Receding Hareline (Previous 60 Days)

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s) OnIn
Togas n' Pis
Knickerbocker #135
Start: Barcelona Bar 923 8th Ave
Transit: N/Q/R/W to 57th St or A/B/C/D/1 to 59th St/Columbus Circle

The ides have it: The Toga Hash is back. Hash for democracy! Hash for philosophy! Hash like Dionysus told you where to find the beer! Hash like you left your pants in a Grecian bank! Also bring your circular toga. Hash for pi.
Gag'em Style & Cum Test Dummy
Brooklyn #925
Start: Kings County Brewers Collective
Transit: L to Jefferson

There will be a drink check! London rules at the on-in.
Gravy Train
NYC #1785
Start: Manitoba's,
Transit: J Z to Essex Street or 6 to Astor Place.  M15 bus might get you closer.
Checkspreader * * Daylight Savings * * Please note to set your clocks forward one hour.
69th Day of the Year!
Columbia #112
Start: Harlem Public, 3612 Broadway, New York, NY
Transit: 1 to 145th or A B C D to 145 with a bit of a walk
(it's just six blocks, c'mon!)

There will be at least one drink check; maybe even two if y'all behave yourselves.
Turd DimensionBroadway Dive, 101 and Broadway. Deal was: it was happy hour.
NAWW #325
Start: Overlook 225 E. 44th Street
Transit: 4 5 6 7 S to Grand Central

The 3rd Anal Winter Formal  - get your gowns, tuxedos, tiaras and top hats out of storage. Fancy Drink Check! LIVE Trail!
Suprise! I'm Illiterate and Leaky Bladder
Brooklyn #924
Start: Other Half Brewing, 195 Centre St between Court and Smith
Transit: F/G to Smith-9th St
Eager for Beaver & Cheeky BastardDean Street Tavern
David's Day hash
NYC #1784
Start: Dave's Tavern 574 Ninth Avenue (btwn 41st and 42nd) Manhattan
Transit: A/ C/ E to 42nd st. 1/ 2/ 3/ N/ Q/ R/ W/  to Times Square

Davids' Day!  All Davids are welcome.  Come out and celebrate the patron saint of Wales, David.  Bring a daffodil or even a leak, and be Welsh for a day.  Yacky Da!
Fast American Dave, Momentarily Vertical, Coneylingus
LIL #72
Start: Westbury. Prelube: Friar's Tavern, 231 Post Ave. (map)
Transit: 2:22pm pArTY tRaiN from Penn or Atlantic Term to Westbury, arrives at 3:06.
Patron Taint of the Willing Tongue
Lorax Moon
GGFM #349

Transit: 2/3/4/5/A/C/J/Z to Fulton Street, 6 to Brooklyn Bridge


BollywoodlessA to A
Knickerbocker #134
Start: Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Cafe, 901 Broadway
Transit: N/R/Q/W/4/5/6/L to 14th Street - Union Square
Cheeky Bastard
Brooklyn #923
Start: High Dive 243 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Transit: R to Union Street, 2/3 to Bergen Street, B/Q to 7th Ave
Check Spreader
NYC #1783
Start: Bob's Your Uncle, 929 Columbus Avenue (between 105th and 106th Streets)
Transit: B/C or 1 Trains to 103rd Street
Foreign My Twat
NAWW #324
NAWW #324
Start: Rattle & Hum 14 East 33rd Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues.
Transit: 6 to 33rd Street,  B D F M N Q R W to 34th Street/Herald Square

There will be a drink check. Weather forecast is warm and dry.
Shame Crustacean w co-hare Dead Hooker
The Inaugural Glazed Donut Trail!
Brooklyn #922
Start: Rocka Rolla, 486 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Transit: G to Metropolitan / L to Lorimer

Come for some Non NYC marks, donut checks and a guaranteed disaster of a trail. Non pizza food.
Fifty Shades of Glaze
NYC #1782
Start: Live Bait 14 E 23rd St
Transit: N / R / 6 to 23rd

For those who are new to hashing would like to some day hare and you don't know to set a NYC trail, please contact me. We can set trail together. Expect an A to B trail and new ON-IN.
CONEYLINGUS & Just John ( virgin lay )The Albion
[Actual] Valentine's Day hash!
Knickerbocker #133
Start: Nassau Bar, 118 Nassau St.
Transit: A/C/J/Z/2/3/4/5 to Fulton, R/W to City Hall
Mandatory Fun
Black Valentine Hash for Lonely Hearts and Unrequited Lovers
Brooklyn #921
Start: Bed-Stuy Applebee's 1360 Fulton St
Transit: A / C to Nostrand Avenue

Bring out your blackest clothes that are blacker than your soul and revel in the knowledge that love doesn't matter; we're all going down in flames anyway. Cunt! and Gyno will be your dates for an evening of romance and angst, starting at everyone's least favorite date spot. So think of a story about a former lover who wronged you, pump some Dashboard Confessional through your earbuds and get ready to Feel. So. Hard.*

*about this terrible trail you're going to run
What A Cunt!, GynoplastyQ Tavern
Mardi Gras Hash resurrected
NYC #1781
Start: The Patriot, corner of Church and Chambers
1/2/3 to Chambers St,
R/W to City Hall,
4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge City Hall,
A/C/E to Chambers St

There will be beads and king cake!
US Marine Whore & Noah's Dinghy
Valentines Day Hash!!!
Columbia #111
Start: Coogans 4015 Broadway @ W 169th St.
Transit: A/C/1 to 168th St
NAWW #323
NAWW #323
Start: Subway Inn 1140 Second Ave. (E. 60th St. and 2nd Ave)
Transit: 4, 5, 6, N, R, W to 59th St.
All Hands on Wood
Brooklyn #920
Start: Alligator Lounge 600 Metropolitan Ave
Transit: L to Lorimer, G to Metropolitan
Six Inches, Ladiest.b.d Brooklyn 224 Franklin St at Green
Super Bowl LII
NYC #1780
Start: One Star, 147 West 24th Street (between 6th & 7th Ave)
Transit: 1 train to 23rd Street or C, E, F to 23rd St.

Bring extra funds for Super Bowl Squares
Note the later than usual start
Geordi's Beer Day!
LIL #71
Start: Susan's Pub, 8 Railroad Ave, Bethpage, NY
Transit: pArtY tRaIn: 12:12AM from Penn Station, or 11:45AM from Atlantic with a transfer at Jamaica. Arrives 1:01PM at Bethpage. Note the early train time!

Shiggy socks strongly recommended.
Geordi La Foreskin, Cums Faster Than Men, & Surprise I'm Illiterate
Woodchuck Moon
GGFM #348
Start: Ginger's Bar 363 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Transit: R to 9th Street, F/G to 4AV - 9th Street Station

Chicken/Eagle Trail, Bring a flashlight or headlamp, especially for the eagles.
Blowzo the Clown
Knickerbocker #132
Start: Reif's Tavern, 302 E 92nd St, New York, NY 10128
Transit: 4, 6 to 96th Street or Q to 96th Street

Headlamps might be a good idea da
Turd Dimension
Brooklyn #919
Start: Rocka Rolla 486 Metropolitan Ave  
Transit: G/L to Metropolitan Ave - Lorimer St.
Drug Bust
NYC #1779
Start: Rudy's, 627 9th Avenue (between 44th and 45th)
Transit: A/C/E to 42nd St/Port Authority, 1/2/3/7/R/N/Q to Times Square

There may be a Drinks Stop
Just Sean
NAWW #322
NAWW #322
Start: Wood and Ales 234 W 14th St , b/t 7th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas
Transit: 1/2/3 Train to 14 St, A/C/E/L to 14th st.
Just Justin and Coneylingus
Brooklyn #918
Start: High Dive, 243 5th Ave, Brooklyn
Transit: R to Union Street, 2/3/4/5 to Bergen Street, or B/Q to 7 Av

Potential for non-pizza food at the on-in!
Half Price Head
NYC #1778
Start: The Emerald Inn on 72nd St, off Broadway
Transit: 1/2/3 train to 72nd St
Just Anil & Pussyfoot
Hint: the hare is an artist.  His Christmas Eve trail was in the shape of a heart!
18thish Annual Flashlight Hash!
GGFM #347
Start: Malachy's (72nd & Columbus) 103 W 72nd Street, New York, NY 10023  
Transit: A/B/C to 72nd; 1/2/3 to 72nd St-Broadway

Bring a cranium lamp!  Bring a flashlight!  Bring a battery-powered LED night light - whatever you've got!
Tall Dark and Hammered,
Crazy Bob, and A Little Dirty
Hamilton Hash!
Knickerbocker #131
Start: Harlem Public, 3612 Broadway
Transit: A/B/C/D to 145th, 1 to 145th

There WILL be off-road action. Headlamps highly recommended! Meetup RSVP Here!
Idle Handjobs