NYCH3 #1481

Start: 72nd & Central Park West


Well this was the location given for the start of the hash but alas the group were meeting slightly to the left. This confused many an experienced Hasher especially since the Hares put the mark in the middle of the street. Some decided to check out the two other groups of runners meeting in the same location at the same time, Front Runners being one of them. Those groups however are not at all as fun as they don’t have beer and people talk about marathons and times.. and all that other non-alcohol jargon.


Well people eventually found the hares and off we went for the 147*th run of the New York City Hash House Harriers.


Note … no beer stop, complaint number one. Especially considering the humidity that day. A nice shot would have been welcome. I have no doubt that some people took a water stop or two along the way, possibly at the reservoir. I think everybody feels that slight bit of dread we you come up to the reservoir wondering… F**K.. how long will they make us go around this f***ing thing.


We came to the on-in Reid’s Tavern at 92nd and 2nd. Seriously… I thought the stench of Hashers was bad last week. This week it was even worse and most likely going to get worse as the summer wears on. The q to use the toilets for changing is getting longer each week too. ENJOY YOUR NATURAL ODOUR!! It also generally clears the pub of non-hashers. A great pub I have to say, nice outdoor patio for stretching the aching muscles.

Booze was had and eventually the call to circle up was heard.


Hares: “Oh no, Sir, that’s not my baby” and “Eager4Beaver”… Dusters the both of them. I am still getting used to this Duster business. Hashers who run… seriously run and train to do it. I am going with the idea that they are the truly unfit hashers who need that extra work.

Visitors: Ah, Shit & Return to Gender (Madison, WI)

Excellent Hashers who regaled us with “My name is Jack”. Whenever I hear this song I just feel sorry for Gus who rarely gets a mention.

Virgins: Just Jared and Just Alexis
Newbies!!! Kind, friendly folk who I don’t think fully understood what was happening around them. Here’s hoping they will come back and be indoctrinated.



Smashmouth for peeing on the Dusters’ Beautiful Trail
He should have been sweating it all out of him… no need for peeing.

Eager4Beaver who couldn’t wait to pick up his bib for next week and ran by NYRR HQ while setting trail, he was joined by “Oh no, Sir, that’s not my baby” as WHEN ONE HARE DRINKS, ALL HARES DRINK.

CPA – because something (small) fell out of his pants on trail.

Imagination is key here.. nobody found out what fell.

Just Adam for leading an impromptu circle jerk. Some of us are peeved that we weren’t invited. Who turns down a circle jerk is what I want to know.

Just Leslie & Blood Diamond and for having birthdays (how dare they!).

Coneilingus for nearly running into traffic and then for leaving his mark in the middle of the street over and over again! I think he wanted to get us all killed or something.

Cheeky Bastard accused CPA & Gabe the Babe for panicking that they might be DFL

Cheeky Bastard for misdirecting the pack despite clear marks

10 Dix With Wings for being DFL. This is true…she was there at the beginning. F** Off to supposedly meet her new bosses and then appeared at the On In 3 hours later.. very suspicious indeed.

Ahoy the Wanker for bringing his date to the hash on her birthday. Love it. More of this sort of thing.

Ow My Balls wore new shoes and christened them tonight. For the uninitiated, he drank out of them.

Just Victoria was called up for a down-down but nobody seems to remember why as far more important things happened. She brought it upon herself. (And as I write this I remember why.. she will this week graduate from Law School, I think,I hope) Anyway, she in her innocence announces to circle that she will be/wants to be a Public Defender. Ah Shit, our visitor steps up and shouts…“Pubic Defender?” The reaction was almost immediate.. with the chorus moving from “Pubic Defender” to “On your knees”. I think Pimpy was caught a little of guard it all happened so fast. There he was thinking he was finishing up circle and he was now in the middle of a naming. And from hence forth Just Victoria is now “Pubic Defender”.

Announcements were made.. check the homepage.


Pizza was eaten — One slice at a time people, one slice at a time.




Irish Spring