BH3 #610

BH3 #610

Hare: Doggie Erectus (and Just Nicole in absentia)

Start: 4th Avenue Pub

On-In: R Bar 

In writing this up, I was planning on using the extensive notes prepared by our JMs to tell all of you eager readers about the trail, where we went, what we saw and who did what.  Only after I pulled out the notes three weeks later did I realize that what sparse notes the JMs had prepared were rendered pretty much useless after I had used the notes as a coaster. But I'm pretty sure we ran around Brooklyn and I'm going to venture a guess that we all thought that trail pretty much sucked, that it was too long and that the checks were too frequent, not frequent enough and both too hard and too easy.


Doggie Erectus: For setting a memorable trail

Speedo Gonzalez, Death Breast and Rack and Roll Her: For running into traffic

Smashmouth: the notes say something about him being quite demonstrative after breaking a stick.  Maybe the stick was not using proper grammar… who knows?

Drippy Sac: For running to the start and therefore being drippy

Pervert the Frog and Just Lilit: They ran to the start from home and failed to solve the first check which, in and of itself, isn't offensive.  Perhaps not failing to note that trail went by their house and not making the connection of random chalk arrows on the pavement, a check right by their house and the concept of a trail is.