NYCH3 #1238 – Marathon Day

Marathon Day Hash

NYCH3 #1238

November 4, 2007

Hare: Dr. Steve and Wet Willy

Start: 96th and Lexington

On In: Geronimo’s (3rd and 90th)

Scribe: Blackout (with assistance from Red-headed Steve)



The busiest hash weekend of the year, hip hip hurray!


For those that wanted to maximize their hashing time, the last week of October and first weekend of November was a heady experience.  Looking at the calendar, it looks like it was possible to hash in NYC on 7 of 11 consecutive days.  The peak of the experience was a gorgeous and crisp Sunday morning for the NYC marathon.


The early (10AM) start was on the East Side, and exactly like last year’s trail from what I heard.  Not there myself, however, I defer the trail report to Red-headed Steve.


            The trail started right at the mile 23 meeting point and proceeded directly into the park. Things got shiggy from there. After scrambling over several crops of boulders and then through a muddy section that was walled off by 10 foot leaf towers, we came upon a “Jesus mark”. A “Jesus Mark” is a mark that indicates that the hashers should walk on water. Since none of the hashers on trail that day were in fact the next Messiah, we went around the Harlem Meer and out into the streets. We then went further north, up to 125 Street, avoided being hit by the leaders from the wheel-chair race, and climbed over more hills. The trail ended with a nice little boozy coffee check on 1st avenue right in time to watch the women’s elite runners go by.


From the usual marathon viewing location near mile 23, a good crowd showed up, probably 20 or so.  It was a good day for the marathon (sunny, dry, and cool to cold), but a bit chilly for standing for hours on end.  There were many brave hashers willing to stick it out however, the most heroic shouting encouragements the whole time.  New this year was a whiteboard with all the hashing marathoners, their expected times, splits, and estimated time to pass mile 23, conveniently tied to a tree.  Obviously Lauren was taking her marathon weekend duties to heart.  As hashers passed, most took their quick shot of beer as they made their way down the last few miles.  A general party atmosphere of course ensued.  One notable occurrence was the big reception as Mean Jean went by, along with the message that Katie Holmes was on the course and that Mean Jean had just passed her. 


Soon after, the crowd made its way to the on-in, the establishment at 90th and 3rd that is presently called Geronimo’s.  We had the bar area reserved, and soon the place was crowded with hashers, a few proudly displaying their medals.  Conveniently for the football lovers, the Patriots-Colts game gave further entertainment.  Food started to arrive, not the usual pizza but large quantities of nachos grande.


There were plenty of down-downs in the circle, as expected.  First up were the hares, Dr. Steve and Wet Willy.  Also up were the leaders of the Friday night pub crawl, USMW and Noah’s Dinghy.  Next up were the marathoners in the crowd (at the time…more would show up later, with a special announcement and separate down-down).  The persons of honor (in no particular order) were:


– Fire in the Piehole

– Tit-totaller

– Leeky Willie (from Wales)

– Eager-for-Beaver

– Mean Jean

– Fast American Dave

– Dr. Bruce

– Dave Hardy

– Crawlaholic

– Jumpin’ Jack Gash

– Lesley

– Hot Rod

– Marie Wickham

– Junky Monkey

– Helen Dole


There were no virgins that afternoon, but a bevy of visitors.  I didn’t catch the entire list of names, but they included ex-NYCer Carla, a companion of Carla’s, a couple from Addis Ababa whose names I missed, Muffalotta from Boston, and marathoner Leeky Willie.  Next was the announcement that Wet Connection and Yank It! had skipped the typical engagement routine and simply got themselves hitched!  A very hearty congrats were given to the new Mr. and Mrs. Wet Connection.  Peter was sent up for trying to get Andrew and Mary called up for wearing matching outfits…instead he managed to also nominate himself in the process.  Jumpin’ Jack Gash and Sideshow Bob were brought up, Kyle for managing to complete the marathon with only hours (or thereabouts) of training, while Bob was up for asking if he could wear his non-NYC marathon medal.  Doggy Style was also called out (but was apparently wandering the streets at that moment) for arriving extra early at the start, forgetting that Daylight Savings Time had ended that morning.  The AOTW for the marathon went to David Byron-Brown, apparently for sending an unpleasant email reply to weekend visitor Joshua Cotton.


Of course on this occasion there was plenty more drinking to be had, and as the afternoon progressed, more marathoners made their entrances, with cheers for each from the crowd.  At some point the hash cash finally ran out, and the drinking marathon also came to an end.