Receding Hareline (Previous 60 Days)

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s) OnIn
NYC #1752
Start: Wheeltapper Pub, 141 E 44th St
Transit: 4/5/6/7/S to Grand Central
Surprise! I'm Illiterate!Failte, 2nd Ave & 29th/30th
Summer Series #2 - Bridges of Kings County
Brooklyn #891
Start: Towne Cafe, 2602 East 15th Street
Transit: B/Q to Sheepshead Bay (exit from the rear of the train if traveling from Manhattan)
Cheeky BastardSteeplechase Beer Garden, 1904 Surf Ave (on outside of MCU Park)
NASS #234
Start: Mosholu Pkwy Subway Station 40.880053, -73.884059
Transit: 4 train to Mosholu Pkwy
Bring shiggy socks!!!  
Piece of Slut, Cheeky Bastard, & SkidmarkMr Magoo's Pub, 231st/232nd & Broadway
Dildo Baggone's On-Out!
Queens Black Knights #54
Start: LIC Beer Project, 39-28 23rd St, LIC, 11101
Transit: F to 21 St - Queensbridge; N/W, 7 to Queensboro Plaza
You read that correctly - Ol' Dildo Baggone is leaving the concrete jungle for another concrete jungle a few hours down the road. Come celebrate by running one of his patented "worst trails ever."
Dildo BaggoneVeronica's Bar, 36th Ave & 34th St, Astoria
Horny Hash 4 - Burners Meet Hashers
NYC #1751
Start: One Star (147 W 24th St, New York, NY 10011)
Transit: 1/2 to 23 St; F/M to 23 St; A/C/E to 23 St
A to A! Walker trail! Drink check! Burner friends? Bring 'em! Horns? Wear 'em! What? This is the fourth annual "Burners meet Hashers" trail, which we're bringing back in memory of the lovely and amazing Tigger. The mission is to bring together Hashers and Burners, two communities of excellent people who definitely need to get to know each other better.
Skidmark, Leaky Bladder and maybe moreA-A
Summer Series #1 - Bridges of Kings County
Brooklyn #890
Start: Pearl's Social & Billy Club 40 St Nicholas Ave.  
Transit: L to Jefferson Street
Come on out for the first leg of the summer series!
Drug BustKing's Tavern, 949 Grand St
NASS #233
Start: Plandome Station on the LIRR, Port Washington line.
Transit: 2:18 from Penn / 2:29 from Woodside arrives Plandome at 3:00.
Five-Borough Pub Crawl
Special #120
Start: Yankee Tavern, 72 E 161st St - Bronx
Transit: B/D/4 to 161st
Note the 12:00 PM start time! You can't drink beer in all five boroughs if you don't start in the Bronx!
Splat, A Little Dirty, Hindlick
This is a pub crawl. No specific hash-cash, pay as you go. Charge your liver & your MetroCard!
Its a mystery
NYC #1750
Start: Brother Jimmy's Union Square 116 E 16th St
Transit: 4/5/6/L/N/Q/R/W to Union Square
Mystery Hare (What A C*nt!)Otto's Shrunken Head
Brooklyn #889
Start: Glorietta Baldy, 502 Franklin Avenue
Transit: C/S to Franklin Ave
Live trail! New on-in!
Cheeky Bastard
100th R*N
Columbia #100
Start: The Gin Mill, 442 Amsterdam Ave
Transit: 1 to 79th Street, B/C to 81st Street
London Rules and $3 hash cash
Larrikin (Part II)
Buck Moon
Slut's Birthday Trail

GGFM #341
Start: House of Wax, 445 Albee Square W #4410 On 4th floor across from Alamo Drafthouse  
Transit: A/C/F to Jay St MetroTech, 2/3 to Hoyt St, B/Q/R to DeKalb, 4/5 to Nevins St
Walker <3 : Chicken 4ish : Eagle: 6+ Drink check!
Piece O'SlutSlut's Roof
Post Independence Day nurse your hangover run
NYC #1749
Start: Blue Ruin 538 9th Avenue (between 39th and 40th Streets on the East side of the avenue)
Transit: Take the A/C/E to 42nd Street / Port Authority or 1/2/3 to Times Square
Just SeanBarcelona Bar
Brooklyn #888
Start: Barclay's Center, Williamsburg Bank corner
Transit: 2/3/4/5/B/D/Q/N/R to Atlantic Ave/Barclay's Center
LIL #64
Start: Rockville Centre. Prelube: MacArthur Park Restaurant, 1 Maple Ave
Transit: 1:55 pArTY tRaiN from Penn to Rockville Centre, arrives at 2:36.
Three Inch Troll Slayer & Amoeba
Come see the shiny, new station at South Ferry.
NYC #1748
Start: The White Horse Tavern on Bridge Street
Transit: 1 to South Ferry, 2/3 to Wall St or 4/5 to Bowling Green,
Bag Hags needed
Brooklyn #887
Carmine's Pizzeria

Transit: L to Graham Ave.
Tasty non-pizza food. And bring a swimsuit! Or don't 😉
Cream Throat Willie & SwordswallowerWillie's Hot Tub
NASS #232
Start: Bases Loaded Sports Bar, 2997 Westchester Ave, Bronx. NW exit of Buhre Ave subway station.
Transit: Buhre Ave on the 6. 43 minutes from Grand Central
Doner Kebab
Queens Black Knights #53
Start: Sunswick 35/35, 35-02 35th St, Astoria, NY 11106
Transit: N/W to 36 Avenue, E/M/R to Steinway St
Any volunteers to assist with bags and/or drink check will be greatly appreciated! Email
Leaky BladderThe Local, 41st St & 31st Ave
Gay Pride Run
NYC #1747
Start: 9th Avenue Saloon 656 Ninth Avenue (between W. 45th and W. 46th)
Transit: A, C, E,  7 to 42nd St; 1, 2, 3, N, R , Q, W, S to Times Square
Momentarily Vertical & Just FrankThe Ritz, 369 W 46th St
Brooklyn Pride
Brooklyn #886
Start: Xstasy Night Club, 758 5th Ave in Sunset Park
Transit: D/N/R/W to 25th St
Pecker Wrecker
LVH3 and CUNTH3 4TH Anal Campout at The Woods 2017
Columbia #99
Welcome to the Anal LVH3/CUNTH3 CAMPOUT! This is our fourth year holding it at the fantastically equipped Woods Campground in Lehighton, PA. Never heard of The Woods, the member’s only, clothing optional, LGBT campground? Well slap on your handle bar mustache and spandex, because are you in for it. Rego here:
Who cares? You'll be so drunk and naked it won't really matter.
Bourbon Day Hash
NYC #1746
Start: Barley & Grain 421 Amsterdam Ave (junction with 80th St)
Transit: 1 Train to 79th Street, C/B to 81st St.
OffDutyZZZZZZThe Parlour, 86th St & Broadway
Brooklyn #885
Start: Franklin Park, @ Franklin Ave
Transit: 2/3/4/5/S to Franklin Ave


Plank The Doggie, no wait, Spank The Erectus, nono wait, Doggie The Spank, nonono, Erect the Plank, nononono, SpankDoggieTheErectusPlank...F&ck it, just come to the hash ok? You'll buy a new shirt, drink shitty beer and eat flaming rats' pizza!Cherry Tree, 65 4th Ave @ Bergen St
NASS #231
Start: Pelham Station on Metro North
Transit: Take the 2:36 New Haven line train. Arrives Pelham at 3:07.
Chicken and eagle trails. On in will be at Lunch's house. $15 hash cash. Barbecue and chili (meat and veggie options). If you are driving, go to Lunch's house by 2:50 and he'll drive you to the start.
Strawberry Moon
GGFM #340
Start: St Dymphna's, 118 St Marks Pl, 10009
Transit: L to 1st Ave, F to 2nd Ave (exit on 1st Ave side), 6 to Astor, R or W to 8th St/NYU. Citibike stations at St Marks and 1st Ave and 7th st and Ave A
Skidmark & Gag'em Style
Bring your ID for the on in!
Skidmark's apartment in the East Village
NYC #1745
Start: Live Bait, 14 East 23rd Street
Transit: R/W to 23rd Street, 6 to 23rd Street
Live Trail!
Cheeky Bastard and Dildo Baggone
Brooklyn #884
Start: Cadman Plaza West outside of the High Street - Brooklyn Bridge subway station
Transit: A/C to High Street - Brooklyn Bridge
LIL #63
Start: Wantagh LIRR Station, Prelube: Correy's Ale House, 3274 Railroad Ave (map)
Transit: 1:55pm pArtY TrAiN from Penn, arrives in Wantagh at 2:51.
Summer's coming and we're going swimming regardless if it feels like summer. Bring suits!
Patron Taint of the Willing Tongue
Swordswallower's VIRGIN LAY !
NYC #1744
Start: Barcelona Bar, 923 8th Ave b/t 55th St & 54th St
Transit: N/Q/R to 57th St, A/C/B/D to Columbus Circle
Swordswallower & ConeylingusTurtle Bay, 2nd Ave & 52nd St
Memorial Day Hash
Brooklyn #883
Start: RAIN UPDATE: BYOB Picnic will be at Piece o'Slut's house 1649 8th Ave and Prospect Ave. Same rules with an indoor location.<br> Bring your own food and beverage.  A2A trail. Trail will be set from train station to Piece o'Slut's house. See you there!
Transit: F/G to 15th St-Prospect Park
Indoor picnic!!! Indoor picnic!!
Tequila Whore and Drug Bust