BH3 #591, Inaugural BH3 Zombie Hash

Monday, November 14, 2011

BH3 #591, Inaugural BH3 Zombie Hash

Start / On-In: The Abbey

Why have a Zombie hash in Williamsburg, you ask… It's only common sense that
hipsters would be the first to perish during a zombie apocalypse. This was
confirmed when various hashers didn't get any double takes on their way to the
prelube. At the prelube BH3's own Headlights was ready with props and paint
to zombify any hashers and non-hashers entering the bar.

Once everyone gathered, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR!!! humans (hares)
took off at the strike of 7:15, without informing anyone it would seem. Eventually
the pack of brain-hungry zombies followed. Zombies aren't known as the brightest
of the bunch, so no hares were caught on trail. It didn't help that the trail
overlapped the previous week's trail.. and who says we never hash in Williamsburg?
There was also a delicious drink check hosted by P*ssy in Boots and New York C*ck

Once at the On-In, large quantities of popcorn and beer were consumed and the
following down-downs were given out

Hares – There were 4: Barnacle, Speedo Gonzalez, Cheeky Bastard and Just Rabi
Visitors – Eric
$2 Balls – for calling On-On before actually finding 3 marks.
Sir Shaves a Lot – for having a close encounter with Smashmouth
Quarter Mile High Club – for falling
Barnacle – for providing an elaborate back story and costumes and not enough

Zombie awards:
Best Human – a random guy in the bar who interrupted the circle by walking through
the middle of it – award: How to Survive and Zombie Attack guide
Best Zombie – yours truly. Award – trophy full of gummy brains.

Soon after, the pizza arrived and that's all I remember.

See You in a year, Zombies!
Trader Blows