Sunday, February 5, 2012, 3pm


Start/Prelube/On-In: No Idea, 30 E. 20th St btw Park & Broadway

Hares: The Committee

Circle Emcee: Pimpy Longstocking

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered at No Idea to watch the Giants play the Patriots.  There are enough people from Boston here to make it interesting.  The hares couldn’t drag themselves away from the Puppy Bowl long enough to set a trail ahead of time so they had to set a live trail.

So we took off after them and one of us caught up with them!  More on that later…

The whole pack caught up with them at Key Bar for a nice relaxing drink check.  More on that later too…

The trek from Key Bar back to No Idea was slow, but we eventually made it back and gave out Down-Downs:

The Hares: Pimpy Longstocking & Just Matt

Virgin: Just Aaron

Skidmark & Lexy’s Bitch: For being so engrossed in each other that they missed a check.  Lexy had her share too

Gretel: For also missing a check by being so engrossed with himself that he didn’t notice he was standing on it

Fast American Dave: For giving the hares a 5 second head start so he could catch them and then got shy when it was time to "pants" Pimpy

Skidmark: For galloping like a gator past the Crocodile Lounge

Just Zara & Eager for Beaver: For going way too far down a false

What A C*nt: For sleeping at the drink check

Just Matt: For running out of beer at the drink check

Bam Bam Thank You Ma’am: For disseminating false information about the drink check

CPA: For finally coming off the disabled list

Bedmaster, Just Zara & Ed Lunch: For being Patriots fans

Bedmaster again: For not knowing the 54321 song

Lexy & Lexy’s Bitch: For running over people

Just Evan, Skidmark & A Little Dirty: For alcohol abuse

Ed Lunch: For walking in on Just Matt in the bathroom and telling him he gets no privacy

The Patriots hadn’t lost at that point so he still had a few minutes of dignity left


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