NYCH3 #1455, I Like Head a Little Dirty R*n

Sunday, November 20, 2011, 3pm

NYCH3 #1455, I Like Head a Little Dirty R*n

Start / Prelube: Subway Inn, 143 E. 60th St @ Lexington

On-In: R Bar, Graham & Meeker Ave, Brooklyn

Hares: Lil Dirty & I Like Head (Who said head), C*m celebrate our 3 years of hashing around the world!!

Circle Emcees: Pimpy Longstocking & Fast American Dave

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered at Subway Inn to help Lil Dirty & I Like Head celebrate 3 years of liking head a little dirty.  They had mentioned hashing around the world for 3 years, but failed to mention that the trail would go through 3 boroughs.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out for yourself:

But the blow was softened by a drink check of dirty martinis on the Pulaski Bridge.

We eventually found our way to the R Bar and gave out Down-Downs:

The Hares: Lil Dirty & I Like Head. Gabe the Babe said it was so good that he drank too

Virgins: Just Daniel, Just Stephanie & Just Julie

Munchen, Fireman Tim & Just Lauren: For taking the train to the On-In

Lexy’s Bitch: For falling and also for his bitch slobbering and pooping all over

Pimpy Longstocking & Just Adam: PR’d at the hash

Munchen: For being the balloon captain of the Pillsbury Doughboy in the Thanksgiving Parade. Do I hear a renaming??

Pimpy Longstocking: For r*nning the Columbia Hash the day before and being too hungover to r*n circle

Just Steve: For accusing I Like Head of not living up to his name

Just Mio: For r*nning the Philly marathon and c*mming all the way back to NYC for the On-In

All the talk of dirty head made me feel, well, dirty, so I went home to wash my hair.



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