BH3 #585

September 19, 2011

Hare: Piece o’ Slut

Start: Windsor Place and PPW

On In: Cherry Tree

Scribe: Death Breast


So, I showed up to the On In for this trail, but have the write up anyway. All of my knowledge about the trail was hearsay, so it would never hold up in court.

The small pack showed up ill-equipped for the trail, which wound them through the darkest parts of Prospect Park, through shiggy and without regard for the fact that there have been several rape attempts in the area. The harriettes were super excited about it. They ran for 7 days and 7 nights, only stopping for beer. There was a member of the pack, who arrived late in his Vibrams and skirted the entire trail, leaving only whiney members and an angry Brit to continue on. The pack ended up at the On In, which seemed to be a lesbian bar for the night. There was a scary staircase taking the small group up into some sort of attic saved for singing idiots.

And the down downs went to:

– The hare Piece o’ Slut for trying to get the pack killed.

– No virgins or visitors dared to participate

Barnacle for being a huge raceist, like always

Piece o’ Slut for using really strange marks with no explanation during chalk talk.

Smash Mouth for inadvertently taking the chicken trail

Whoremaster for being a big ol tattle tale

Barnacle for wearing new shoes again!

Chaol for where the fuck have you been?

Eager 4 Beaver who ran around the park, went to the start, and just came straight to the On In

Baboon Ass who is always so surprised to get called up…for not being DFL!

Though I was sad to miss the shiggy at first, after hearing about the trail, I wasn’t sad any longer.

I like beer.

On Out!

Death Breast