Kathmandu Marathon

The Kathmandu Marathon is organized by Scheer Memorial Hospital, a charity hospital in Nepal for over 45 years. Besides presenting a unique, innovative and multifaceted approach to create a sustainable fund for charity health care needs of Nepal, this marathon improves economy and tourism, inspires excellence in athletics, involves students and businesses of Nepal, encourages healthy lifestyle choices and fosters philanthropic living. We invite you to read the information below and consider joining the Kathmandu Marathon as a sponsor.

The 2006 Kathmandu Marathon is scheduled for October 22 and at least 3000 runners are expected to register. Of special importance this year is the fact that Kathmandu Marathon is only one of three races in the world to be sponsored by AIMS in an effort to encourage a life of sports in school children. The sponsorship covers 1500 school children in the Kathmandu Valley.. Such recognition from an international sporting body is one we are very proud of.

Highlights of the inaugural marathon On February 18 2005, 850 runners pinned on their bib numbers, proudly wore their T-shirts and ran the Kathmandu Marathon for a healthier Nepal. The runners represented 20 different countries and different walks of life: top executives and students ran side by side, all passionate about making a positive difference in Nepal. As a result of this effort the Kathmandu Marathon raised over $15,000 USD for free medical care. This marathon will be an annual event in Nepal

Accredited by AIMS (the Association of International Marathons and Road Races), the Kathmandu Marathon is the only event of its caliber in Nepal and draws on the mystic and enchantment of the Kingdom of Nepal to bring from around the world adventure-seeking marathon runners, not only to have a thrilling athletic experience but to raise much need funding for health care in the Kathmandu Valley.

Travel Advisories and Safety Issues Because of the general concern people have about traveling to Nepal and the political condition in Nepal, the marathon has deliberately been scheduled in October, historically a time of festivals, celebration, and PEACE in Nepal. It is the holiday time of Dasain and Tihar when all political parties, including the Maoists call for a ceasefire and promote peace for a period of eight weeks. The Kathmandu Marathon is therefore scheduled for the perfect time in the Nepal—an annual time of peace, festivities, perfect weather, and a clear views of the Himalayan Mountain Range.

Why continue with the marathon?

  • The population of Nepal is 25 million with limited healthcare services.
  • The average yearly income of a family is US$220, making the Nepalese among the poorest of the world. The average cost for a doctor’s consultation in Kathmandu Valley is US$1.4. This does not include medicine, lab tests or other procedures—and makes healthcare unaffordable to the average person.
  • Access to healthcare is limited with only one doctor per 18,439 people and most villages are a three-day walking distance away from a clinic with limited facilities.
  • Terrorism and a civil war is driving people into the already over populated Kathmandu Valley making healthcare services inadequate.
  • Part of the proceeds will be given as grants to hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley to give free medical care. The rest will be put in an endowment fund for continued charity medical care in the country.

Your support will help bring healthcare to Nepal without discrimination. Please contact us for more information and a complimentary copy of the beautiful, full-color 2005 results magazine.

Kathmandu Marathon
Scheer Memorial Hospital

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