Brooklyn 812 – Polar Bear Hash

January 17, 2016

Start, On-In:  Peggy O’Neils, Surf Ave, Coney Island

So, I win the lazy asshole award for this hash since I was the only person who stayed in the bar the whole time, didn’t run trail, didn’t go for a swim, didn’t even go outside to encourage those who were swimming.

If any one wants to contribute stories from trail, please email me directly:

The bar was lovely, plenty of space heaters to keep my hands warm.

Beer selection was… meh… we had Sam Adams, Coors Light.

I noticed the pack really smelled when returning from trail.  Normally, I am part of the pack, therefore part of the smell.  But for this trail, I was able to observe.

Notes from Eager For Beaver:

Hey everyone – Polar bear was great – we had an alarming number of hashers, trail was actually excellent (I’m still amazed when I get to run in areas of the city I didn’t know existed that aren’t active train tracks), tarps all worked out, hot chocolate at the beach was excellent, no one’s bags disappeared, snow fell, etc.

Barbara at Peggy’s must have thrown us a bunch of buybacks, since hash cash lasted well into the evening. I believe at some point we kicked in some kitty money.  She says we’re welcome back anytime, which we should take her up on for some upcoming next difficult-to-get-to start.
YAY!!!! We didn’t piss off a bar and they want us to come back.
hare cheeky bastard
virgins – annie (guest of turd dimension) sheng (guest of i can explain)
visitors – melissa – from nyc h3 – that doesn’t make you a visitor!!!
turd dimension – convinced his cousin to skip flight and come to hash
fluffy – 20 stiches in shoulder
just craig – twisted ankle
lexis bitch – doctor on trail – can diagnose these fools
cum on moses, steamer – overdressed in denim on trail
dead hooker, sandy syphilis – wanting to get into her onesie, not knowing a reach around
fluffy – chinese everclear shots, founder of polarbear trail
just sam – dfl on trail and in water, flashed circle
drug bust – asshole, didnt run or go to water
cpa – blowing a condom
mandatory fun – face planting on trail
drug bust – for calling mittens gloves. pay attention
lexis bitch, cheeky – sharing accusation with drugbust
six inchees –  in water the longest
noahs dingy – cheeky – also didnt swim or run