BH3 #616 and #627

Can you guess the inspiration for the format that follows? Whether you can or can't, be sure to tune in on Mondays at 7pm for the next installment of the Brooklyn Hash, live from Brooklyn!


Something old…

BH3 #616 – 5/7/2012

Start: Cadman Plaza

On In: Jalopy Tavern

Hare: Eager 4 Beaver

Advertised by E4B as "same old trail, new, never-before-checked-into on-in", this hash had strong promise from the planning stages. I can't read the tiny map on my Garmin well, but I think that trail cruised through some interesting parts of town, including a long stretch from the Brooklyn Bridge waterfront park area south, and the streets around Chateau Reed. We concluded our jaunt at the Jalopy Tavern, which is the artist formerly known as Moonshine. The neighboring Jalopy Theatre took over the closed-down bar when it, well, closed down. A solid beer offering pleased the pack and kept us docile until circle was called for the following down-downs:

Hare – E4B, for the trail and "new on in"

Visitors – Sr. Belinda, who was often busy taking pics on trail, and Butt-a-fuco, who carried his bag, as he did not seem to trust the hare (I wouldn't)

Rack N Roll Her – distracted by window shopping in DUMBO

69 Down – just because

Cheeky Bastard – lost his pussy

Just Nicole – thought a random statue was Statue of Liberty; perhaps was just messing with the virgin

Dr. Jizz and Fast American Dave – technology in circle

Cash lasted a goodly amount of time. Things went so swimmingly that we returned a few weeks later. An old/new/in-between hash bar is born/re-born (I can't keep track any more).

Something new(ish)…

BH3 #627

Prelube/Start: The Sackett

On In: Half Court Sports Bar

Hare: Speedo Gonzalez

This trail was something to me Marveled at – only because DC Comics was already committed to another project. It traversed up Fourth Avenue, and up, up, up the hills of the aptly named Park Slope, squiggled through some Prospect Heights territory for a little extra length and height, and concluded at Half Court Sports Bar. Speedo must like the place – I recall a GGFM of his here at some point in the murky past. Speaking of murky and its cousin, muggy, this evening was all of the above. I almost wished I was wearing a speedo on this trail. It was so muggy out that I could wring the sweat out of my shirt multiple times once we reached the on-in, and Noah's Dinghy could rightfully question why anyone would be out running – save for beer, of course.

How to best disperse the beer? In the form of down-downs, of course:

Hare – Speedo Gonzalez

Virgins – Titus (born again, I believe), Naomi

Visitors – Drama Queen, Just Morgan, Just Jill

Just Jill – warned by Tokyo H3 we're hardcore drinkers

Trader Blows, Headlights, Death Breast – helped a little old lady (we got to sing the old brown cow song! For those of you that don't know it, it is a favorite of Technically Foul's, so ask her!)

Cheeky Bastard – weaving through traffic at Grand Army Plaza

Smashmouth – smashed a beer glass. It was a spectacular event

Just Ana – race-ist

The return of The Saint

Something borrowed…

"The church is near, but the road is icy. The bar is far, but we will walk carefully." – Russian proverb

(sounds like that day's trail was a walker's trail…)

And, something blue…

"Son, when you participate in sporting events, it's not whether you win or lose…it's how drunk you get." – Homer Simpson

(okay, Homer is yellow, but what hasher in their right mind would doubt this wisdom? Let that be a lesson to you, Just James! [see BH3 #628's writeup])

On out!