NYCH3 #1347


NYCH3 #1347 


Sunday, November 15, 2009 


Start Location: Union Square North 


Hares:  I Like Head (Raj) and A Lil Dirrrrty (Rebecca) 


On In:   Keybar 13th st East of 1st Ave 


Scribe:  Just Lisa 



The hash was off to a rough start.  The pack kept running in the wrong direction of the trail marks.  You would think with the total number of years of higher education between everyone that someone would spot the marks.  Apparently having a Bachelors, Masters, Law Degree and a PhD and whatever else isn’t enough. It was just another typical day running through the streets of New York City.  There was an African American man playing the guitar and singing a Frank Sinatra tune on the street corner. Then there was the street vendor standing in the middle of the street yelling at the hashers and encouraging everyone to run faster in order to make the traffic light.  Apparently, he seemed more concerned about the hashers than helping his own customers.  Of course we can’t forget the shopper in SoHo who couldn’t figure out how to navigate her way down the street.  When a hasher ran by she would spin like a top with her shopping bags dangling by her sides. Who would think that hashing would have a disorientating effect on shoppers.  



It was a great On-In with good beer and lots of pizza.


Respective Down Downs included:


Hares I Like Head and A Little Dirty


Virgin Holly


Holly once again but this time for jogging in place at a traffic light because she was so eager to continue running.


I Like Head for having his mugshot published in the fall issue of the New York Road Runners Club Newsletter.


Hoboken Dave and Doggie Erectus for marking the street beer very near next to where beer near was written. 


Wet Connection for stripping off various layers of clothing during the r*n and ending up in her sports-bra at the bar.


Wet Connection again, this time out of her new shoes and shamelessly promoting Paragon Sports in the process.


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