BH3 #603

BH3 #603

On-in: Camp

Start: Borough Hall

Hares: Canine Fixation & Just Nicole

Scribe:  Drippy Sac

We convened at Borough Hall and waited in the cold and wind while one of our hares walked slowly to the start due to his aching feet (more on this later).  Trail took us through parts of Brooklyn that the pack had only seen about 40 times over the last year but we ended up at Camp and were treated to some yummy smores. 

Down-downs awarded to:


Canine Fixation & Just Nicole:  For being hares


Drippy Sac: For “hashing” in place at the start. In my own defense, it was pretty fucking cold and windy at the start. 


Cheeky Bastard: For having “wings” on trail.  I have no idea what this means but really, it’s Cheeky Bastard.  It could just be crap the JMs made up to make him drink.


Death Breast: For bitching that trail was too short.  Wait!  Is that the honorary Barnacle award?


Canine Fixation:  You’d figure that an experienced hasher would either (i) not wear new shoes on trail or (ii) not tell anyone that he was wearing new shoes.  I don’t know how they do it in Cali but out here, hearing the hare complain that “my feet hurt since I set trail in new shoes” is a serious hash offense


Eager 4 Beaver: Given the random abuse of power, he bestowed said gift to FMIG


Noah’s Dingy:  For being spastic and spilling water all over Technically Foul


Just Nicole:  For disclosing that she had “worked at an adult ‘fun’ camp”.  Chopping wood and climbing up the flagpole take on a whole new meaning


Dogface: when FMIG attempted to rally enthusiasm for his HALT trail the following Wednesday, Dogface stated that HALTS “are a waste of fucking time”.  And they say that grumpy English men are a stereotype…


 Just Brad: For pre-mature pizza grabbing