Brooklyn 821 – March 21 2016

hares – cum on moses, just ben
(oh yes, apparently Moses had to ditch the virgin-lay Just Ben in the middle of setting trail – and there was a noticeable drop in quality of trail in the 2nd half.)
Cum on Moses – made us wait at the start while he drank his beer, he made us carry our bags over 1 block, and something about poorly setting hotline
Georgia O’Queefe – haberdasher for carrying suitcase
Cum on Moses – for complaining about suitcase
6″ ladies – for getting fucked twice on trail
Just Maddie – claims shes not a virgin
Georgia – hashing on advice of lawyer
Blackout – some bullshit on g train
on-in: Alibi on Dekalb in Fort Greene, I give that place a thumbs-down, there is no decent place to sit.