Brooklyn 813 – January 25 2016

Brooklyn 813

January 25 2016


Start: Farrell’s in Windsor Terrace

On-in: 773 Lounge in Kensington


Brooklyn suffered through snowstorm Jonas, dumping approximately 26 inches on the borough, one of the all-time harshest snowstorms in NYC history. The day after the snowstorm, our brave hare was out setting trail in Kool-Aid, determined to give us addicts what we need: RUNNING AND DRINKING


hare georgia oqueefe

hare again – wank in bad weather

turd dimension & finger lickin – animal trauma – squirrel, monkey orgasm

6″ ladies & pecker wrecker – offensive tshirt “im not gay”

whtserface- false accusation to jms

cum on moses, racknroller, usmarinewhore, drugbust – fancy footwear

cum on moses – llbean shoes = mainer labor

jay – lightup shoes

sick passenger witnessing – doggie & just jay

finger lickin – took down down for drug bust who swept trail to rescue 6″ ladies

cum on moses – “you didnt smell this fart”


and clearly, I had been DRINKING based on how I took these notes.

Who is whtserface? The world may never know…


Drug Bust

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