NYCH3 #1480

NYC #1480
A fine strong number that is. I always prefer even hash numbers.. for some reason I always feel a better sense of accomplishment after doing one.

Now down to business. Pre-lube may have been epic for those who went, alas, I was not one of them. 3 Sheets Saloon on 3rd, a fine establishment if ever there was one so long as you are a frat boy who likes beer.. ( Yes, please!! ). The hash itself started at West 4th Street and 6th.. chalk talk took an age, we will blame the late arrivals from pre-lube who decided to take their time.

And then off we went.. the trail was set in a fine powdery substance of the edible variety. We went this way and that way. Some confusion was had deciding if 3 dots in a row was left or right.. best to check both ended up being the only option. I myself only recently found out that tennis balls are used to provide the perfect flour circles…( If you want more Hare know-how.. set trail!! We have lots of slots available over the coming months ). There was the usual trip through Union Square providing the chorus "Are you?".. with few responses. We eventually found our way thanks to some FRBs. I am still of the opinion that Fast American Dave has a teleporter…running… running.. Boom! he appears out of nowhere.

We made our way to the on-in Barrow’s Pub, Barrow St. and Hudson. Another fine establishment where beer was served a plenty. Not a dry t-shirt was in the house. The sweaty stench of hashers sent a few customers to the exit. The pizza arrived and it was all gone within minutes. The music was turned off and circle began…
Hares: Rack n Roll Her and Pimpy Longstocking
–> Accusations aplenty on this one… shitty trail… the weather… no beer stop. All valid reasons.

Virgins: Just Kevin, Just Anna, Just Amy
–> Just Anna brought the shitty weather from Seattle with her. All said they would return….???…Heres hoping Just Anna brings better weather with her.

Visitors: Jumping Jack Gash (NYC) from Dubai and Sister Belinda from Bern
–> Sister Belinda is a fine hasher who led us all in a song…. "Hashers. Meet the Hashers. There..". She was only here on holiday and is off home tomorrow. 5 days in NYC is truely not enough time. What about Brooklyn on a Monday?

Irish Spring and Pecker Wrecker for sending helpless bystanders into oncoming traffic.
–> In our defence, we were trying to get her to join the Hash, who knew she would turn out to be blind.

Doggie Erectus for wearing a 1995 Brooklyn HHH AGM tank top when he only moved to NYC three years ago
–> Hasher garbage sale?? I didn’t want to ask.

Joe Pennsylvania for being screamed at by a non-comm
–> Sure don’t we all like being screamed at sometimes.

Pussy Foot for having a birthday
–> Unavoidable…or never tell a hasher your birthday… "Hashy Birthday.. F..You"

Eager 4 Beaver for peeing on the trail (it sucked anyway)
–> Meh.. must be done.

Rack n Roll Her for missing her Appointment to JM
–> Tut.. tut..good on you.

WAC for taking notes on her technological device during circle
–> Without which I would not have all these fantastic facts for you.

All consisted of hashes to occur over the next week Brooklyn, Columbia, Summit, New Haven and NYC.. check out the homepage for details or the FB group "New York City Hash House Harriers and Harriettes"


Irish Spring