Brooklyn 805

November 30, 2015

Yay!  Finally a trail where I showed my pretty face.

Hare – Turd Dimension

Start – the steps of Brooklyn Borough Hall, because thinking of an original start location is too much effort.

Trail was fine, I knew where the Hare lives, so I made educated guesses along the way which direction we should run.  This is the disadvantage of growing up in Brooklyn, I just plain know my way around.  My guess was that the on-in would be the Tip Top Bar, but noooooo I was wrong.  Turned out to be a new on-in, a pleasant surprise.   Now, thinking back,  I don’t remember the name of the bar, and quite frankly, THEY RAN OUT OF EVERY DECENT BEER THEY HAD.  It was as though they were willing to give us hash cash deals just to kick their shitty kegs.  Thanks Turd, we appreciate the vacuum job. Skidmark made an appearance to the BH3 and brought his “green” tincture.  So we move forward determined to make the Brooklyn Hash into the Hash Hash.



hare – turd dimension – shitty trail
kim – virgin – she seemed cool and alas, she has not returned since.
cum on moses and whoremaster – not knowing “on call” – really people?  Time for a lesson in calling trail.  When a hasher yells “on call” it means they are running a check, there are marks in that direction, but we are yet unsure if true trail goes that way.  Rule is 3-and-your-on, so if you see one or two marks, you are “on call.”
sam – brooklyn virgin – getting picked up at canal bar then returning to the brooklyn hash two weeks later

Smashmouth, by me, Drug Bust, I tried to give him a run for his money.

First, for being diligent regarding proper grammar and vocabulary, yet saying the most low-brow comment ever heard: something about transgendered women turning and aiming for the urinal and knowing its not for them…?  TACKY.

Second, while discussing these urinal experiences, noticing smashmouth was drinking a Red Tripe.  Upon asking why, he claimed it was the only respectable beer available.  BOOO Smashmouth, you are the founder of “the better beer hash.”

Third, the shitty beer choice was his own, yet he wanted to blame the hare, why, because its always the hare’s fault.  FAIL: Drug Bust had to take the down-down for false accusation and I got Turd Dimension to take it with me.


As Smashmouth walked out of the On-In, he turned to me and said he will be seeking revenge…  I have yet to see it though… anytime Smashmouth, anytime.