BH3 #628

BH3 #628

Startpoint: Jay St & York

On-In: Tip Top

Hare: Turd Dimension (formerly Just Chris)

The technological advent of 3D chalk should have ensured a clear and properly marked trail on this lovely July evening. The reassuring send off by Just Chris of no false trails and easy marks was quickly dismissed as most of the pack ran down Jay St. and past the first mark. The backdrop of cobble stones, overpasses and the pretentious hip "people "of DUMBO marked the first portion of the trail. Darting across Tillary St. I ditched Cheeky Bastard as he actually waited for a light (probably distraught due to my comment on the importance of "winning" the hash which should be taken as "first to the beer"). Quickly making way to the Ingersoll Houses (between Flushing and Myrtle), we were greeted as usual when running through any projects: the residents gave quizickel [ed. trans.: quizzical, but quiz-nickel has a nice ring to it – CB] looks as to why this large group of sweaty monsters in strange clothes are running over sidewalks while screaming ON ON. As we leapt over the wall of Fort Greene park and up the stairs of Martyr's Monument I started to feel the excitement of inching closer to my 'hood'. On On over Willoughby we weaved back toward the Navy Yard, had hope of home street beers started to wane? Alas back towards Willoughby jetting past the campus of Pratt Institute I could hardily contain my eager will and thirst for great and friendly neighborhood bars. Onto the street of my home all alone but taking pleasure by mark of BEER NEAR! One, two, three more blocks…. surely it will come soon! On In the fifth block brought water and beers!

While my home turf and sheer joy of a short five minute walk home made me biased, some people found the trail lacking or at least unclear, even with 3D chalk markings. Perhaps our fair hare should have gotten more than one set of glasses and thus this group has seen fit that forever more he be known as Turd Dimension!

Down – Downs:

Hare: for trail markings

Visitors: Shut Up and Port-A-Pussy

Virgins: John and Eric

Cheeky Bastard – Yielding to traffic (and losing the hash rather than risk safety en route to beers)

Hare – 3D chalk (or the lack of 3D glasses)

Eager 4 Beaver: for drinking Bud Light Platinum without shame

Pecker Wrecker: Story Telling to seek fame and counsel(ing)

Hare: Interrupting Circle

Ivory Dickler: looked up "Choad" on Urban Dictionary [ – click at your own risk]

Death Breast: Mistaking a random hasher that was not running trail for E4B

Hare: Named "Turd Dimension"

Baboon Ass: DFL

On Out,

Just James

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