NYCH3 #1469

Sunday, February 26, 2012, 3pm

NYCH3 #1469

Start/Prelube: Nice Guy Eddie’s, 5 Ave A (NW Houston and Ave A)

On-In: Double Down Saloon, Houston & Ave A

Hares: Just Evan, Just Rachel & Ow My Balls!

Circle Emcees: Pimpy Longstocking & Ow My Balls!

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered at Nice Guy Eddie’s.  The odor of smelly hashers must have set off someone’s smoke detector because there was a fire truck outside the bar the whole time we were there.

When the fire truck finally took off, so did we.  We encountered the Occupy Tompkins Square Park Movement and enjoyed the camaraderie of the police.  More on that later…

We eventually made it back to where we started and the On-In was right across the street.  We made the long trek across and gave out Down-Downs:

The Hares: Just Evan, Just Rachel & Ow My Balls!

Visitor: Princess Gerbil Jacker

Virgins: Just Eskil, Just Tom & Just Graham

Dogface, MILF and Cookies, Jersey A$$hole, Conelingus, Doggie Erectus, What A C*nt & A Little Dirty: For hashing the day before in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut

Ian: For thinking Harp was a domestic beer

What A C*nt: For trying to make people skip the drink check

Alice: For getting carded at the On-In

Ahoy the Wanker: For practicing how to get arrested with the Occupy Wall Street group at Tompkins Square Park

Tit Totaler: For not trusting those young whippersnappers to run circle correctly

Just Faith: For paying ha$h ca$h with a $100 bill.  She made a virgin cum and had all the guys wanting to put singles down her top so much that she got named "She Likes It In The Benjamin"

Pimpy Longstocking: For being too sober

The JM’s: For not r*nning or drinking

The Occupy Double Down Movement lasted a long time with a record 0 arrests.  And just like the movement cleared out of Zuccotti Park, so did I.