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Weekly Wednesday Social!
Special #156
Will there be a theme? Will you be asked to cook something on camera? Will you be asked to run in a shape? Will you be asked to play trivia? Who knows!
Cheeky Bastard
Beerobics Class!
Special #155

Meeting ID: 853 3063 6913
Password: beernear
Get fit with Beerobics! Let's pump some aluminum! (or at least laugh at What A Cunt! while she does)

All you need is two cans of beer (any size will do - I'm using 24oz) and a mat, rug or other way to be comfy on the floor.

Also recommended: beverages for drinking while you do beerobics! And maybe a towel for your sweat!
What A C*nt!
Hash Scavenger Hunt!
Special #154

For this week's Wednesday fun, find the following items while you are out running/walking/biking. (They don't need to be found all in one outing.) Share your pictures with the group Wednesday night. The winner will receive a NAWW flask filled with booze!

  1. A condom in any condition (empty wrapper, completely intact, filled with semen, you get the idea)
  2. Someone blatantly smoking pot (I'll have to take your word on this one)
  3. A pile of dog poo that has been stepped in
  4. People who don't give a shit about social distancing guidelines (at least three people together who are not wearing face masks)
  5. A small child (no older than 8) in full face-mask and gloves
  6. Trash on the ground next to a not-full trash can
  7. Someone playing a multi-person sport (basketball, tennis, etc.) by themself
  8. Take-out food containers that still have food in them
  9. Someone taking pictures of flowers or a tourist-style selfie
  10. Someone standing/walking in the middle of a sidewalk or pathway so people can't get around them while staying 6-feet away

Bonus Point: Something that was clearly used for hard drugs (hypodermic needle, crack pipe, tiny plastic baggie, etc.)

Idle Handjobs    
V-I-R-U-S: Bingo of the Quarantimes
Special #153
V. I. R. U. S the Quarantine version of BINGO. Tune into a Zoom and play along. Zoom Link HERE. There will be 7 games played during the evening. 3 Regular games then 4 speciality games, all with unique prizes to be won. If you participated in Kaptain's Quarantine Quest Scavenger Hunt Zoom you've already received a VIRUS card. If you were unable to participate in the scavenger hunt but still wish to participate in this Bingo event and receive a VIRUS Card please make a donation to any of the following (If you have't already): Island Harvest A food Bank serving Long Island. Kids Need More a Non-Profit Charity dedicated to enhancing the lives of children, families & young adults coping with cancer and life-threatening illness. NYCH3 Hash Cash Fundraiser benefiting undocumented service industry workers. Monetary value of said donation does not matter. Please send a screenshot of your donation to, Subject: "VIRUS Card me please." A donation does not need to be made in order to participate in this Bingo event. Just email Kaptian. Limit 30 participants total.
Kaptain Hooker
Wash Yo Hands!
What Mad Gray A Vee C*nt Train Libs
Special #152
Start: Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 856 5380 5884
Password: BEER
Transit: Ride the D, C, or A.

Crazy Hash Mad Libs!

GrayVee has created some exciting ways for YOU to collaborate and make up... THE GREATEST.💥

Plus a mad lib hash song!

Plus beer!

Plus limericks!
GrayVee Train and What A C*nt!
Trivia Night!
Special #151
Start: Zoom
Meeting ID: 835 6011 0100
Password: TRIVIA

Please show up by 7:15 to be assigned to a group!
First Weekly Wednesday Social!
Special #150

Hashers!  Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday we'll be drinking and sharing information about our favorite drinks!  Or our favorite drinks that are currently available!  Or whatever's most convenient for us to be drinking that night!  Below is a questionnaire we'll use to have each of us describe our favorite drink to each other so we can learn more about what goes on in our heads.  Feel free to pick and choose what questions you want to answer, or be prepared to answer them all!  Don't feel like being creative?  Someone else will volunteer to answer for you!  Just let us know what your drink is and we'll supply all your answers!  Feeling daring?  Don't read the questions below ahead of time!

  1. Please describe the aroma  of your drink
  2. Please describe the appearance of your drink
  3. Please describe the mouthfeel *wink* of your drink
  4. What childhood memory does this drink remind you of?
  5. What musical instrument would you associate with your drink?
  6. What food pairs best with your drink?
  7. Describe the flavor trying to use words that start with the same letter (your choice)
  8. How many bottles/pours of your drink would it take for you to remove all your clothes?
  9. What shade of gray would you characterize your drink as?
  10. What's the best dipping food for your drink?
  11. What is the best experience you've ever had while drinking your drink?
  12. Please describe what bathing in your drink would be like
  13. What barnyard animal would most appreciate your drink and why?
  14. If you had a houseplant you watered with your drink what would you name it?
  15. Please take a sip of your drink
  16. When did you first try your drink?
  17. What's the average distance you need to travel in order to make/obtain your drink?
  18. Seriously, how are you doing, in general?
  19. Please take another sip of your drink.  How are you feeling right now?
  20. Overall Impression

If there's time at the end there'll be a special Hash drink surprise!  If not we'll pick that up in a future meeting!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 878 6543 3269

Password: Train

graYvee Train
Special #149
Start: Zoom Meeting ID: 828 0116 3504; Password: FLIP
Join us for a game of flip cup, please join at the start time if you plan to play to help with setting up teams. Or just come watch!

Rules of Flip Cup

If you plan to play:

  • Wear either red or black.  This will determine which team you are on.  Teams will be made day of pending the color you show up in.
  • If you are quarantining with someone, it is easier if you wear the same color and play on the same team, however, this is not necessary, just easier for your teammates.
  • The losing team will eliminate 1 player each round until there is 1 person or 1 team standing.
  • The losing team will need to have 1 player drink twice if the team #s are uneven.  As the teams level out the amount of drinking per round will lessen.
  • Teams will line up starting with player #1.  Team member #1 will be player #1 for the first round, member 2 will be player 1 for the 2nd round, 3 will be 1 for the 3rd round, and so on…
  • You must have an area in your apartment to play flip cup.  Your screen will need to have angle to see the cup flip for your teammates.  This is a necessary tool in order to play. That being said, phones do not work but tablets should.
  • While the hash does not make you drink, this is a drinking game and the point is to get drunker for each round.  That being said, if you are not drinking please hold team spots for those that are drinking but please do come out and support those of us that are not as smart as you.
  • You are welcome to play with the alcohol of your choosing.  Choose wisely…
  • Have red solo cups on hand at home (or any other cup that you can play flip cup with)!  You are welcome to drink out of one cup and flip with an empty cup to save your Lysol wipes.  This game will destroy your apartment which I learned the hard way (you’re welcome for the heads up).

If you just want to watch:          

  • You do not need to participate to join the fun!  If you do not want to play, please reach out to Gag’em Style, she could use judges since she would like to play. Or just show up and creep on us (that’s cool too).  Bonus points if you have a white board to keep track of teams.
  • During the game, we will request those that are not playing to turn video off.  This is so the people that are playing are able to see their teammates easier.  We apologize for this, but it’s how the game works better and we encourage you to keep your mic on so we can hear you cheer us on.

Side notes:

  • Flip cup will start 15 minutes after the scheduled zoom meeting so if you plan to play, please log in on time so we can arrange the teams accordingly and any questions can be answered.
  • Remember this is for fun.  There is a lag on zoom and shit happens.  Please be respectful of the judges and everyone else on the call.
  • This will be a shit show, it is zoom, however, it is so much fun!!!

OPTIONAL: hash cash benefits NYC workers who cannot benefit from unemployment or other government benefits! $20 recommended donation, but totally optional and up to you how much!

Gag'em Style
The 8th An*al Underwear Run & Virtual Cock Tail Contest
Knickerbocker #165
Start: Wherever the heck you are now
Lose the pants, put on your fanciest knickers and make us a goddamn beverage. Submit your beverages to the judges here:

Rules/point system posted on the form. Early submissions are eligible. The winner/s will receive something special they can consume, plus a roll of toilet paper*!
*provided I can afford the shipping

6:00p – Zoom Prelube
7:00p – Clap!
7:03-8 – R*n!
8:00 – back to Zoom for Cocktail reviews and circle

Meeting ID: 833 3042 6073
Password: underpants

OPTIONAL: hash cash benefits NYC workers who cannot benefit from unemployment or other government benefits! $20 recommended donation, but totally optional and up to you how much!

On-In: Wherever the heck you wind up after mixing and drinking your cocktail

YouWherever the heck you wind up after mixing and drinking your cocktail
It's 4/20! 7!
Brooklyn #1038

Because they got high, the 4/20 committee forgot to meet on 4/20. Better late than never? Rock your finest stoner look and light up a doob.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 883 6480 2414
Password: BKH3

OPTIONAL: hash cash benefits NYC workers who cannot benefit from unemployment or other government benefits! $20 recommended donation, but totally optional and up to you how much!

Party Like It's 1899!
NYC #1899
Start: Zoom:

Circle at 4:30!

Going forward, we'll be looking for 'hares' to host our virtual hashes. We're looking for hashers that want to run a game, have a fun idea for something else they think will be fun for us to do while hashing virtually. Please reach out to mismanagement if interested or need help figuring out an idea you have!
Kaptian's Quarantine Quest Scavenger Hunt!!!
LIL #98
Start: Zoom Link… Meeting ID: 915 6892 2520 Password: 193842 One tap mobile +19294362866,,91568922520#,,#,193842# US (New York) +13126266799,,91568922520#,,#,193842# US (Chicago)
Dial by your location +1 929 436 2866 US (New York) +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago) +1 253 215 8782 US +1 301 715 8592 US +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston) +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose) Meeting ID: 915 6892 2520 Password: 193842 Find your local number:

Transit: Stay Home, If active outside stay 6ft apart from others, while wearing a mask and gloves.

Kaptian's Quarantine Quest Scavenger Hunt!!!

The Rules:

  • All participating hashers must display proper PPE; I.E: Wearing a mask in each picture of yourself, gloves too if your hands are visible (unless you are washing your hands), otherwise the point(s) DO NOT COUNT!
  • Each item can only count once.
  • Each Item must have its own individual photo.
  • A picture of yourself can be a selfie.
  • In order to win you need the most points, you do not need to complete all the tasks.
The Winner will receive a Seamless $25 gift card!!!  All items are to be delivered to Kaptian Hooker via email:, With your Hash Name and “Scavenger Hunt” in the Subject, (Google drive/photo link also accepted via email) No Later than 7pm EST Saturday April 25th. All participating hashers must report to virtual circle via Zoom no later than 7:15pm. If a hasher is not in the room their points won’t count. Zoom Link:… Click here to see the tasks of The Quest. Each participating hasher will receive a Virus (bingo) card. Limited to the first 30 hashers. To be used for the next Long Island Lunatics Virtual meeting where we will play Bingo Or V-I-R-U-S in this case. *This event does not count as a trail. Long Island Lunatic Trails will commence once Misman deems it safe to do so in accordance with the WHO, and CDC.
Kaptian Hooker
  Wash Your Hands!!!
New Amsterdam was established on Manhattan Island on this day 369 years ago (maybe?)
NAWW #356
April 22, 1625, the Dutch West India Company voted to erect a fort in the fledgling town. That fort, dubbed Fort Amsterdam, continued to exist in some form well into the 18th century, surviving the American Revolution and ultimately being torn down in 1790 to make way for a promenade. It stood just south of Bowling Green, the city's first park, on the spot where the Alexander Hamilton US Custom House (today's Museum of the American Indian) now stands.
The NAWW Committee
Tomorrow is the last NAWW (as if kennels mean anything these days) as well as Earth Day! So run a trail in the shape of your favorite tree and wear green to circle! Dave would also like people to build forts in their homes. Come to circle at 8pm to get a sneak peak of the sweet hab we were going to roll out tomorrow:

Brooklyn #1037420 Committee
NYC #1898
Start: Zoom Link
Go r*n your own trial and come tell us about it during circle! Optional pre-lube starting around 2:45, circle at 4:30!

Remember to join our Strava group so you share your trail (and see everyone else's!)
Knicks Like It In the Kitchen
Knickerbocker #164
Start: Zoom link
Pants-optional cooking show! Put on your second-best knickers (save your best for April 29th!) and bring something to cook or something you made all by yourself, you big kid you. Your r*n challenge: draw the shape of the main ingredient of whatever you're cooking with your trail and share here:

Circle @ 8:15p

On-In: On-in Zoom link

You!On-in Zoom link
Brooklyn #1036
Start: Zoom
Meeting starts at 7:04 pm.
Circle at 8
Don't forget to #clapbecausewecare at 7!

Meeting ID: 941 8205 1615
Password: 044034
One tap mobile +19294362866,,94182051615#,,#,044034#
🐰🌷Easter Hash🌱🐣
NYC #1897
Start: Zoom Meeting ID: 913-3011-9290

Virtual Trail! Optional pre-lube starting around 2:45, circle at 4:30!
Cum wearing your Sunday best or something Easter themed! The best outfit/item will win a prize!       (...prize is a song)


NYC Dancing Practice
Special #148
Start: Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 406 753 858
Pass: 038038
R*n before if you want
Meeting opens for prelube at 7:04pm EST (GMT-4)
Don't forget to #clapbecausewecare at 7!

At 9:30pm New York time the mics are muted and the beat drops! This is all about getting your groove on and moving your butt after another week stuck in your apartment. Mix up a cocktail, dress to impress and join us for a heart-pumping, floor thumping good time. Party is guaranteed until 12:30 EST. If a west coaster wants to take on the role of DJ after that, email the hare!
DJ What A C*nt!
Send song requests to
NAWW #355
Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 450 121 604 One tap mobile +19294362866,,450121604# US (New York)

The second Wednesday of April is INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PINK!!! So, get decked out in your finest rosé threads and join us April 8th at 8pm for completely made-up accusations.
Everyone, basically
Virtual Hash
Brooklyn #1035
Start: Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 713 934 113
Pass: 1035
Optional pre-lube starting around 6:45, circle at 8
Virtual Hash
NYC #1896
Start: Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 985 893 098
Password: 794368
Optional pre-lube starting around 2:45, circle at 4:30