BH3 #606

BH3 #606

February 27, 201

Start: 3rd Ave and State (Brooklyn Tavern)

On-In: Bar Sepia

Hares: Skidmark

Scribe: Drippy Sac

For one reason or another, I have only vague recollections of the trail.  But perhaps that sums up the trail.  Entirely forgettable.  I do remember something about 3rd Avenue, some warehouses, some sketchy areas of Brooklyn, Grand Army Plaza and some grass.  Basically I’ve described 80% of the trails in Brooklyn.  At least the weather was nice.



Skidmark: For setting a forgettable trail.  Really.  And for using pink chalk in the evening.  Really.  Awesome

Visitors / Virgins: Princess Gerbil Jacker and someone else whose name is illegible in the notes

Conelingus: For being so blown away by the new Nets stadium construction that he failed to notice oncoming traffic

Dr. Bruce: For achieving the notable daily double of being both DFL and FRB

Skidmark: For fighting with the cab driver who was carrying our bags. 

One of the visitors (Prince Gerbil Jacker?): Now we know that NYC trails lack shaggy but when you see “ON-IN” written in front of two doors, perhaps you should pick the door leading to the bar, not the door leading to the bodega

Drippy Sac: For running an extra 0.03 miles so his Garmin rounded to a whole number

Rack-N-Roll Her:  Something about a wet boob

Eager 4 Beaver: For line-jumping into the women’s restroom and then neglecting to flush the toilet