Brooklyn 819 – March 7 2016

start: underhill & sterling goldstar beer
onin: supercolider
hare: turd dimension
….already 9:45pm and we havent had circle yet, comeooooooon circle or go home
oval up!…
virgin – just maddie, a guy named patrick made her cum
racists – six inches ladies, cheeky, georgia oqueefe
blackout – thoughtful for rest of pack rather than going to on-in
whoremaster & moses, taking a call on trail
pecker wrecker – as the pack is getting lost in the park after dark, we call into the distance “are you?”, and a gentle “nothing but rabies this way” is sent back.
blackout again suddenly showed up at last check (finger lickin would have gotten this down down but he left before circle happened)
o’queefe, drug bust, racknroller – blood on trail! BLOOD ON TRAIL!!!!, we climbed through the thorny brush, hand over hand, halfway up the hill, full of thorns and scratches, ripped shirts, cuts in our ankles, only to get to the top to find true trail on a normal easy-to-run path
technically foul – returning former jm
doggie erectus for hearing on trail
turd -animated gif on site – using laptop as collateral to bar tab, starting trail with an apology about how bad it would be
everyone who attended this evening received a down-down
good stuff!