NYCH3 #1343

NYC Hash #1343

Sunday October 18, 2009

Hares: Fire-In-the-Piehole and Tittotaller

Start: 106th and Central Park West

On-In: Ding-Dong Lounge, Columbus Ave. bt w 105th & 106th St .

Scribe Doggie Erectus


The w eather w as a little cool as w e gathered by Central Park .  The hares w ere still busy laying the best trail of the year.  Why are w e w aiting??


Then w e w ere off on a mostly off-road trail in Central Park .  We zigged and zagged all through Conservatory Garden .  The trail took us past many attractions none of us had seen before.  This might just have been the best trail of the year.  Was it w orth the w aiting??


We ended up at the Ding-Dong Lounge for the On-In.  It’s an interesting place w ith that about-to-fall-apart charm decorated w ith 80’s posters.


Then w e convened the circle.


A Little Dirty made Rupert from Germany come.


Banter from Japan made himself come.  He sang us a nice song in Japanese too.  At least w e think it w as nice, he could have been saying anything about us and w e w ouldn’t have kno w n.


Cockstar got a consolation Do w n-Do w n for injuring her hamstring and not being able to run the marathon.


Librarian Lisa got a Do w n-Do w n for taking the last t w o cookies.  She should have drunk milk to go w ith them.


Doggie Erectus got a Do w n-Do w n for failing to identify the mystery beer our gnome-like bartender offered.


YankIT got a Do w n-Do w n for VeggiePizzaPhobia.


Eager for Beaver and 69-Do w n got a Do w n-Do w n for finally getting married.  What w ere they w aiting for??


Eager for Beaver drank again from his shoe.


Fast American Dave got a Do w n-Do w n for an unkno w n offense and drank from the plunger.


But w as it the best trail of the year?  It w as definitely w orth the w ait to hear Fire-In-the-Piehole and Tittotaller explain ho w the trail got laid w ith him taking his ball in his hand and her w hacking it w ith a tennis racket.