22nd An*l Red Dress R*n

Who Came?

  • American Dave #6 (NYCH3)
  • Blowzo the Clown (Brooklyn H3)
  • Bushy (NYCH3)
  • Cheeky Bastard (Brooklyn H3)
  • Check Spreader (NYCH3)
  • Cock Burglar (CUNTH3)
  • Cum On Moses (Brooklyn H3)
  • Déjà Pu (Brooklyn H3)
  • Dick First Ass Up (East Bay H3)
  • Ditch Sucker (NYCH3)
  • DogBlower (NYCH3)
  • Drop A Pin, Slip it In! (NYCH3)
  • Drunksophila Masturbator (NYCH3/Skull & Boners H3)
  • Dunkel Schweiß (Brooklyn H3)
  • Fingerbang (NYCH3)
  • Foreign My Twat (NYCH3)
  • Frank Llayd Wrong (Skull & Boners H3)
  • Full of Schist (NYCH3)
  • Gabe the Babe (Brooklyn H3)
  • Gag’em Style (CUNTH3)
  • Geordi La Foreskin (Knickerbocker H3)
  • Grayvee Train (CUNTH3/Brooklyn H3)
  • Gynoplasty (BrooklynH3)
  • Holey Dumpster Fire (Boston H3)
  • Horny Hands (Hockessin H3)
  • Jamaica Me Horny (Miami H3)
  • Jeter Eater (NYCH3)
  • Jewel of duh Nile (Hockessin / BFM H3)
  • Just Cate (NYCH3)
  • Just Devin (NYCH3)
  • Just Eberechi (NYCH3)
  • Just Joe (Brooklyn H3)
  • Just Joe (NYCH3)
  • Just Sanjay (NYCH3)
  • Just Stephanie (Tokyo H3)
  • Kaptain Hooker (Long Island Lunatics)
  • Leaky Bladder (NYCH3/Brooklyn H3)
  • Lexi’s Bitch (NYCH3)
  • Love Canal (Pinelake H3)
  • Mandatory Fun (Knickerbocker H3)
  • Momentarily Vertical (NYCH3)
  • Mile High Cherry Pie (Brooklyn H3)
  • Nerves of Squeal (NYCH3)
  • NY Slammer (NYCH3)
  • Pandamoanium (Miami H3)
  • Patron Taint of the Willing Tongue (LI Lunatics)
  • Piece O’Slut (NYCH3/Brooklyn H3)
  • Post Facial Drip (NYCH3)
  • Prairie Dog’n (NYCH3)
  • Pussyfoot (NYCH3)
  • Rapunzel (NYCH3)
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Beaver (Skull & Boners H3)
  • Rimjob Ringleader The Greatest Ho On Earth (Miami H3/Northboro H3)
  • Sandy D (NYCH3
  • Sheet Storm (NYCH3/Knickerbocker H3)
  • Shitty Balls (NYCH3)
  • Shut the Chuck Up (Khobar H3 Saudi Arabia)
  • Sinous (Quito H3)
  • Some Like it Twat (NYCH3)
  • Spanks 4 Cumming (AvlH3)
  • Tequila Whore (GGFM)
  • The Young and the Wristless (Knickerbocker H3)
  • Trojan Whore (NYCH3)
  • Wanky Wonky (Chicago TH3)
  • What A Cunt! (Knickerbocker H3 NYC)

Start Locations (details below)

  • Friday: The Slaughtered Lamb182 West 4th St

    • Pub Crawl Starts at 7:15p
    • “Creepy Theme” but costumes not required
    • • Hotline will be set with each new location as we crawl
  • Saturday: The Dubliner45 Stone St
    • • Check-in begins at 1:00p
    • • Pack away at 3:00p
    • • Food available (pay as you go)
  • Sunday: The Irish Pub837 7th Ave
    • • Hangover bR*Nch prelube starts 10:30p
    • • Pack away 12:30p
    • $5 brunch cocktails! “reasonably” priced brunch! (for NYC)

Your next steps are:

  • Program the NYC Hash Hotline into your phone!  
  • 212-HASH-NYC option 3 (212-427-4692)
  • It will be set throughout the weekend to let you know “where da party at,” so to speak.
  • Join the WhatsApp group if you’re into that https://chat.whatsapp.com/JD8PV8dbJqK2UK5x9oNziy
  • Dig out your dress and Febreeze it 
  • Find your running shoes (Febreeze those too, why not)

More details for all events below!


🔛🔛 FRIDAY, 9.13.19, 7:15p

🌝 GGFM #396

🧟‍♂️ The Greater Gotham Full Moon RDR Weekend Pub Crawl

🐺 Start: The Slaughtered Lamb, 182 West 4th St, New York, NY 10014

🛸 Transit: A/C/E/B/D/F/M to W. 4th Street Station (or 🚕 or 🚲)

🧛🏻‍♀️ Hare: One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila WHORE!, Surprise! I’m Illiterate, and Tall, Dark & Hammered

💀 Notes: Friday the 13th! Come kick off your RDR shenanigans on this spooky creepy crawl-y themed tour of the Village (costumes NOT required, pay as you go). Each stop will be 30-45 minutes, trail will be marked, and the hotline will be set with each new crawl location. Although there will be options for snacks at later crawl stops, the start bar is a great place to grab some solid, hearty food so you have a base to soak up all the beverages for the whole night long – but maybe get to the start a bit earlier (6:30) if you plan to order here.

🔛🔛 SATURDAY, 9.14.19, 1:00p (Pack away at 3:00)

🗽 NYCH3 #1866

💃 Title: The 22nd An*l NYC Red Dress R*n

🍺 Prelube: starting at 1:00p at The Dubliner, 45 Stone St, New York, NY

🚇 Transit: 2/3 to Wall St, J to Broad St, 4/5 to Bowling Green, N/R/W to Whitehall (or 🚖 or 🚴🏽‍♀️)

👯 Hares: What A C*nt! and friends

👣 Notes: Many notes, all below!


  • Start venue The Dubliner, opens at 11. Arrive as early as you wish. 
  • The menu offers yummy food at reasonable prices (for New York), and you will be there during happy hour (buckets!)
  • Check-in will begin at 1:00p. The weather is supposed to be nice, so we will probably set up at the outdoor tables.
    • Please arrive by 2:45 if you need to get dressed there, as chalk talk will begin promptly at 3:00p. 
  • Yes, you can register on the day of the event. Yes, it will cost you $69.
  • At the check-in table you will receive your goodie bags, full of many delights that you can use on trail and some you may wish to save for later. 
    • Your bag will include a lanyard with a contact card containing important phone numbers you can call if you get lost or need help. It also has a little pouch in case you want to carry cash or your ID or a metrocard—many dresses don’t have pockets!
    • Sorry, the pouch is not big enough for your dignity, leave that at home. 
  • It’s happy hour so get happy. Remember to tip the lovely bartenders and servers!



  • Chalk talk will be just off-site but within earshot of the bar. Toss your bag in Piece O’Slut’s sketchy white van and cum on over!


  • 3-ish mile walker trail
  • 5-ish mile chicken trail
  • 8-ish mile eagle trail. 
  • ALL trails hit all 4 drink checks
    • (some beer some not, all will have GF options and all will have water). 
    • Each trail will have designated sweepers. 
  • Please note Ms. C*nt!’s trails are often shitty and tricksy. She will try to behave but makes no promises except that the walkers have nothing to worry about.
  • YES there will be shiggy! Like most lower Manhattan shiggy…
  • Have fun and wave to all the tourists in your sassy dress!


  • The on in is a private venue. We have it all to ourselves!
  • Our hosts have requested that everyone please come directly inside and not loiter around on the street too much. 
  • You will check-in at the on-in as well, to ensure that you have safely navigated our next-level shiggy. Checking in also gets you a special treat!
  • Things you will find at the on-in:
    • Beer!
    • Not beer! (ie, wine, cider, booze, etc…)
    • Snax!
    • A charity raffle, where you can put tickets in to win fabulous prizes! All proceeds will be added to our Back On My Feet donation! (If you already donated, we’ll have tickets for ya)
    • Fun music and places to sit, dance, hang out, games to play
    • Bathrooms that you will be nice to, you angel. 👼
    • A small outside rooftop area that is intended for occasional smokers and just a few people at a time. Let’s keep the party inside.
    • Nudity is okay as long as it’s not messy. Also Yogi-bear in mind that the house will have a muggle around (just one). 🐻 
  • Things you will find no tolerance for at the on-in (or anywhere else for that matter)
    • Bullying behavior
    • Sexual contact without consent
    • Persistent sexual advances after a no
    • Hateful, violent or overtly aggressive behavior
    • If you feel the above rules have been violated, please do not confront the situation yourself unless there is immediate danger. Find a NYC RDR mismanager; we will be wearing gold armbands. 
  • Dinner will be around 6.
  • After dinner, Dr. Lexi’s Bitch will give us some of that good religion with a circle. 
    • We all know circle can be tough at big events! If you just can’t do it that’s cool, but please respect those who want to by taking your conversations to the periphery
    • We will close circle with “Glorious! Victorious!” so study up and prepare a verse
  • After circle there is a live performance! We promise it will be good!
  • After the performance we’ll announce raffle winners, then start the dance party!
  • At 9:30 we begin clean-up. Clean up or leave! We need to be clean and out by 10.
  • You can wobble down the street to the after party at a craft beer taproom with a lovely back yard. They serve food until midnight and are open until 2. Other nearby bars are open much later. 


🔛🔛 SUNDAY, 9.15.19, 10:30a (pack away 12:30p)

🗽 NYC All-Kennel Special

🍳 Title: RDR Hangover bR*Nch

🍾Start/Prelube: begins at 10:30a at The Irish Pub (yes, that’s the name of the bar) 837 7th Avenue @ 54th St

🚀 Transit: N/Q/R/W to 57th St, A/C to Columbus Circle, F/M to 57th St (or 🚖 or 🚴🏽‍♀️)

🐰 Hares: Drop A Pin and Pussyfoot

👣 Notes:

  • $5 Brunch cocktails!!
  • Brunch priced very reasonably for NYC! Get yer Benny (or Florentine) on—or even have a full Irish!
  • Pack away at 12:30
  • 1/2 mile walker stroll/super-chicken or 3-4ish mile eagle 
  • NO HASH CASH (cause you already paid!)
  • A nice central on-in from which you can easily travel home
  • Just cum to say goodbyes or stay all day to play in a nice park and drink the beer til it’s gone!

What A C*nt!


*u redacted for your SFW pleasure


What A C! will have her big box on display at the event, and there’s a charity raffle with fabulous prizes! Bring a little cash, make a little love and get down for our official charitable cause, Back on My Feet NYC. Back on My Feet is a national non-profit focused on helping homeless people gain independence, living skills, and connect them with essential community resources. The organization’s name, and its initial program for members, are focused primarily on physical exercise, specifically early morning runs. This organization does amazing work with homeless and formerly incarcerated people in urban areas.

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