NYCH3 #1454, C*m celebrate Gretel’s 1 year an*lversary

Sunday, November 13, 2011, 3pm

NYCH3 #1454, C*m celebrate Gretel’s 1 year an*lversary

Start / Prelube: Dive Bar, 96th & Amsterdam

On-In: 1020 Bar, 110th & Amsterdam

Hares: Gretel & Dirty Udders

Circle Emcees: Fire in the Piehole & Tit Totaller

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered at the Dive Bar to celebrate Gretel’s hashing an*lversary.  He does all the work and we hang out at the bar and drink, sounds like a plan to me…

But there was a r*n in between Bar A & Bar B that took us through Central Park where we encountered some random strangers lurking about and looking for a different kind of celebration.  We ran a little faster and came to the drink check where we had liquid Rim Jobs.  Then we ran a little slower and crookeder and eventually came to 1020 Bar and gave out Down-Downs:

The Hares: Gretel & Dirty Udders

Visitor: Rapid Withdrawal

Tall Hare: Gretel, and when one hare drinks, Dirty Udders drinks too

Virgins: Just Jean Marc, Just Kelly, Just Jeanette, Just Annie & Just Meech

Just Meech: "That old guy in the red shirt knows what he’s doing"

I Like Head: For augmenting his cone with a plastic one

Eager for Beaver: For ignoring trail but eventually finding the drink check

Fire in the Piehole, Tit Totaller & Just Henry: For shortcutting

Eager for Beaver: For new shoes

Just Robbie: For losing his glasses and r*nning the Boston Marathon "just for training"

Fast American Dave: For losing his Rim Job on the first attempt and then trying again

CPA (the hasher formerly known as Juan): A$$hole of the week for being Dirty Old Man of the week

CPA: For trying to shift the blame onto too many others with a bunch of totally bogus accusations

Surprisingly, there was still beer left after all those Down-Downs.  But eventually it r*n out, and so did I.