Brooklyn 830 – May 23 2016

georgia’s on – out
on-in: Shenanigan’s
hare: Georgia O’Queefe who was making his departure to move to the wrong coast.
hare – left a personal msg for whoremaster on the hotline regarding whoremaster’s dislike of Shenanigan’s
but whoremaster was not present at trail
scooter douche – dated 3 women with same birthday
hare – for a trail with too many hills
check spreader – got lost in sunset park so he ran in circles
headlights – has her dog at hash
headlights & technically foul – all former jms drink
blackout – something about animal genitalia
all racists for brooklyn half
25% reduction in erics for 2nd year in a row – we need more erics
need a haberdasher too
turd – angry american – complaining no jms last week
cpa – for complaining about not getting a down down for running half
scooter douche – a civilian called him out for being on a scooter
death breast – returning hasher – got married etc
six inches – for accusing scooter douche
scooter douche – get him totally fucking drunk
cheers Georgia! see you soon . you still owe us a t-shirt design.
Anyone else: we’ve got an open position as haberdasher, now accepting portfolio submissions.