BH3 #613

BH3 #613

On-in: Buttermilk

Hare: Noah's Dinghy

Scribe: Drippy Sac 

Your scribe arrived late to the start and just followed arrows for four miles through the nicer parts of Brooklyn.  You know, the parts near the Gowanus canal and the toll booth on the expressway.  The hare said after the fact that trail led the pack through seven distinct neighborhoods but frankly, they all looked the same to me.  I don't know about the trail marks but the pack marks were pretty visible


Noah's Dinghy: For setting trail

Goldilocks: A visitor from the UK!  And he sang us a song… one of the three songs we already knew!

Headlights: Now most hashers who make the mistake of wearing new shoes to the hash have owned their shoes for a least a day.  But not Headlights.  She decided to buy new shoes on her way to the hash!

Canine Fixation:  He left his shorts at the last on-in and also lost his shorts on his last trip.  Hmm… a pattern perhaps?

Just Mika: We were amazed that Mika was almost hit by a car, especially given her day-glo yellow outfit that made her look like running traffic cone

Pecker Wrecker: For celebrating a birthday and loudly burping on trail

Just Nicole and Dr. Jizz: Technology on trail is a serious offense but when you're calling each other on trail to "see where you are", that's just silly

Blackout & Eager 4 Beaver: Blackout was a good Samaritan and decided to run with E4B given that E4B was suffering from a double hernia.  Blackout figured "Hey, if E4B coughs and his nuts fly into the air, I can catch them!"

Noah's Dinghy: He lost his wife

Piece of Slut: He got Married!  He's having a baby!