Brooklyn 806

December 7, 2015
Hare – cum on moses
On-In:  Alibi, in Fort Greene
Drink Check with “green” cookies at Union Memorial in Fort Greene Park – once again making the Brooklyn Hash the Hash Hash.
no name ben transplant –  iwakuni japan home hash, first hash in nyc
eager for beaver – likes to watch
eager, just paul, free his willy, georgia o’queefe – xeno’s paradox, what is that? progress halfway, you never get to the end
just paul – Now Named:  zeno’s pairadicks
Zeno’s Pairadicks – for eating a cookie at the drink check and not understanding “Special” means “weed”.
cum on moses –  as the hare, set trail with one giant piece of chalk, yet managed to create the smallest marks ever.
doggie erectus – for actually seeing dbb on trail
crispy kringle – attempted to mark trail with a rock
cum on moses – a funny new mark that we’ve never seen before – shall we call it a “poo circle”?
cum on moses – no water for dbb
eager for beaver – unable to find the start