Brooklyn 829 – May 16 2016

Hares – Drug Bust & Just Maddie – Just Maddie’s virgin lay
Start: Rosemary’s Greenpoint Tavern
On-In:  No. 7 North
Earlier in the day, the committee recieved an email from the JM’s that neither of them would be able to attend, but that we should be sure to run circle without them.
I was appointed with task of co-running circle with Cheeky.
Trail took the pack through the Newtown Creek Nature Walk along the water in Greenpoint between Brooklyn and Queens.  The highlight was the smell coming from the water treatment plant.
hares – chalk at rosemarys – we followed the rules and put the name and address of the on-in at the start.  Well, apparently that pissed-off Rosemary’s, so they called the on-in No. 7 North to complain.
visitors – buzzlight year from Oslo & his daughter just sarah
just sarah – only hashes when her father comes, but “no problem cumming”
blackout & cheeky – eric identity swap – showing at start vs popping up on trail
georgia o’queefe – cut off some dude on manhattan ave, but dude complimented his butt
blackout – looked like a homeless guy, but was running his fastest ever with his house on his back
six inches – complaining about this being the only drug bust trail where he didnt get stoned
racknroller – wanted to skip circle since the JMs are not here despite receiving email from jms to have circle.
who made it to the back check? what was the number?
I’d also like to point out that for this particular hash, i was hare, ran circle, and provided the write-up!! Beat that!