BH3 #605

Brooklyn Hash: Feb 20th, 2012

Hare: Screaming O

Start: Grand Army Plaza

On In: Crown Inn on Franklin

Scribe: Roy, aka Dogface

I’m guessing nobody reads these things so I’ll just copy half of what I wrote last time I did a write up.

Shortly before I left the on in Cheeky Bastard accosts me and asks if I could do the write up. Now call me old fashioned but it used to be the custom that if the Hon Sex were not at the hash or didn’t feel like doing the write up they would ask someone at the start of the run to do the write up. That way you can make a note of where the trail goes and what different hashers are doing and who is given down downs for what. CB gave me a crumpled, pizza-stained sheet of paper with some hand scrawled notes on it. These were some of the offences that were punished in the circle. More of which later.

A pack of about 15 gathered at Grand Army Plaza and were given our instructions. Falses not marked apart from one check so that we wouldn’t go off into an iffy area. As someone pointed out later, the park at night is pretty iffy but it didn’t stop the trail going through there. We were pointed in the direction of the first mark, except one half of the pack thought she had pointed along Flatbush and the others thought it was a different direction. Flatbush turned out to be correct and this led to a little jog around Park Slope and a check on 7th or thereabouts. This was the last we saw of Cheeky Bastard, Fast American Dave and a couple of others. Having found trail they decided to let the rest of the pack fend for themselves. And ditto at the next few checks. The trail went up to the park, back along Prospect Park West to the entrance where the trail split into a chicken and eagle. I believe we all opted for the eagle, which took us around the loop for a while, out the park and then a long, boring stretch up Washington. The trail meandered around Prospect Heights for a while and ended at a new on in, the Crown Inn. Very good trail, well marked and with plenty of checks. Note to future hares. The hash is not a NYRR event. There should be plenty of checks, at least one every half mile.

I will now list the offences verbatim from CB’s notes.


TF – putting off adulthood

Blackout – thought Death Breast and Rack / Roll were bag ladies

Piece of Slut – premature calling

DBB – running turkey

FRBs – not marking trail

USMW & ND – did not call back ”Not even a read around” – EYB. Also racists for running a 9.5 m before trail and complaining.

Screaming O – beer only for FRBs

Quarter Mile High Club – no pooper scooper for dog

Skidmark – trying to intercept a date

What a Cunt – complaining about the on in

Screaming O – not remembering her husband’s name

If you were at the on in you will understand what the above means. If you weren’t, what the hell are you reading this crap for? And if you were there you know what happened, so why are you reading it?

Now you may have noticed that just before DBB downed his down down he yelled out “Seagulls”. In case you were wondering what this was in reference to, that is the nickname of the football team he has the misfortune of supporting. They were roundly thrashed 6 – 1 by Liverpool at the weekend, three of the goals being own goals. It was a bit of moral support to a lost cause.

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