NYCH3 #1491, Ow! My Balls & Finger Fucked’s 4th Hashiversary

NYCH3 #1491

Start: 14th St & 8th Ave

On-In: Raccoon Lodge

Hares: Ow! My Balls & Finger Fucked

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered at 14th & 8th to r*n the Finger My Balls 4th anniversary trail.  Our hares have a warped sense of humor.

They do, however know how to set up an On-In.  So after a minor miscalculation on the length of the trail, we started the festivities and gave out Down-Downs:

The Hares: Ow! My Balls & Finger Fucked

Visitors: Drama Queen & Just Conrad

Virgins: Just Elena, Just Dan, Just Ryan, Just Lindsay & another Just Ryan

Just Lindsay & Just Jo: For r*nning with water bottles

Just Ian: For not being able to find a bathroom

Cheeky Bastard, Devo, Just Chris, Just Ryan & Pimpy Longstocking: For r*nning right past the On-In

Fire In The Piehole: For dodging his new shoes Down-Down by leaving early

Ow! My Balls & Finger Fucked: A$$holes of the week for telling us trail was 3.8 miles when it was only 2.5

Fast American Dave: For winning the Hash

Conelingus: For sexually frustrating Cheeky Bastard and even letting out a mating call

1 Tequila 2 Tequila 3 Tequila Whore, A Little Dirty, CPA & MILF and Cookies: For being unaware of Tequila Day

I think the Hares knew it was Tequila Day since they were so inebriated they forgot how long their own trail was.