, good on-in, good food – when a hash is just all around good, there is really nothing to write about. Good doesn’t make a story. Luckily, I am still not at the age, to paraphrase Mr. Clemens, where I can’t remember stuff that didn’t happen. The Briss Trail As you all should know too clearly, I am a completely useless individual, being that my hamstrings are more fucked than Wanchai in the ‘40s. So I found out where the on in was and made a calculating decision not to trudge half way around the world – otherwise known as the UWS – and instead met the hares for bag duties at the bar. And I did, 69down and Fire in the PieHole showed up right on time and we lugged the 30 or so bags into Bar East. We Will Need Something To Protect Us! Do You Have a Knife? I Have a Spoon. The ******* trickled in and skipped over the water that I held it close, afraid that if I let it go, it would turn to beer. Because you see, I attempted what was heretofore thought to be impossible! A sober hash. A sober hash?! What? Yes, you read right. More difficult than The North Face! More fearsome than Cerebus! More challenging than staying sober at a hash! Wait…. So they trickled in and proclaimed the hash...

KH3#17 – Noah’s Dinghy Lark

Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers #17 Wednesday 10 February 2010 Start: Waverly and Mercer On-In: Josie Woods Hares: Noah’s Dinghy and US Marine Whore Scribe: Mickey Mouth Noah’s Dinghy LarkFrom WikipediaThe Free Encyclopedia For other references, see Knickerbocker H3, Chosen People Noah’s Dinghy Lark is the Hash that, according to the First Epistle of Mickey Mouth, advanced ordinary hashers to Chosen. The First Epistle of Mickey Mouth, chapters 4 and 5, tells how the hubris of Noah’s Dinghy tested the hashers in a monstrous storm. Noah’s Dinghy was a righteous man but in an act, a lark, tried to build a hash in the face of insuperable weather. The hashers survived this ordeal and were hence known as the Knickerbocker Chosen.  ContentsChild’s PoemNoah’s Dinghy Lark in Later Traditions                Pre-DownDown Tradition                Post-DownDown Tradition  Child’s PoemThe Lord said to Noah’s Dinghy there’s gonna be a galey galey Lord said to Noah’s Dinghy there’s gonna be a galey galey Get those hashers (clap!) out on the traily traily Hashers of New York The Lord said to Noah’s Dinghy you’re gonna set a hashy hashy Lord said to Noah’s Dinghy you’re gonna set a hashy hashy Set it in the (clap!) snow mashy mashy Hashers of New York The hashers, they came in they came in by twosies twosies hashers, they came in they came in by twosies twosies Hot Rods, Mean Jeans (clap) Wet Willy and Lesleys LesleysHashers of New York.  It snowed and snowed for near two daysies daysies Snowed and snowed for near two daisies daisies Hashers couldn’t find (clap!)The trail through the hazy hazyHashers of New York The Beer it flowed out and sated all...

KH3 #15

Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers #15 Wednesday 13 January 2010 Start: 40th Street and Queens Blvd On-In: Irish Rover @ 28th Ave and 38th St Hares: Smashmouth Guest Scribes: Just Rich and Alfred, Lord Tennyson Mickey was absent at this week Knickbocker, so whilst you will no doubt miss the maniacal musings of Mouth you’re stuck with me! I arrived late to the start to be informed by Smashmouth that he’d forgotten to give full instructions to the hash. “Look for a K and a N”, he shouted. “They’ll be questions at the end. Tell the others!” So with this most random of thoughts in my head and joy in my heart I set off in search of a trail and some beer… Miss Mouth had asked me to be inventive with the write up and for some reason I’ve got The Charge of the Light Brigade* by Alfred, Lord Tennyson stuck in my head and can’t think of any original prose.…. Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward, All in the valley of Queens Ran the two dozen "Forward, the Hash! "Charge for the bar!" Smashmouth said: Into the valley of Queens Ran the two dozen. "Forward, the Hash!" Was there a man dismay’d? Not tho’ the hash knew Smashmouth had blunder’d: Their’s not to make reply, Their’s not to reason why, Their’s but to do and die: Into the valley of Queens Ran the two dozen. Bum to right of them, Hobo to left of them, Drunk in front of them Volley’d and thunder’d; Storm’d at with shout and yell, Boldly they ran and well,...

KH3#14 – Experimental Theatre

Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers #14 Wednesday 30 December 2009 Start: Warren Street and East Broadway On-In: Kelly’s Hares: Wet Willy and Jon the Taller Scribe: Mickey Mouth   Welcome, welcome! To the KH3 Experimental Theatre! I’m Mickey Mouth, your Emcee. Tonight we have open mike night, theme is KH3 #14, so all you talented hashers, come on up and show us your stuff! (Noah’s Dinghy comes out and hands Mouth a piece of paper) Okay! First up, we have Fast American Dave! Give it up!   FAD: (walks on stage, one hand holds a guitar, the other a pint of ale, with a little red straw in it. He sits on the stool, puts the beer down, and adjusts the microphone…) Good evening folks. My name is Fast American Dave and most of you know me as the Front Running Bastard. What you may not have known, is that my true passion, my first love, is singing. Why do you think I run so fast? To get out to where I can let my voice be free and flood over the countryside. Tonight I will be singing about the run…here it goes…it’s a ballad…hope you enjoy it…   Way down south on Warren, they huddled against the cold. Only Fireman Tim and the Pie Hole were that bold. Oh…testicles of steel. The hares they set us off, 69down to Mean Jean, Let’s run hand in hand, this way the path will be seen. Oh…it was a deal. I forgot, that at the start, a homeless man took the mike. He tried to get our money, then he tried for...
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