Author: Six Inches, Ladies

  • Brooklyn #785

    Date: 7/13/2015 hare: just dave luther visitors hot climax & sex trap from berlin bj the bareback from ggfm “the germans have no humor and that is not a rumor” ernesto – smell the yeast in matzoh turd & racknroller for being harassed on trail georgia o’queff & drug bust – wearing old matching race…

  • BH3 Turns 800

    Start: Corner of Broadway and Heyward Hare: The Committee On In: High Dive

  • Polar Bear Hash

    Polar Bear Hash

    Photo Credit: Kyle Gorjanc 1/18/2015 Polar Bear Hash BH3 #759 NYCH3 #1620 Hare: Cheeky Bastard (LIVE!!) On In: Peggy O’Neill’s Scribe: Six Inches, Ladies All our rain are belong to you. Holy crap, hashers. We were fresh off the plane from a sunny week in Jamaica (the actual Jamaica, not the one in Queens) and…

  • BH3 #754

    Brooklyn #754 Dec 15, 2014 Start: Alligator Lounge, 600 Metropolitan Ave On In: George and Jack’s Hare: Skidmark Scribe: Six Inches Ladies Meeting at the Alligator Lounge in Williamsburg isn’t really the sort of thing that we do very often… Oh, wait. Yes it is. That place is our prelube so often that it’s actually a…