Receding Hareline (Previous 60 Days)

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s) OnIn
Brooklyn #874
Start: Grand Army Plaza subway station  
Transit: 2/3 to Grand Army Plaza
SmashmouthThe Westbury Inn, 673 Flatbush Ave at Westbury Ct
NYC 1734
NYC #1734
Start: Bob's Your Uncle 929 Columbus Ave between 105th and 106th Street
Transit: 1, B, C to 103rd
929 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10025
Foreign My Twat & Just Russ1020 Bar, Amsterdam Ave @ 110th St.
Queens #245
Start: Bierocracy, 12 -23 Jackson Avenue (at 47th Road), Long Island City.
Transit: Vernon Blvd / Jackson Ave or Hunters Point Ave on the 7, 21st Street / Van Alst on the G.
Solar Eclits and Ditch SuckerThe Jar Bar, 48th Ave & 45th St, Sunnyside
Topless Barbie's Topless Hashstravaganza!
Knickerbocker #119
Start: Subway Inn, 1140 2nd Av (at 60th St)
Transit: 4/5/6/N/R/W to Lex & 59th; F/Q to Lex & 63rd; E/M to Lex & 53rd; Roosevelt Island Tram
Shirts optional. It's National Goof Off Day, but there's no real joke there.
Topless Barbie & Solar Eclits
Bring a MetroCard, you may need it!
American Trash, 1st Ave & 77th St.
Brooklyn #873
Start: Do or Dive, 1108 Bedford Ave
Transit: G to Bedford-Nostrand, C to Franklin (or A to Nostrand)
Note:  Google maps is confused!  It thinks Do or Dive is closed but don't worry, it is open! The place was formerly a restaurant called Do or Dine, which shut down.  Do or Dive opened in its place and is definitely open for business!
50 Shades of Glaze and Tequila WhoreBirdy's, 1215 Myrtle Ave
NYC 1733
NYC #1733
Start: Four Faced Liar, 165 West 4th Street. 
Transit: West 4th Street on ACEDF, Christopher Street on the 1
Dogface & Zeno's pairadicksDrop Off Service
Annual Ides of March Green Edition Hash ( Run & Walker Friendly Trail )
NAWW #310
Start: O'Hara's Restaurant and Pub, 120 Cedar Street
Transit: N / R to Cortlandt St. , 4 / 5 to Wall Street or 1 train to Rector St.
Stinky Fingers & ConeyWhite Horse Tavern ( Financial District )
Brooklyn #872
Start: Kings Tavern 949 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Transit: L to Grand St
Drug Bust and Six Inches, LadiesKing's Tavern
NYC Square root of three (AKA Purim)
NYC #1732
Start: Dublin House, 225 West 79th Street
Transit: 1 to 79th St; 2 / 3 to 72nd St.
Topless Barbie & Busted Nut (virgin lay)Biddy's Pub, E 91st St & 2nd Ave
Columbia #96
Start: Malachy's Donegal Inn, 103 W 72nd St @ Columbus Ave
Transit: 1/2/3, B/C to 72nd St
Mandatory FunThe Gin Mill
Worm Moon
GGFM #337
Start: Earl's Beer and Cheese 1259 Park Avenue (Corner of 97th Street)
Transit: N/Q or 6 to 96th St
Tequila Whore, et. al. (You?)Reif's Tavern, 92nd and 2nd Avenue
International (Working) Women's Day Hash
Knickerbocker #118
Start: Lederhosen, 39 Grove Street
Transit: Christopher Street on the 1
Seriously, it's international working women's day. Dress like a working girl and win a prize!
Just Yuriy and Cheeky Bastard
Brooklyn #871
Start: Sugarburg, 519 Metropolitan Ave at Union
Transit: L to Lorimer, G to Metropolitan
Use Your Inside Voice and Cheeky BastardRocka Rolla, 486 Metropolitan Ave
NYC 1731
NYC #1731
Start: Woogies Bar and Grill 44 Trinity Place
Transit: 4, 5 to Wall St.; J, Z to Broad St.  2, 3 to Wall. Note:  the 1 train is suspended in lower Manhattan this weekend.
BoySlave & Fairy Queen
March Madness
LIL #60
Start: Bethpage, Prelube: Susan's Pub, 8 Railroad Ave (map)
Transit: 2:12 LIRR pArtY TrAiN from Penn to Bethpage, arriving at 3:01pm. Train from Atlantic Term leaves at 1:45.
$0.75 Beer and other Unbelievable Lies!
Patron Taint of the Willing Tongue
Hash Wednesday and SQUIRTY DANCING's On-Out!
NAWW #309
Start: Legends 33rd Street between 5th and 6th Ave 
Say hasta la pizza to Squirty Dancing!
MetroSweatual, Just Michelle and Momentarily Vertical
Brooklyn #870
Start: O'Keefe's Bar and Grill, 62 Court St
Transit: 2/3/4/5/r trains to Borough Hall
Rack 'n Roll Her
Dirty Hiney
NYC #1730
Start: Fraunces Tavern. 54 Pearl St
Transit: 4/5, 2/3, A/C, 1/R to their respective last stops in Manhattan.
A Little Dirty & Hindlick
Queens #244
Start: Rocky McBride's, 2701 23rd Avenue, at 27th Street, Astoria.
Transit: Ditmars Blvd on the N, W.
Drug BustVeronica's Bar, 36th Ave & 34th St
Bring Out Your Virgins Hash
Knickerbocker #117
Start: Patriot Saloon, 110 Chambers St
Transit: 1/2/3/A/C to Chambers St, 4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall
February is National Cherry Month, so bring a virgin and pop one at the Knick today!
Ice Ice Pussy and Solar Eclits
Brooklyn #869
Start: St. Gambrinus at 533 Atlantic Ave Note the earlier start time
Transit: 2/3/4 & N/Q/R/F to Atlantic/Barclay's Center
On in will be London rules
Father Daughter Hash
NYC #1729
Start: East 86th Street and 5th Avenue
Transit: 4/5/6 to 86th Street
Just Lizzy and Cheeky Bastard
Post Valentine's Day
NAWW #308
Start: Fitzgerald's Pub 336 Third Avenue (East 25th Street)
Transit: 6 Train to 23rd or 28th Streets
Just Tyler & Cums Faster Than MenJuke Bar, 196 Second Ave 12th St Ale House
Brooklyn #868
Start: Double Windsor, 16th St and Prospect Park West
Transit: F/G to 15th St/Prospect Park
Sandy SyphilisMission Dolores, 4th Ave & Carroll St
Just Emmy & Just Sean Virgin Lay Hash
NYC #1728
Start: The Library ,7 Avenue A
Transit: F train - 2 Avenue
Coneylingus and 2 Virgins once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now just called the Islands.
Just Emmy, Just Sean and ConeylingusAmerican Retro Bar & Grill, 11th Ave & 51st St.
5th An*l Valentine's Day sextravaganza!
Columbia #95
Start: Bob's Your Uncle, 929 Columbus Ave
Transit: B/C and 1 to 103rd Street
There will be a giveaway for everyone who does trail!
The CUNT CommitteeBob's Your Uncle
Snow Moon
GGFM #336
Start: Subway Inn, 1140 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10065  
Transit: N/Q/R to Lexington Ave./59 St; 4/5/6 to 59 St; F to Lexington Ave./63 St
Cranium Lamps Strongly Encouraged!
Surprise!Dive 75, 75th & Columbus
National Boy Scout Day Hash!
Knickerbocker #116
Start: Blind Tiger Ale House, 281 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014
Transit: A/C/E/B/D/F/M to W 4th, 1 to Christopher St - Sheridan Sq, PATH to Christopher St... JFGI
Merit Badge Challenge??
Two Surprise hares!Grassroots Tavern, St. Mark's btw 2nd & 3rd Aves
Brooklyn #867
Start: Corner of Union Ave and Metropolitan Ave (Macri Park) 
Transit: L to Lorimer/G to Metropolitan
Super Bowl Hash
NYC #1727
Start: One Star 147 W 24th St, New York, NY 10011
Transit: C, E, F, M, 1, 2
Note the later than usual start time... bar open at 3:30, the pack is off promptly at 4:00! Trail is A to A, There will be Super Bowl Squares
CPA & Cum Test DummyOne Star
LIL #59
Start: (and prelube) Oyster Bay Brewing Co., 36 Audrey Ave (map)
Transit: From Penn take the 12:25pm pArtY tRaIn to Oyster Bay, change at Jamaica and arrive at 1:46. (Coming from Brooklyn, take the 12:22 from Atlantic Term.)
Ditch Sucker & Drawn Johnson
February 1 NAWW 307
NAWW #307
Start: Rattle & Hum 14 East 33rd Street
Transit: 6 to 33rd St.
Just Bryan & Cums Faster Than MenBlack Sheep, 3rd Ave & E 38th St &
Brooklyn #866
Start: Sharlene's Bar, 353 Flatbush Ave at Carlton Ave
Transit: Q/B to 7th Ave or 2/3 to Bergen
US Marine WhoreLucky 13 Saloon, Sackett St btw 3rd & 4th Aves
NYC #1726
Start: Flannery's: 205 W14th St (just West of 7th ave)
Transit: 1/2/3 to 14th or A/C/E/F/M/L to 14th are a short walk
Wet Willy and Mean Jean The Down-Down Machine
7th Anal Ivy League Interhash
Special #94
Start: CUNTH3 INVASION OF PHILLY H3 Millcreek Tavern 4200 Chester Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19104
Transit: Friends, planes, automobiles... anything you can ride.
Ben Franklin Mob H3, Philly H3
17 (more or less) Annual Flashlight Hash
GGFM #335
Start: The Museum of Natural History
Transit: B/C to 81st St,2/3 to 72nd St. and walk or 1 to 79th St. and walk a little less
All the usuals for this annual winter extravaganza, including a glugg check, dark glasses, and new haberdashery. Don't forget your flashlights, you wankers!
Tall, Dark & Hammered, A Little Dirty, Crazy BobThe Parlour @ 86th and Broadway