Receding Hareline (Previous 60 Days)

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s) OnIn
Brooklyn #978
Start: Clark St subway stop on the 2/3 train (outside next to the Citibikes, specifically)
Transit: 2/3 to Clark St, A/C to High St

I promise to charm you with a new, nice, intimate and interesting On In. It will, however, be London Rules (but not for lack of trying - I've exercised LR all of two times in my many years of haring so I've earned it)
🍀🇮🇪 St Patrick's Day 🇮🇪🍀
NYC #1839
Start: Drop Off Service, 211 Avenue A (Just above 13th Street)
Transit: N/Q/R/4/5/6 to Union Square or (update: the L is not running. Please take M14A or M14D buses instead)

Guinness and Irish Soda Bread to be offered, in addition to other good beers and pizza!
LunchDrop Off Service
Peanut Moon
GGFM #361
Start: The Library 7 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009
Transit: F to 2nd Avenue
Tequila Whore
Ides of March Toga Hash
Knickerbocker #147
Start: Down the Hatch, 179 W 4th St
Transit: A/C/E, B/D/F/M to W 4th St

Wear a toga!  Or a sheet that can approximate one!
Bag hag needed! Drink checker wanted! Contact Sheetstorm or Mandatory Fun
Brooklyn #977
Start: Pacific Standard, 82 4th Ave
Transit: D/N/R/B/Q/2/3/4/5/LIRR to Atlantic Terminal
Larrikin Rules Apply
NYC #1838
Start: Dave’s Tavern, 574 9th Ave
Transit: A/C/E to 42nd St-Port Authority
Cheeky Bastard and Just Shannon
NAWW #339
Start: Perdition, 692 10th Ave between 48th & 49th
Transit: C/E to 50th, 1/B/D to Columbus Circle, N/R/W to 49th, A/Q/7 to 42nd

Cum atone for your sins! Dog friendly on-in!
Idle Handjobs
Brooklyn #976
Start: The Montrose, 47 5th Ave
Transit: B/D/N/Q/R/2/3/4/5 to Atlantic Ave/Barclays Ctr, LIRR to Atlantic Terminal
Gag’Em Style and Cheeky Bastard
📿🎉 Mardi Gras 🎉 📿
NYC #1837
Start: Irish-American Bar, 17 John Street
Transit: 2/3/4/5/A/C/J/Z to Fulton Street, R/W to Cortlandt Street

We’re bringing a little bit of NOLA to NYC for the Marid Gras hash. There’ll be everything you need to celebrate like a local—beads, King Cake, Zapps, and booze (aka a drink check). So get ready to say “Who Dat?” instead of “R U?”

Laissez les bon temps rouler!
US Marine Whore & Noah's Dinghy
Polar Bear Day/Kahlua Day/No-Brainer Day
Knickerbocker #146
Start: NYRR Runcenter, 320 West 57th Street, Ground Floor
Transit: A/C/B/D/1 to 59th St-Columbus Circle or N/Q/R/W to 57th St

These are all real holidays! It's a no-brainer, you should reach into your inner polar bear and brave the winter to come to the hash and have some Kahlua!
What a C*nt! (for real)
Brooklyn #975
Start: OK, Let's start at The Owl Farm, 297 9th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Transit: F/G to 9th street / 4th Ave, or D/N/R/W also to 9th street,
the station yours truly stopped one before a week ago.
Turd Dimension
NYC #1836
Start: Berg’n, 899 Bergen St, Brooklyn
Transit: A/C to Franklin Ave or S to Park Pl

Prelube: 1:20 @ Bad Seed, 585 Franklin Ave (2 blocks from the Start, free beer for those who pre-Rego’d)

Pub Crawl Run.  Live Runner + Walker trail with craft beer checks!!!
Notes: Live Runner + Walker trail with craft beer checks!!! Approx 4 x 1 mile trails (shorter for walkers) with craft beer checks at each stop. If you pre-Rego’d with PD’n then your beer checks are included in your hash-cash price, else pay as you go.

Questions? Contact Prairie or a member of the Committee.

Prairie Dog'n
Margarita Moon
GGFM #360
Start: Arriba Arriba Midtown 762 9th Avenue, Manhattan Margaritas!
Transit: B/D/E to 7th Avenue, 1/2 to 50th Street, N/Q/R/W to 49th Street and walk over a few blocks
Tequila Whore & Gag'em StyleThe Parlour!
NAWW #338
NAWW #338
Start: The Scratcher 209 E. 5th Street
Transit: 6 to Astor Place or Bleecker
London rules tonight! bag hag appreciated!
Trionas 237 Sullivan Street. 3rd and Sullivan
Brooklyn #974
Start: The Owl Farm, 297 9th St
Transit: F/G to 4th Ave-9th St, R to 9th St
Cheeky Bastard
NYC #1835
Start: Flannery's Bar, 205 W. 14th St at 7th Ave
Transit: 1/2/3 to 14th/7th A/C/E or F/M to 14th St, L to 6th Ave
Gag'em Style and Fingerbang
South Weasternton Northport
LIL #84
Start: Northport Prelube: The Laurel Bar 8 Laurel Road, East Northport, NY 11731
Transit: PArTy TrAin to Northport, arriving at 1:17p From Penn: 11:52a From Penn, transfer at Huntington (1:07p) arrive 1:17p Northport From Atlantic Terminal Brooklyn: 11:45a from Atl. Term. Transfer at Jamaica (12:15p), and Huntington (1:07p) arrive 1:17p Northport. Meet at Front of the train! For PArTy TrAin!!

Trail will be A➡B with bag / beer truck provided. Bring cash for a bar stop and a change of clothes. We will be getting muddy.  On-in is allowing us to play with fire, take that as you will.
Sir Gay  & Kim Dong Dildo
I Heart NYC Hashing Day
Knickerbocker #130
Start: Draught 55, 245 E 55th St, west of 2nd Ave
Transit: 4, 5, 6, N, R, W to 59th/Lex, E, M to 53rd/3rd, F, Q  to Lex/63rd

No, this is NOT a real holiday. It's an opportunity for you to come out and show the hash some love! Wear pink and read and hearts and all your love beads. Sparkles encouraged! Come have a nice love-ful r*n and then snuggle with your buddies in a cozy place with yummy heart-shaped beer and a box of tasty chocolates bar food!
Song of the week: Finger in Your Ear
Geordi La Foreskin & Cums Faster Than Men
Trail is A->A. Bring a cranium-lamp and a MetroCard!
Just Shannon & Moss Bros Birthday Trail
Brooklyn #973
Start: Duff's Alcohol Abuse Center
Transit: J M Z to Marcy Ave

Irish Whiskey meets German Beer! The really first double BD-Run @ BKH3! Come and find out what happens when these nice two cultures come together on a run!  Added bonus is Just Shannon's virgin lay.  
Moss Bros & Just Shannon
NYC #1834
Start: Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park
Transit: A/B/C/D/1 to 59th St./Columbus Circle
Turkish D & Fast American Dave
NAWW #337
NAWW #337
Start: Shades of Green, 125 E 15th St, New York, NY 10003
Transit: 4/5/6/L/N/R/Q/W to Union Square

There will be Shiggy, rain and another S. word on trail. Bring shiggy socks, headlamps and other protection - and maybe machetes. See Spank the Plank department of silly promises for details
Spank the Plank
🖤 Dark Hearts Deux 🖤
Brooklyn #972
Start: Applebees @ Atlantic Terminal Mall, 139 Flatbush Ave Level 2, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Transit: 2/3/4/5/B/D/N/Q/R to Atlantic

Valentine blues got you down? Come celebrate one of the saddest days of the year with  a shitty shitty trail, where we search for the meanings of love and life
Gynoplasty/ What-a-C*nt
🏈 Super Bowl LIII 🏈
NYC #1833
Start: One Star, 147 West 24th Street (between 6th & 7th Ave)
Transit: 1 to 23rd St or C/E to 23rd St

A to A trail then sticking around for the game. Bring extra funds for Super Bowl Squares.

Note the later than usual start.
Nerves of Squeal
National Croissant Day
Knickerbocker #145
Start: McKenna’s Pub
Transit: L Train Baby!  West most station. Also, A, C, E, F, M, 1, 2, 3

There will be croissants at the on-in.  This is a real holiday!
Just Elizabeth (Virgin Lay), Check Mother F*@&$# and Metrosweatual
They Upended Their Lives to Avoid the L Train Shutdown. Then There Was No Shutdown.
Brooklyn #971
Start: Rocka Rolla 486 Metropolitan Ave
Transit: L/G to Lorimer/Metropolitan
Just Ben
NYC #1832
Start: Killarney Rose, 127 Pearl St, New York, NY
Transit: Wall St stops on 2/3 or 4/5

Good beer variety & nonpizza food at on-in
Sheet Storm
LIL #83
Start: Dang BBQ, 174 Islip Ave., Islip
Transit: Revised from BK!: 11:21 Atl. Term to Jamaica, 12:20 Jamaica to Babylon, 1:18 Babylon to Islip OR 11:55 Penn to Babylon, 1:18 Babylon to Islip. Either way, arrive at Islip at 1:29
Cheeky Bastard
NAWW #336
NAWW #336
Start: One Star 147 West 24th Street
Transit: 1, C, E to 23rd St stations
Rapunzel and Tokin
22nd Annual Polar Bear Hash
Brooklyn #970
Start: The Red Doors, 1205 Surf Ave.
Transit: D/F/N/Q to Coney Island - Stillwell Ave.
BH3 Committee
22nd Annual Polar Bear Hash
NYC #1831
Start: The Red Doors, 1205 Surf Ave.
Transit: D/F/N/Q to Coney Island - Stillwell Ave.
BH3 Committee